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Series I


An asterisk (*) indicates that publicity brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or handbills are available.

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Box 51 (cont.)

*C. E. Jones and Company
*C. Edward Clarke and the Riner Sisters (see also Clarke, Charles Edward)
*C. Edward Clarke Concert Company (see also Clarke, Rachel Steinman; Clarke, Charles Edward)
*C. J. Hite Company
Cade, R. Z.
Cadek, Joseph O.
*Cadek Conservatory of Music
*Cadle, Cecil Ernest
*Cadman, Charles Wakefield (see also Cadman, Charles Wakefield and Princess Tsianina)
*Cadman, Charles Wakefield and Princess Tsianina (see also Cadman, Charles Wakefield)

Box 52

*Cadman, Samuel Parkes (Rev.)
*Cady, W. R. (Rev.)
Cafarelli, R.G. (Signor) (see Signor Cafarelli Concert Party)
Cain, Betty
*Cairns, Alexander (Rev.)
*Calbick, Patricia B.
*Caldwell, Burrows
*Caldwell, Frank
Calero, Licenciado Manuel
Calfee, William John (Rev.)
Calhoun, J. B.
*California Male Quartet
Callahan, P.H.
Callahan, Paul

Box 53

*Callaway, Joe A.
*Callow, Guy G.
*Calvert, Lucile
*Camak, David English
*Cambrea Concert Party
*Cambrian National Glee Singers
Cambridge Debators
*Cambridge Players
*Camenisch, Edward T.
*Cameron, J.H.
*Cameron, John E.
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, William T. (see Van Veachton Rogers Harp Duo)
*Cameron Male Quartette
*Camnitz, Mary Lawrence
*Camp, Joseph G.
Camp Fire Girls
*Campanari Company
*Campanari, Giuseppe (see also Giuseppe Campanari Concert Company)

Box 54

*Campbell, Anne
Campbell, Beth
*Campbell, Clarence E. (Rev.)
*Campbell, Frederic
*Campbell, George Frederick (Capt.)
*Campbell, Gordon (Rear-Adm.)
Campbell, Gordon L.
*Campbell, Loring
*Campbell, Philip P. (Rep.)
*Campbell, R. T (Rev.)

Box 55

*Campbell, William D.
*"Campus Co-ed" Company
Canfield, Gertrude (see Schubert Male Quartette of Chicago)
Canan, Keith
*Canham, Erwin D.
*Cannings, The
*Cannon, Frank J. (Sen.)
*Cannon, Frank J. (Sen.)
Cannon, Joseph G.
*Cantu, Abel
Capers, John G.
Capper, Arthur (Sen.)
*Cappleman, Josie Frazee
*Capps, W. Edmund

Box 56

Capps Male Quartett
*"Cappy Ricks" Company
*Cap's Orchestra
*"Captain Applejack" Company
Card, Fred W.
*Card, Myla Jeannette
Cardiff, Eileen O’Shaughnessy
*Cardin-Lieurance Orchestra and String Quartet
Carels, Robert E.
Carey, Alice ( see Alice Carey Concert Company)
Carleton, Lorena
*Carleton, William G.
*Carletons, The
*Carlo Lamberti Concert Company (see also Lamberti, Carl)
*Carloforti, Maria
*Carlson, A. J.
*Carlson, Charles Frederick
*Carlson, George A. (Gov.)
*Carlson, Oliver
*Carlson, Samuel A. (Mayor)
*Carlton Entertainers
Carmack, Edward W. (see Sunday, William A., Rev.)
*Carmeliny and His Colonial Band
*Carmen's Italian Boys
*Carnegie, Dale
*Carnes, W. Stuart (Dr.)
*Carnival Entertainers
*Carolina Concert Trio
*Carolina Playmakers
*Carpenter, Arthur D.
*Carpenter, Charles Knapp (Rev.)
Carpenter, Fletcher H.
Carpenter, Kathleen E.
*Carpenter, Newton C. (Rev.)
*Carr, Chestora McDonald
*Carr, Clark E.

Box 57

*Carr, Edward Ellis (Rev.)
*Carr, Edwin Stutely (Rev.)
Carr, Forrest Dabney (see also Four Great Musical Artists)
*Carrie Lawson Opera Company (see also Lawson, Carrie)
*Carrington, Ken and W. J. Higgins
Carrington, Reginald
*Carroll, Albert J.
Carroll, Charles E.
*Carroll, Lauren
Carroll, Marguerite
Carroll, Mitchell
Carroll, Wilma
*Carroll College Quartet
*Carroll Glees
*Carson, John F. (Rev.)
*Cartano, Elfriede
*Carter, Charles J.
*Carter, John Wesley (Rev.)
Carter, Margaret
*Cartier, Jacques
*Cartwright, George W. (Sen.)
*Cartwright Brothers Quartet
*Carver, Priscilla (Miss)
*Casals, Pablo
Case, Anna
*Case, C. C.
Case, Celia R.
*Casella, Hote
*Casford, Fern (see also Cathedral Trumpeters and Fern Casford)

Box 58

*Casford Concert Company
Caskey, Clyde
*Cassidy, James
*Cassidy, M. A.
*Castellucci's Neapolitans
Castillian Orchestra Club
Castle, Stanly (Dr.)
*Castle Square Entertainers
*Caswell, Lincoln
*Catha Woodland Players
*Cathedral Choir

Box 59

*Cathedral Choir
*Cathedral Quartet
Cathedral Trumpeters
*Cathedral Trumpeters and Fern Casford (see also Casford, Fern)
*Cathell, J. Everist (Rev.)
Cato, B. F. (Rev.)
Caton, Charles Henry
*Cattell, Mary
Caughley, John T. (Rev.)
Cavadore, Joseph (see Joseph Cavadore and Company)
*Cavalieri, Alfredo
*Cavaliers, The
*Cavan Welsh Singers
Cavanaugh, John (Rev.)
*Cave, Sallie Bullock

Box 60

*Caveny, J. Franklin (see also Caveny Company)
*Caveny Company (see also Caveny, J. Franklin)
Cecil, John
*Cecilia Operetta Company
*Cecilia String Quartet of Boston
*Cecilian Concert Company
Cello Ensemble
*Cello Ensemble and Little Symphony
*Central Chautauqua Band and Orchestra
*Central Grand Concert Company
*Central Picture Play Company
Century Play Company
Chadbourne, Archie
*Chaffee, Frank McClure
*Chaffee, Marguerite
*Chaiser-Case, Florence
*Chamberlain, Duncan H., Jr.
Chamberlain, George A. (Sen.)
*Chamberlayne, Carlton
Chamberlin, Charlotte (see Stevens-Chamberlin Company; Chamberlin Duo)
*Chamberlin, William Henry
*Chamberlin Duo
Chambers, D. L.
*Chambers, John F.

Box 61

Chambers, W. L.
*Chancellor, William Estabrook
*Chandler, A. B. ("Happy")
Chandler, Sidney L.
*Chandler, Walter M. (Rep.)
Chaney, Stewart
*Chapel Singers
*Chapin, Benjamin
Chapman, Cecile F.
*Chapman, Ethel
*Chapman, Frank M.
Chapman, Virgil (Rep.)
*Chapman, Wendell
Chappell, LeoBess
Chappelle, O. A. (Mrs.)
Chapple, Joe Mitchell
Charawanamuttu, V. E.
*Charles Cox and Company (see also Cox, H. Charles)
*Charles Edward Clarke and Company (see also Clarke, Charles Edward; entries under C. Edward Clarke)
*Charles Ross Taggart and His Old-Time Country Fiddlers (see also Taggart, Charles Ross)
*Charles T. Grilley Recitals (see also Rogers and Grilley)
Charleston Choral Club
Charlier, Marcel
Charlier, Roger H. (see Rochard, Henri)
Charlton, Loudon
*Chase, Ilka
*Chase, Mattison Wilbur
*Chatham Concert Company
*Chatten, Lily Waller
*Chatwood, Frances Eaton
*Chautauqua Entertainers
*Chautauqua Ladies Orchestra
*Chautauqua Ladies Quartette
*Chautauqua Preachers' Quartet
*Chautemps, Camille
*Cheatham, Kitty

Box 62

*Chehock, Henry W.
Chenery, Howard
Chenette, Edward
*Cheney Concert Company
Chenoweth, Mrs.
*Cherney, Paul
*Cherniavsky Brothers
Cherrington, Ernest H.
*Cherry, Agnes Mathis
Chesebro, Rowena (Miss)
Cheshire-Hoyt Players
*Chesney, Anna L. (see also Chesney Sisters)
Chesney Sisters (see also Chesney, Anna L.)
*Chew, King Lan
*Chew, Ng Poon
Cheyney, Ralph
*Chiapusso, Jan
*Chicago Artists Quartet
*Chicago Church Choir Company
*Chicago Civic String Quartet
*Chicago Concert Company (see also Mendelssohn Male Quartette and Chicago Concert Company)
*Chicago Concert Light Opera Singers
*Chicago Concert Party (see also Chicago Duo)
*Chicago Concert Trio
*Chicago Duo (see also Chicago Concert Party)
*Chicago Ensemble Trio
*Chicago Entertainers
*Chicago Entertainers (different group)
*Chicago Festival Quintet
*Chicago Festival Quintette
*Chicago Glee Club

Box 63

*Chicago Grand Opera Company
Chicago Inter-Church War Work Committee
*Chicago Ladies Orchestra (see also Runner, Louis O.)
Chicago Ladies' Singing Party
Chicago Ladies' Symphony Orchestra
*Chicago Lady Entertainers
*Chicago Lyceum Lady Quartette
*Chicago Lyceum Players
*Chicago Lyric Concert Company
*Chicago Lyric Quartet
*Chicago Lyric Singers
*Chicago Madrigal Club
*Chicago Male Quartet
*Chicago Marine Band
Chicago Melody Trio
*Chicago Mendelssohn Club
Chicago Musical College
*Chicago Novelty Quartet
*Chicago Opera Association
*Chicago Opera Singers
*Chicago Operatic Company
*Chicago Operatic Quartet

Box 64

*Chicago Operatic Quartette
*Chicago Orchestral Choir
*Chicago Orchestral Club
*Chicago Orchestral Sextette
*Chicago Recital Company
*Chicago String Quartet
*Chicago Symphony Orchestra
*Chicago Troubadours
Chief Bull Bear
*Chief Caupolican
*Chief Minnesota
Chief Nimmo (see Kilties, The)
*Chief Nipo Strongheart
Chief Red Feather
*Chief Tahan (Joseph K. Griffis)

Box 65

*Chief Whirling Thunder
Chief Zat Zam and Princess
*Childs, Marquis W.
Childs, Richard Washburn
*Chilton, Mrs. William Calvin (Josephine)
"Chimes of Brittany" Company
*Chimes of Normandy
Chipman, Ruth (Mrs. C.D.)
Chittenden, Cecil R. (Mrs.)
"Chocolate Soldier" Company
*Christensen, Axel
Christensen, Clara
Christian, George B., Jr.
*Christian, Jessie Isabel
Christian, M. B.
*Christie, Margaret C.
*Christie-Gjerdrum Concert Company
*Christianson, Theodore (Gov.)
*Christopher, Gage
Christopherson, C. A. (Rep.)
*Chubbuck, Helen Lillian
*Chun, Woon Young
*Church, Mabelle Carolyn
*Churchill, Randolph

Box 66

Churchill, Stewart
*Churchill, Winston
Chute, Delbert
Cigrand, B. J. (Dr.)
Cilley, Edwin C.
Cimera, Jaroslav (see also Cimera's Band; Chicago Orchestral Choir)
*Cimera's Band (see also Cimera, Jaroslav)
Cincinnati Conservatory Ensemble
*Cincinnati Ladies Cremona Orchestra
Circus for Junior Chautauqua
*Ciricillo's Band
Civil Legion
*Clair the Magician
*Clancey, James Hannibal
*Clapp, Moses E. (Sen.)
*Clara Louise Thurston Harp Trio
Clare, Joseph (Rev.)
*Clare Vaughn Wales Concert and Comedy Company
*Clark, Badger
*Clark, Bennett Champ (Sen.)
*Clark, Champ (Rep.)

Box 67

*Clark, Charles W.
Clark, Elsie (see Balmer’s Kaffir Boy Choir of Africa)
Clark, Estelle M. (see also Estelle M. Clark and the Chicago Lady Entertainers)
Clark, Esther Jane
*Clark, Grace LaVinia (Miss)
Clark, George P.
Clark, H. Huber
Clark, Harold Frederick (see Frederick, Kenneth Eugene)
*Clark, Henry (Rev.)
Clark, Horace F.
Clark, Irene V.
*Clark, John Abbot
*Clark, Leta
*Clark, Mark W. (Mrs.)
*Clark, Martha
Clark, Maude B.
Clark, Maude Oakley
Clark, Phil (see Marching Men of Song)
Clark, Roberta Lee
*Clark, S.A.
*Clark, S. H.
Clark, Thomas A.
*Clark, Virginia I.
Clark, William E.
Clark and Holt
Clark-French Company
*Clarke, Basil (Mrs.)

Box 68

*Clarke, Charles Edward (see also Charles Edward Clarke and Company; entries under C. Edward Clarke; Mendelssohn Trio and C. Edward Clarke)
*Clarke, Charles Edward (see also Charles Edward Clarke and Company; entries under C. Edward Clarke; Mendelssohn Trio and C. Edward Clarke)
Clarke, Edith Marshall and Maude I. Turner 
*Clarke, Ernest E. (Rev.)
Clarke, George W. (Gov.)
*Clarke, John R.
*Clarke, Rachel Steinman (see also C. Edward Clarke Concert Company)
*Clarke, W. J.
*Clary, F. H. (Clary Concert Company)
Clauer, Marie-Jane
*Claussen, Julia
*Claxton, Philander P.
*Clayton, Henry Helm
*Cleary, J.M. (Rev.)
*Cleaveland, Harlan W.
Cleaver, T. S. (Rev.)
*Cleaves, Howard
*Cleland, McKenzie (Judge)
Clemans, Helen C.
*Clemenceau, Pierre
*Clemens, Cyril

Box 69

*Clemens, Mildred Leo
*Clemens and His Marionettes
Clements, La Vega
Clemmer, William B. (Rev.)
*Clere, A. J.
Clerk, F.E.
Cleveland, Burdette Claire (Miss)
*Cleveland Ladies' Orchestra
Clifford, Ed C.
*Clifford Devereux and His Company
*Clifton, Bernice
*Clifton Mallory and His Talented Company of Lyceum Players
*"Climax" Company
Cline, Cliff R. (Dr.)
Cline, Hazel Luther (Mrs.)
Cline, Rodney
*Clink, Margaret Corrine
Clippinger, D. A.
*Clivette and the Veiled Prophetess
*Close, Upton (see also Hall, Joseph W.)
*Clow, Jay L.
Clutterbuck, J. G.
Coad, James E.
Coale, James J. (Rev.)
*Coates, Frances
*Coats, Betson (Mrs.)
Coats Sax Band
*Cobb, Elisabeth
*Cobb, Irvin S.
*Cobb, Stanwood
*Cobern, Camden M. (Rev.)
Coburn Players
Cochenour, H. E.
Cock, Marion
Cockburn, W. L.

Box 70

Codd, Margaret
Coe, Allan
Cofer, T. N.
*Coggeshall, Arthur Sterry
*Cohen, Lester
*Cohn, Frederick (Rabbi)
*Cola Santo Concert Band
*Colafemina, Donato (Signor)
*Colangelo's Musicians
*Colby, Eleanor
*Colby, George E.
Colby, Martha Reynolds (see Martha Reynolds Colby Ladies’ String Quartette)
*Colcord, Samuel
Cole, Cyrenus (Rep.)
*Cole, Elmer Ward (Rev.)
*Cole, Fay-Cooper

Box 71

*Cole, George LaMont
*Cole, J. Redding (Mrs.)
*Cole, Marjorie
Cole, R. C. (Rep.)
*Cole, Sterling
Colebrook, Edward T.
Coleman, Hamilton (see also "When a Girl Loves" Company)
Coleman, Henry F.
Coleman, Mildred (see Lampkin, Charles and Mildred Coleman)
*Coleman, W. C. (Rev.)
*Coletta, James
*Colgan, M. Jay and Dasa Harmon
Colledge, Frances M. (Mrs. William A.)
*Colledge, William A.

Box 72

 *Colledge, William A.
*Colleens, The
*College Girls, The (see also Nichols, Marion)
*College Singing Girls

Box 73

*College Singing Girls
*College Singing Girls and Walter Eccles (see also Eccles, Walter) 
Collegian Quartet
*Collegian Quartet of Olivet College
*Collegians, The
*Collegiate Quartette
*Collett, W. E.
Collignon, Jan (see Stallings, Louise and Jan Collignon)
Collingwood, C. B.
*Collins, Hallie
Collins, J. O.
Collins, M. D. (Rev.)
*Collins, P. V.
*Collins, Tom
Colonial Harp Ensemble
*Colonial Octette
*Colonial Orchestral Club and Concert Company
*Colonial Quintet

Box 74

*Colonial Saxophone Quartette
Colquitt, O.B. (Gov.)
*Colt, Ethel Barrymore
*Colton, Ethan
Colton, W. R.
*Colum, Padraic
Columbia Girls Quartet
*Columbia Male Quartet
Columbia Marionettes
*Columbia Sextette
*Columbia Tennesseans
*Columbian Entertainers, The
*Columbian Male Quartette
Columbian Quartet Concert Company
*Columbus Entertainers
Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Colvin, Peter J.
Combs, Gilbert Reynolds (Rev.)
*Comedy Players
Comerford, Frank
*Comerford, J. E.
Command, J. R. (Rev.)
*Commonwealth Concert Company
*Commonwealth Ladies Orchestra
*Commonwealth Male Quartette
Community Development (The Trenton Idea)
Community Motion Pictures (Ralph Hayes)
*Compton, Arthur H.
*Compton, Karl T.

Box 75

Comus Players
*Conant, Caliste
*Conary, Hoyt L.
*Concert Entertainers
*Concert Favorites
*Concert Favorites of Chicago
*Concert Party of the Ithaca Conservatory of Music
*Concert Trio
*Concordia Concert Company
*Conger, Clement E. (Maj.)
Conn, C. G.
Conn, George W., Jr.
Connell, Richard E. (Rep.)
Connelle, Clinton A.
*Conner, Frank (Sen.)
Conner, Mary
Conner, Mildred
Conner, Minnie
*Conner, S. I.
*Connolly, Christopher P.
Connor, Ellen
Conover, H. S.
Conquist, Mabel
Conrad, Clayton C.
*Conrad, Henrietta
Conrey, Dorothy
*Continental Singers
*Convis, Lewis A. (Rev.)
Box 76 *Convis, Lewis A. (Rev.)
*Conway, Edward A. (Rev.)
Conway's Band
*Conwell, Russell H. (Rev.)
Coobs, C. Hilda
*Cook, Caryl
Cook, E. Albert
*Cook, Ellenor (see also Ellenor Cook Company)
Cook, Flossie
*Cook, Frederick A.
*Cook, H. Canfield
*Cook, James Hunt
Cook, L.A.
Cook, Leland (Rev.)
Cook, Mabel L.
*Cook, Oliver (Rev.)
*Cooke, Edmund Vance
Cooke, F. A.
Cooke, Marjorie Benton
*Cooksey, Thomas L.
*Cooley, Grace S.
*Cooley, Harris R. (Rev.)
Coolidge, Calvin (President)
Coolidge, Claudine
Coomb, Jack (see Jack Coomb's Marionettes)
*Coombs, J. Vincent
Coonradt, Ralph G.
*Cooper, Charles
*Cooper, Courtney Ryley

Box 77

Cooper, Dorothy
*Cooper, Edwin H. (Col.)
*Cooper, Edwin N.
Cooper, H.M.
Cooper, Henry Allen (Rep.)
Cooper, I.S.
Cooper, J. A. (Rev.)
*Cooper, Leo
*Cooper, R. Watson
Cooper, V. S. (Capt.)
*Cope, Herbert Leon
*Copeland, L.F. (Col.)
Copeland, George D.
*Copeland, William M.
Coppins, William H.
Corbett, Louise M.
*Corbin, Robert
*Cordialairs, The
Cordier, R. W.
*Cordon, Norman
*Cord-Rummel Recital Company
*Corell, Patricia Anne
*Corine Jessop Company (see also Jessop, Corine; Corine Jessop Entertainers)
*Corine Jessop Entertainers (see also Jessop, Corine; Corine Jessop Company)
*Corkey, Alexander (Rev.)
Corlett, Dudley S.
Cornelison, Thomas M.
Cornelius, Grace Lee
Cornell College Glee Club
Cornell College Symphony Orchestra
Correll, Hanna Thompson
*Cornwell, Caroline Lycan
*Cornwell, John G.
Corstnet, Susan
*Corwine, Tom
Cosgrove, John O.
Cosmic Male Quartette (see also Youngblood, A.W.)
*Cosmopolitan Male Trio
Cosmopolitan Quartet
*Cosmopolitan School Symphony Orchestra
Cosmopolitan Trio
"Cossacks", The

Box 78

Costello, Charles
Costigan, Edward P.
*Cottam, Joseph A.
*Cotter, J.H. (Rev.)
"Cotter's Saturday Night" Company (see also Scottish Musical Comedy Company)
*Cottingham, Gladys Murray
Cotton, J. O.
Box 79 Countryman, Carl C.
*Coursey, O. W.
*Courtney, Gertrude
*Cousin Mary Company
*Cousins, Robert G. (Rep.)
*Covent Garden Singers
*Cowan, Duncan R.
Cowein, Madison
Cowell, W. Glenn
Cowling, Freda M.
*Cox, Garnett Liggett
Cox, Gretchen (see Gretchen Cox Concert Company)
Cox, H. Charles
Cox, Laura (Mrs. Samuel D.)
*Cox, Maude
Cox, Virgil L.
*Cox, W. T.
Cox and Mercer Company
Coyle, Robert Francis (Rev.)
Crabtree, Carl B.
Craft, Fred
Craft, Marcella
*Crafts, Wilbur F. (Rev.)
*Craig, Charles H.
*Craig, George North (Gov.)
Craig, Helen Waggoner
*Craig, John D. (Capt.)
Craig, Locke (Gov.)
Craig, W. Marshall (Rev.)
Cramer, Charles Barton (Rev.)
Cramer, Frankie (Miss)
*Crampton, George
Cramton, Louis C. (Rep.)
Crance, Carl (see Boston Symphony Orchestra; Bostelmann String Quartet assisted by Carl Crance)
*Crane, Frank (Rev.)
*Crane, John B.
*Crane, Ross
Crane, William H.
*Crank, W. J. L.
Cranston, Kenneth A.
Craven, Agnes
*Craven, Alexis C.

Box 80

*Craven Family Orchestra and Quartette
Craw, Glen (Miss)
*Crawford, Coe I. (Sen.)
*Crawford, Donald J.
Crawford, J. Forsyth
*Crawford, Jack (Capt.)
Crawford, Kathyrn (Mrs.)
*Crawford, Maurice
*Crawford, T. Marion
*Crawford, William H. (Rev.)
*Crawford Adams and His Company (see also Adams, Crawford; Crawford Adams Company)
*Crawford Adams Company (see also Adams, Crawford; Crawford Adams and His Company)
*Crayne Parker Production Company
*Creatore and His Band
*Creel, George
Cregor, Ben W. (Mrs.) (Virginia Slade)
*Crescent Concert Company
Crick, Hazel A. (Miss)
Crist, L.E.
Box 59 *Criterion Glee Club
*Criterion Male Quartet
*Criterion Male Quartet of New York City
*Criterion Male Quartette of New York City
*Criterion Quartet of New York City
*Criterion Quartette
Critz, Nola B.
*Croatian Tamburica Orchestra
Crockett, Charles J.
*Crofford, Harrison
*Croft, D. E. (Rev.)
Crok, James (Dr.)
Cronin, D.J. (Rev.)
Cronk, Gladys B.
*Crook, James W.

Box 81

*Crooks, LeRoy
Crooks, Philomena
Crooks, Richard
Crop Improvement Committee
*Crosby, George William (Rev.)
*Crosland Moor United Handbell Ringers
Cross, Mayme (Mrs. Will)
*Cross, Milton
*Cross, Wilford O.
*Crosse, Theodosia (Mrs.)
Crosskey, Walter C.S.
Crotty, Irene
*Crouch, Eugene M.
*Crouch, Marshall Choate
Crouch, Sydney J.L. (Rev.)
Crowder, Cora
Crowder, Edward
*Crowl, Denton C. (see also Sam P. Jones)
Crum, Edna E.
Crunden, Harold Frank
Crystal, E. Lynwood (Rev.)
Csillag, Stephen
Cueny, Elizabeth
*Culbertson, Ely
Culbertson, Harry
*Culbertson, Henry Coe (Rev.)
Cullison, G.W.
Cullop, William A.
Cully, Lloyd J.
Culp, Julia (Mme.)
*Culp, W. T. Sherman (Rev.)
*Culp String Quartet
*Culver, Sydney F.
Culver, Talmage
Cumings, Elsie
Cummings, J. Paul
*Cummings, Philip
*Cummins, Albert B. (Sen.)
Cummins, Ralph
*Cundiff, Miriam
*Cunningham, Glenn
*Cunningham, M.W.
*Cunningham, R.H.
Curran, John A. (Mrs.) (see Worth, Patience)
Curry, LeRoy A.

Box 82

Curry, Wilma
*Curtin, D. Thomas
Curtis, A.J.
Curtis, Angelina Marsh
Curtis, Eugene
Curtis, John W.
Curtis, Nannie Webb (Mrs.)
Curtis, Vera
*Curtis, WIlliam E.
Cusack, Thomas (see Thomas Cusack Company)
*Cushing, Volney B.
*Cushing, Wilfrid
*Cutelli, Tano (Count)
*Cutler-Griffin Artists
Cutter, Belle Forbes
*Cutter, George B. and Jesse Mack
Cutting, Malcolm C.
Cuyler, Margaret
*Cymbalom Orchestral Quartet
*"Cynthia Parker" Company
*Cyr, Paul (Maj.)

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