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The finding aid for the Redpath Chautauqua Collection includes two general headings: Redpath Agency Records and Non-Agency Records.

The talent lisiting, the first and the largest of the series in the collection, includes the names of some 8,376 performers maintained in one alphabetically arranged file. Of that total, the names of the 4,546 performers whose brochures have been digitized, encoded, cataloged, and made available as part of the Traveling Culture Project are marked with asterisks.

Redpath Agency Records:

Series I:  Talent Correspondence and Brochures

Series Ia: Bound Talent Brochures

Series II: Photographs

Series III: Postcards

Series IV:

Series V:
Talent Schedules

Series VI: Agent and Employee Records

Series VII: Business Files

Series VIII: Geographical Locations:

Sub-series A: Canada

Sub-series B: United States

Series IX: Financial Records


Non-Agency Records:

Series I: Theses/Essays

Series II: Journals and Periodicals

Series III: Contemporary Uses

Series IV:

Series V: Related Collections

150.01 Denton Crowl

150.02 L.E. Moyer

150.03 Keith Vawter

150.04 Alfred E. Moredock

150.05 Arthur Spivey

150.06 Carl Bachman

150.07 Charles Horner

150.08 Harrison Thornton

150.09 Marion Ballou Fisk

150.10 Krantz Family Papers

150.11 Rosa Kohler/Radcliffe Chautauqua Papers



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