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Redpath Chautauqua Collection

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Series II

Photographs and Postcards

These images, along with talent brochures, programs, and sound recordings, have been digitzed and appear on the Iowa Digital Library site here .

In addition to those listed under "Identified People", talent names may also have personal or group photographs within their file. Information regarding reproduction and use of images is located on the following pages: reproductions and rights

Box 1, Travel, Advertizing, Parades, Set Up, Tear Down

Line of cars sitting on street, 1920s tctravel001
Man standing in front of line of cars, 1920s tctravel002
Women and men in and standing around truck, 1920s tctravel003
People riding in car, 1920s tctravel004
Redpath truck being pulled off a ferry, 1920's tctravel005
Magician Laurant standing by truck, 1920s tctravel006
Six wheel bus, 1920s tctravel007
Redpath's "Robin Hood" bus parked in front of Civil War monument, 1920s tctravel008
Redpath's "Robin Hood" bus parked in front of Civil War monument, 1920s tctravel009
Men riding on horse drawn wagon carrying boxes marked "Theatre", 1910s tctravel010
William Jennings Bryan in crowd near train, 1900s tctravel011
Man standing on train platform, Galesburg, Illinois, August 1917 tctravel012
People gathered around The Seminole caboose, April 22, 1924 tctravel013
No image represented by number tctravel014
People posing on Rock Island train engine, 1920s tctravel015
People standing outside caboose, 1920s tctravel016
Men and luggage outside train station, 1920s tctravel017
People at train station, 1920s tctravel018
Twelve women and young man outside train station, ca. 1910s tctravel019
People at train station in Kirksville, 1920s tctravel020
People gathered around Redpath Chautauqua Special, 1920s tctravel021
Redpath Chautauqua Special, 1910s tctravel022
The Redpath Chautauqua Special Enroute from Chicago to Dixie Land, 1913 tctravel023
Men loading boxcar, 1910s tctravel024
Redpath Chautauqua Special, Pulaski, Tennessee, 1910s tctravel025
A Redpath System Special, 1908 tctravel026
Train engine in depot, 1910s tctravel027
Two men in locomotive, C. B. & Q., 1910 tctravel028
A Redpath System Special, 1908 tctravel029
Redpath Chautauqua Special, Pulaski, Tennessee, enroute to Albany, Georgia, 1910s tctravel030
Some of the celebraties [sic] appearing on Redpath-Vawter chautauqua system: 1909 programs tcadver001
Boy dancing, 1910s tcadver002
Chautauqua! Chautauqua! 1911 tcadver003
Window display of posters and pictures, 1910s tcadver004
Display of talent brochures, October 5, 1912 tcadver005
Store window display, Fort Wayne, Indiana, July 16, 1917 tcadver006
Window announcement of Alice Nielsen concert, 1910s tcadver007
Chautauqua contracts and newspaper, Salisbury, North Carolina, 1920s tcadver008
Store window display, Waycross, Georgia, 1915 tcadver009
Diorama of chautauqua set-up, 1910s tcadver010
Store window display, 1910s tcadver011
Window announcement of Chautauqua, 1910s tcadver012
Window announcement of Chautauqua, 1910s tcadver013
Monument to Sam Davis and county courthouse, June 18, 1924 tcadver014
Window display, Payne State Bank, Payne, Ohio, 1910s tcadver015
Posters on pillars outside store, August 14, 1917 tcadver016
Poster announcing Chautauqua, April 27, 1923 tcadver017
Chautauqua posters on a fence, May 10, 1917 tcadver018
Advertising billboard, Maryville Chautauqua, 1910s tcadver019
Advertising billboard, Maryville Chautauqua, 1910s tcadver020
Young people posing at advertisement covered ticket booth, 1910s tcadver021
People watching horse race, Blanchester, Ohio, 1910s tcadver022
People in grandstand at fair, Blanchester, Ohio, 1910s tcadver023
Sign in street car window, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1910s tcadver024
Man standing by car, Niles, Michigan, August 13, 1925 tcadver025
Man standing by car, Kewaneed, Illinois, August 20, 1925 tcadver026
Man in mule-drawn cart, 1920s tcadver027
Float advertising Chautauqua, 1920s tcadver028
Truck advertizing Redpath attractions, 1920s tcadver029
Truck advertizing Redpath attractions, 1920s tcadver030
Children in decorated car and cart, 1910s tcadver031
Women riding in decorated car advertizing Chautauqua, 1913 tcadver032
Men and women in cars lined up under Chautauqua banners, Hardwick, Vermont, 1913 tcadver033
Banners announcing Redpath Chautauqua, Forsythe Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 1910s tcadver034
DeLuxe Circuit party, Asheville, North Carolina, 1910s tcadver035
DeLuxe Circuit party, Asheville, North Carolina, 1910s tcadver036
North End Women's Club, Chicago Chautauqua, Chicago, Illinois, 1910s tcadver037
Women and decorated car, Lincoln Chautuaqua, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcparade001
Cars parading down street, Alma, Michigan, 1910s tcparade002
Line of Buick cars ready for parade, Flint, Michigan, July 29, 1915 tcparade003
Decorated cars lined up on street, Clifton Springs, New York, 1914 tcparade004
Men sitting in car wearing tags labeled Reception Committee, 1910s tcparade005
Decorated cars parading down street beneath Chautauqua banners, 1910s tcparade006
People in decorated cars parading down city street, 1910s tcparade007
Decorated cars ready for parade, Tipton, Indiana, 1910s tcparade008
Children and decorated cars, 1910s tcparade009
No image represented by number tctravel010
People with signs parading through town, Somerset, Ohio, 1913 tcparade011
Adults and children walking in booster parade, Somerset, Ohio, 1913 tcparade012
Young people parading down city street, Greenwood, Mississippi., 1920s tcparade013
Cars lined up for parade, Carlisle, Kentucky, 1920s tcparade014
Decorated cars lined up for parade, 1912 tcparade015
Elephant in circus parade advertizing Chautauqua, Platteville, Wisconsin, 1920s tcparade016
Children riding in decorated truck advertizing Williston Chautauqua, 1920s tcparade017
Decorated car announcing Williston Chautauqua, 1920s tcparade018
Decorated car, 1920s tcparade019
Men on truck moving tent and supplies, 1920s tcsetup001
Men raising tent, 1920s tcsetup002
Men raising tent, 1920s tcsetup003
Men on top of tent, 1920s tcsetup004
Men attaching guy rope, 1920s tcsetup005
Men attaching guy rope, 1920s tcsetup006
Two workers and tent, Harmony, Minnesota, 1927 tcsetup007
Men driving tent stake, 1920s tcsetup008
Man driving tent stake, 1920s tcsetup009
Man waving from top of Three Day Circuit tent, 1920s tcsetup010
Stage settings for Chautauqua performances, 1910s tcsetup011
Stage settings for Chautauqua performances, 1910s tcsetup012
Stage props for Chautauqua performances, 1910s tcsetup013
Stage props for Chautauqua performances, 1910s tcsetup014
Men and woman outside tents, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 1920s tcsetup015
Woman and men in front of tents, 1920s tcsetup016
Men in front of Chautauqua tent, 1920s tcsetup017
Men in front of tent, 1920s tcsetup018
Men in front of main entrance to Chautauqua tent, 1920s tcsetup019
Women ushers in front of tent, Northwood, Iowa, 1920s tcsetup020
Men in front of tent, Kendallville, Indiana, 1920s tcsetup021
Men in front of tent, 1910s tcsetup022
Man standing in road, 1916 tcsetup023
Three men with camera, 1916 tcsetup024
Taking tent down, Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 24, 1922 tcteardown001
"Keokuk Co. Chautauqua when Bryan got through", Keokuk, Iowa, 1910s tcteardown002
Taking tent down, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, August 9, 1924 tcteardown003

Box 2, Ticket Booths, Venues, Crowds

Chautauqua Tickets Sold Out. 1350, 1910s tctxbooth001
Men purchasing tickets, 1910s tctxbooth002
Men purchasing tickets outside tent, Estherville, Iowa, 1909 tctxbooth003
Decorated ticket booth, Morganfield, Kentucky, June 16, 1917 tctxbooth004
Men holding sign, 1910s tctxbooth005
Man in ticket office, 1910s tctxbooth006
Man in ticket booth, 1910s tctxbooth007
Men in front of ticket booth, 1920s tctxbooth008
Man in ticket booth window outside tent, 1910s tctxbooth009
Man selling tickets outside tent, 1910s tctxbooth010
Redpath family entering Chautauqua tent, 1910s tctxbooth011
Holy Grail Encampment, Pana Chautauqua, 1913 tcvenue001
Row of small tents, Mediapolis, Iowa, 1942 tcvenue002
Chautauqua Grounds, Fairfield, Iowa, 1910s tcvenue003
No image represented by number tcvenue004
Chautauqua at Riverside Park, Antwerp, Ohio, 1910s tcvenue005
Chautauqua Entrance, Marinette, Wisconsin, 1910s tcvenue006
Coliseum Building, Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa, 1900s tcvenue007
Coliseum Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa, 1900s tcvenue008
Chautauqua Grounds, Waterloo, Iowa, 1900s tcvenue009
Near Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa, 1900s tcvenue010
Cedar River at Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa, 1900s tcvenue011
Interior, Auditorium, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, 1920s tcvenue012
Epworth League Assembly Hall, Canton, South Dakota, 1900s tcvenue013
Cars on downtown street, Anoka, Minnesota, 1926 tcvenue014
Anoka Electric Depot, Anoka, Minnesota, 1920s tcvenue015
Aerial view of U. S. V. H. #79, Outwood, Kentucky, 1930 tcvenue016
Entrance to a Redpath Chautauqua tccrowds001
People entering tent, 1910s tccrowds002
People entering tent, 1910s tccrowds003
People entering Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds004
People outside tent, Postville, Iowa, 1921 tccrowds005
Scene at the Ottawa, Illinois, Chautauqua, which will open August 18. Send for Booklet. T. B. Farrell, Secretary, 1910s tccrowds006
Horses, buggies, cars and people outside tent, 1910s tccrowds007
Aerial view of tent and people, Lake Charles, Louisiana., 1910s tccrowds008
People outside and in tent, 1910s tccrowds009
Men sitting outside tent, 1910s tccrowds010
People sitting on benches outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds011
People sitting outside tent, 1910s tccrowds012
People outside tent, 1910s tccrowds013
People standing and sitting at tent's edge, 1910s tccrowds014
People standing and sitting at tent's edge, 1910s tccrowds015
People outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds016
Typical Scene at a Redpath Chautauqua, 1910s tccrowds017
People standing and sitting along edge of tent, 1910s tccrowds018
People standing and sitting along edge of tent, 1910s tccrowds019
People standing and sitting outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds020
People sitting on benches outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds021
People standing and sitting at edge of tent, 1910s tccrowds022
People standing and sitting outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds023
People leaving tent, 1910s tccrowds024
People walking and gathering outside of tent, 1910s tccrowds025
No image represented by number tccrowds026
Redpath Chautauqua, Sanitarium Day, Battle Creek, Michigan, July 29, 1913 tccrowds027
Chautauqua, Humbolt, Iowa, 1909 tccrowds028
People exiting Chautauqua, Newark, New York., 1900s tccrowds029
People and cars outside of tent, Carlisle, Kentucky, 1920s tccrowds030
People exiting tent, Carlisle, Kentucky, 1920s tccrowds031
Sunday crowd, Vinton, Iowa, Chautauqua, 1910s tccrowds032
Listening to "Billy" Sunday, Vinton, Iowa, Chautauqua, 1910s tccrowds033
Ice cream cone stand, 1910s tccrowds034
People outside tent, Mediapolis, Iowa, August 1942 tccrowds035
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1920s tccrowds036
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1920s tccrowds037
People outside Chautauqua tent, Savannah, Georgia, 1920s tccrowds038
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1920s tccrowds039
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1920s tccrowds040
People outside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds041
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds042
A Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua Crowd Homeward Bound, 1909 tccrowds043
A Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua Crowd Homeward Bound, 1909 tccrowds044
People outside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds045
People leaving Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds046
People, horses, and buggies outside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tccrowds047

Box 3, Tent Exterior, Tent Interior, Junior Chautauqua

Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence in grove of trees, 1920s tcexterior001
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence pitched among trees, 1920s tcexterior002
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence at Fulton, New York, 1920s tcexterior003
Aerial view of Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence, 1920s tcexterior004
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence at Camden, New York, 1920s tcexterior005
Lincoln set-up, Amanda, Ohio, 1920s tcexterior006
Automobiles, Chautauqua tent, and canvas fence at Ravenswood, West Virginia, 1910s tcexterior007
Chautauqua tent, canvas fence, and automobiles in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, May 23, 1922 tcexterior008
Chautauqua tent, canvas fence, and automobiles at Asheville, North Carolina, 1920s tcexterior009
Chautauqua tent enlosed by canvas fence, Geneva, New York, 1920s tcexterior010
A Redpath Vawter Chautauqua Tent, 1910s tcexterior011
A Redpath Chautauqua System Tent, 1910s tcexterior012
People, Chautauqua tent, and canvas fence, 1920s tcexterior013
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence, 1920s tcexterior014
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence, 1916 tcexterior015
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence, 1910s tcexterior016
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas tent, Manchester, Iowa, 1900s tcexterior017
Chautauqua tent beside the river, Manchester, Iowa, 1900s tcexterior018
Chautauqua tent, Orlando, Florida, April 20, 1920 tcexterior019
Chautauqua tent enclosed by canvas fence, Asheville, North Carolina, 1920s tcexterior020
Chautauqua tent and extension with windows, 1920s tcexterior021
Chautauqua tent extension with windows, 1920s tcexterior022
Double exposure of Chautauqua tent with extension and cars, August 9, 1924 tcexterior023
United States Tent and Awning Co. building, 1910s tcexterior024
Aerial view of Chautauqua tent, Edina, Missouri, 1910s tcexterior025
Aerial view of Chautauqua tent, Princeton, Indiana, 1926 tcexterior026
Damaged Chautauqua tent in field, 1920s tcexterior027
Inside damaged tent looking toward stage, 1926 tcexterior028
Damaged Chautauqua tent, Fort Wayne, Indiana, August 9, 1924 tcexerior029
Tent sewing machine, 1920s tcexterior030
Race Track, State Fair Grounds, Springfield, Illinois, 1910s tcexterior031
Facing stage inside Chautauqua tent, 1900s tcinterior001
Facing stage inside Chautauqua tent, 1916 tcinterior002
Facing stage inside Chautauqua tent, Edgerton, Wisconsin, 1920s tcinterior003
Band performing on stage in Chautauqua tent, 1920s tcinterior004
People facing stage in Chautauqua tent, 7 Day Circuit, 1920s tcinterior005
The Program, 1910s tcinterior006
Chautauqua audience inside tent, Corning, Iowa, 1913 tcinterior007
Audience listening to Edgar Bergen and Charlie during "Morning Hour", Crowley, Louisiana, 1920s tcinterior008
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior009
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior010
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior011
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior012
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior013
Audience inside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcinterior014
Group of women in front of building, Darlington, Wisconsin, ca, 1910s tcjrchau001
Chautauqua junior supervisors, 1910s tcjrchau002
Chautauqua junior supervisors, 1910s tcjrchau003
Children's entertainers at train depot, Sanford, Florida, March 23, 1922 tcjrchau004
Children raising flag, Somerset, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau005
Children raising flag, Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia, 1910s tcjrchau006
Children saluting flag, New Martinsville, West Virginia, 1910s tcjrchau007
Children and leaders, 1910s tcjrchau008
Children and leaders carrying "Junior Town Boosters" sign, 1910s tcjrchau009
Costumed children carrying "Junior Town Boosters" sign, 1910s tcjrchau010
Children on horses lined up for parade, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, 1910s tcjrchau011
Costumed children carrying "Junior Town Boosters" sign, 1910s tcjrchau012
Group of children, Camden, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau013
Children and adults with story teller, 1910s tcjrchau014
Children seated in stands, Delaware, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau015
Children and story teller, Delaware, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau016
Children posing in field next to tent, Canada, 1920s tcjrchau017
Children posing in field next to tent, New Liskheard, Ontario, 1920s tcjrchau018
The Story Hour at a Redpath Chautauqua, 1910s tcjrchau019
Children and adults outside tent, Enid, Oklahoma, 1910s tcjrchau020
Children's Day, 1910s tcjrchau021
Children and adults in front of Chautauqua tent, Racine, Wisconsin, 1926 tcjrchau022
Adults and costumed children outside of Chautauqua tent and canvas fence, Estherville, Iowa, 1910s tcjrchau023
Children in front of, and on top of, Chautauqua tent, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau024
Story hour at a Redpath Chautauqua, 1910s tcjrchau025
Children and leaders in front of building, 4th Day, Union City, Indiana, 1925 tcjrchau026
Children and municipal nurse, 1910s tcjrchau027
Children in line in front of Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcjrchau028
Boys with flyers and dog outside of tent, 1910s tcjrchau029
Nurse and children wearing Redpath Chautauqua hats outside building, 1920s tcjrchau030
Children sitting on grass with horses and buggies in background, London Mills, Illinois, 1910s tcjrchau031
Children and woman in front of tent, 1910s tcjrchau032
Children in front of building and Chautauqua sign, 1910s tcjrchau033
Children and women gathered for Play Festival in front of canvas fence, Fairchance, Pennsylvania, 1910s tcjrchau034
Costumed children on stage surrounded by crowd in front of building, Blanchester, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau035
Women and person in elephant costume, 1910s tcjrchau036
Man and people in animal costume, 1910s tcjrchau037
Children and adults in formations, 1920s tcjrchau038
Young women and children in dance formations, 1920s tcjrchau039
Children holding daisy chain, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau040
Boys holding tree branches with girl kneeling in front with sash spelling out Martinsville, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau041
Boys holding tree branches in air, early 20th century tcjrchau042
Girls near Chautauqua tent, Aylmer, Ontario, 1920s tcjrchau043
Costumed children and adults pose for "Win the War" parade, Brookville, Indiana, August 21, 1918 tcjrchau044
Costumed dancers near canvas fence, Oak Harbor, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau045

Box 4, Junior Chautauqua, cont.

Dance couples bowing to partners, 1910s tcjrchau046
Dancing couples near canvas fence, 1910s tcjrchau047
Young people in costume, Oak Harbor, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau048
Somerset Pageant cast after rehearsal, Somerset, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau049
Girls in costume with tricycle near Chautauqua tent, Greenwood, Mississippi, 1920s tcjrchau050T
Adult and child clowns, 1920s tcjrchau051
Children performing "The Dance of Greeting", 1910s tcjrchau052
Girls in groups holding hands, 1910s tcjrchau053
Young women in costume curtseying, 1910s tcjrchau054
Girl dancers in costume, Brookville, Indiana, August 21, 1918 tcjrchau055
Young women dancers in costume, 1910s tcjrchau056
Young women dancers in costume,1910s tcjrchau057
Young woman in costume, 1910s tcjrchau058
Girls with flowers and young woman, all in costume, 1910s tcjrchau059
Young boys in costume outside Chautauqua tent, Aylmer, Ontario, 1923 tcjrchau060
Young boys in costume next to Chautauqua tent, Aylmer, Ontario, 1923 tcjrchau061
No image represented by number tcjrchau062
Boys outside Chautauqua tent, New Liskeard, Ontario, 1920s tcjrchau063
Woman and children playing ball, 1910s tcjrchau064
Woman and children in costume in front of building, 1910s tcjrchau065
Young boy in costume sitting on donkey, 1910s tcjrchau066
Young woman standing on rock in stream, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau067
Young woman standing on rock in stream looking into the distance, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau068
Boys in costume near Chautauqua tent, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau069
Boys in costume, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau070
Boys and girls in costume near canvas fence, 1910s tcjrchau071
Children in costume near canvas fence, 1920s tcjrchau072
Pageant at Clarksville, Arkansas, July 2, 1924 tcjrchau073
Uncle Sam and the Kaiser Prize Group, Centerburg, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau074
Young women in costume dancing, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau075
Young women holding globe-shaped spheres, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau076
Girls in circle, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau077
Young women posing outdoors, Darlington, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau078
Young women in formation, Dallas City, Illinois, 1910s tcjrchau079
Young women in pageant formation, 1910s tcjrchau080
Young women dressed as Mistmaidens, Somerset, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau081
Young woman posing, 1910s tcjrchau082
The Spirit of '76, 1910s tcjrchau083
Girls playing dodge ball, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau084
Young men playing dodge ball, 1910s tcjrchau085
Young people lined up for races, 1910s tcjrchau086
Boys in ready position for race, 1910s tcjrchau087
Children running, 1910s tcjrchau089
Boys participating in running high jump, Somerset, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau090
Boy jumping over rope in Badge Test, Somerset, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau091
Pyramid of boys, 1910s tcjrchau092
Boys playing a game of highball, Monticello, Indiana, 1920s tcjrchau093
Children playing volleyball, Juneau, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau094
Boys playing volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau095
Children watching youth play volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau096
Children playing volleyball, Enid, Oklahoma, 1910s tcjrchau097
Boys playing volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau098
Youth playing volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau099
Youth playing volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau100
Youth waiting for game to begin, 1910s tcjrchau101
Children and youth with ball and net, 1910s tcjrchau102
Boys playing volleyball, 1910s tcjrchau103
Boys playing game, horses and wagons in background, London Mills, Illinois, 1910s tcjrchau104
Boys playing game, horses and wagons in background, London Mills, Illinois, 1910s tcjrchau105
Children playing, Lebanon, Ohio, 1920s tcjrchau106
Children playing, Lebanon, Ohio, 1920s tcjrchau107
Girls playing a game while crowd watches, 1910s tcjrchau108
Boys and man doing Wheelbarrow Race, Mauston., Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau109
Children playing game "Swim Fish Swim", Camden, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau110
Boys competing in "Spider race", Camden, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau111
Children and leader playing game, Enid, Oklahoma, 1910s tcjrchau112
Children playing a game, Highland, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau113
Children playing a game, 1910s tcjrchau114
Children holding hands in circles, 1910s tcjrchau115
Groups of children and youth, 1910s tcjrchau116
Boys standing in circle with adults watching, 1910s tcjrchau117
Children and woman playing a game, 1910s tcjrchau118
Boys swimming, 1910s tcjrchau119
Children wading, 1910s tcjrchau120
Children wading when on hike, 1910s tcjrchau121
Children eating, 1910s tcjrchau122
Men and boys in woods, 1910s tcjrchau123
Children on picnic, Mauston, Wisconsin, 1910s tcjrchau124
Youth at picnic, Orrville, Ohio, 1910s tcjrchau125
Children and leader eating watermelon under trees, 1910s tcjrchau126
Children and adults outside Chautauqua tent, Estherville, Iowa, 1909 tcjrchau127

Box 5, Unidentified

Portrait of woman, early 20th century tcunident001
Woman standing outdoors, early 20th century tcunident002
Woman standing under tent, early 20th century tcunident003
Woman standing in front of building, 1920s tcunident004
Portrait of woman in beaded dress, 1910s tcunident005
Woman outside in coat, 1910s tcunident006
Woman standing next to tree by pond, Omaha, Nebraska, August 28, 1917 tcunident007
Woman standing on side of hill, early 20th century tcunident008
Woman posing at table, early 20th century tcunident009
Woman standing next to trees, 1910s tcuniden010
Woman wearing glasses, 1920s tcunident011
Portrait of woman, 1910s tcunident012
Portrait of young woman, early 20th century tcunident013
Portrait of young woman, 1910s tcunident014
Portrait of woman, 1900s tcunident015
Woman outside house with picket fence, 1920s tcunident016
Woman with dog along street, 1920s tcunident017
Woman wearing large hat, early 20th century tcunident018
Close-up of woman wearing pearls, 1930s tcunident019
Young woman posing in long dress, circa 1900 tcunident020
Young woman wearing black hat, 1920s tcunident021
Woman aiming gun at turkey, 1920s tcunident022
Woman at desk with typewriter, 1920s tcunident023
Woman holding animal pelt, 1940s tcunident024
Woman holding flowers, 1920s tcunident025
Man and mathematical grid, 1920s tcunident026
Woman standing by bush, 1920s tcunident027
Woman standing on railroad tracks, 1910s tcunident028
Woman on dock with fish, 1930s tcunident029
Woman standing outside building, 1920s tcunident030
Woman in costume, early 20th century tcunident031
Woman in costume, early 20th century tcunident032
Young woman posing in dance costume, early 20th century tcunident033
Woman posing in costume, early 20th century tcunident034
Woman in costume standing on rock in stream, early 20th century tcunident035
Portrait of young woman, early 20th century tcunident036
Young woman posing in costume, early 20th century tcunident037
Woman posing by stairway, 1890s tcunident038
Portrait of man in suit, early 20th century tcunident039
Man standing by fence, 1920s tcunident040
Man in suit, Paris, Kentucky, 1920s tcunident041
Man standing outside tent, 1910s tcunident042
Man in dark coat and white scarf, 1930s tcunident043
Man sitting outside building, 1920s tcunident044
Man standing by car, 1920s tcunident045
Portrait of man in cap and gown, early 20th century tcunident046
Portrait of man wearing glasses, 1920s tcunident047
Woman sitting on fence with cows in background, 1930s tcunident048
Man in suit walking, 1930s tcunident049
Man in suit with medal in front of tent, 1910s tcunident050
No image represented by number tcunident051
Man with cane sitting in chair, 1930s tcunident052
Man with hat standing outside house, 1910s tcunident053
Young man hitching a ride, 1930s tcunident054
Man sawing wood, 1930s tcunident055
Man in coat and hat standing under pergola, 1930s tcunident056
Portrait of man in U.S. military uniform, 1910s tcunident057
Portrait of man in suit, 1920s tcunident058
Man in costume and wig, early 20th century tcunident059
Man in white suit pointing at pictures in case outside store, 1920s tcunident060
No photograph tcunident061
Men holding documents tcunident062
Woman and young girl in house, early 20th century tcunident063
Woman, two men in uniform, young girl, 1940s tcunident064
Two women and two men standing near tent, 1920s tcunident065
Picture, inscribed to Carl Backman from Sandy, of two men in push cart, one man walking, Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 23, 1929 tcunident066
Horse drawn carriage with passengers, 1900s tcunident067
Two men and a woman sitting in field, early 20th century tcunident068
Three women in front of house, 1910s tcunident069
Two men and two women by tree, 1910s tcunident070
Three men and a woman on bikes near tent, 1920s tcunident071
Three men outside tent, August 4, 1921 tcunident072
Two men looking at publication outside tent, 1920s tcunident073
Man, woman, and pigeons by sculpture, 1930s tcunident074
Two men shaking hands, early 20th century tcunident075
Three women and two men on patio, 1940s tcunident076
Man and woman with suitcases outside train, 1910s tcunident077
Two women outside building, 1930s tcunident078
Two men on oxen, 1930s tcunident079
Man and woman outside tent, 1920s tcunident080
Two men and a woman outside tent, 1920s tcunident081
Man and woman outside building, 1910s tcunident082
Four men in suits and hats, early 20th century tcunident083
Two women and four men, early 20th century tcunident084
Three men and a dog on street corner, early 20th century tcunident085
Man and woman standing, woman sitting outside tent, 1910s tcunident086
Four men and a woman outside tent, 1910s tcunident087
Four men playing cards, Redpath check in foreground, May 13, 1911 tcunident088
Five young men in Postal Telegraph uniforms, 1910s tcunident089
Two couples dancing, man playing violin, woman playing piano, 1900s tcunident090
Group of men around table, 1910s tcunident091
People eating watermelon outside tent, 1910s tcunident092
People and cars in countryside, early 20th century tcunident093
People having a picnic, Edgely, North Dakota, July 4, 1917 tcunident094
Man conducting costumed band members, 1910s tcunident095
Adults and toddler outside building, 1940s tcunident096
People eating watermelon outside tent, 1910s tcunident097
People eating watermelon outside tent, 1910s tcunident098
Large group of people outside building, 1940s tcunident099

Box 6, Unidentified, cont.; Identified

Women sitting outside tent, 1910s tcunident100
Women standing outside tent, 1910s tcunident101
Group of men and women, some with instruments, some in uniforms, next to tent, 1910s tcunident102
Group photo of seven men in suits, 1910s tcunident103
Men and women eating ice cream cones near tent, 1910s tcunident104
Group of men and women sitting and standing outside building, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident105
Group of men and women outdoors, 1930s tcunident106
Group of men and women sitting outside building, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident107
Group of men and a woman sitting and standing outside buildings, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident108
Group of men and women sitting and standing outside buildings, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident109
Group of men sitting and standing outside buildings, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident110
Group of men standing outside the Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident111
Men standing outside buildings, Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcunident112
Two women and dog looking at picture of soldier, 1930s tcunident113
Five men dressed in tuxedoes, 1930s tcunident114
Man speaking into multiple microphones, 1930s tcunident115
Man in suit and tie, 1930s tcunident116
Man in tuxedo speaking at podium, 1930s tcunident117
Man on horse, 1940s tcunident118
Woman posing in costume, 1940s tcunident119
Woman with banjo, 1910s tcunident120
Portrait of woman inscribed "Merry Christmas to Gay and Ralph. Caroline", 1920s tcunident121
Portrait of woman inscribed "To Gay and Ralph with love, Caroline", 1920s tcunident122
Portrait of woman wearing necklace, 1930s tcunident123
Portrait of woman in fur cape and pearls, with inscription to Gay from Esther, 1930s tcunident124
Woman wearing hat and carrying fur, 1940s tcunident125
Man with cigar, cane and straw hat, 1930s tcunident126
Women in living room stage, 1930s tcunident127
Group of people in a play, 1930s tcunident128
Twelve nuns on stage, 1930s tcunident129
No image represented by number tcunident130
Picture of woman, 1940s tcunident131
Woman wearing coat, hat, and white flower, 1940s tcunident132

Wallace Bruce Amsbary sitting on bench, Clearwater, Florida, 1920s tcidentified001
Wallace Bruce Amsbary and unidentified man outside tent, 1920's tcidentified002
Mary Anderson, 1910s tcidentified003
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Carl Backman, and two unidentified men, 1940s tcidentified004
Grace Barnes, 1910s tcidentified005
Jerome Barrington standing in front of drawing, 1910s tcidentified006
Alice Beaman, 1910s tcidentified007
Alice Beaman, 1910s tcidentified008
Alice Beaman, 1910s tcidentified009
Carl Beckman holding walking stick, 1900s tcidentified010
Altha Leah Bierbower, 1910s tcidentified011
William S. Wright and unidentified man holding contracts in front of tent, Salisbury, North Carolina, 1920s tcidentified012
Louise Brumbaugh, 1910s tcidentified013
Louise Brumbaugh, 1910s tcidentified014
Florence Bradley, 1910s tcidentified015
No image represented by number tcidentified016
No image represented by number tcidentified017
Lena Bumbarger, 1910s tcidentified018
Caroline Chew in dance pose, 1940s tcidentified019
Dixie Dixon with a woman and a man standing in a field, 1910s tcidentified020
Dixie Dixon and man standing in field, 1910s tcidentified021
Isabel Dwight, 1930s tcidentified022
Isabel Dwight, 1930s tcidentified023
Young woman, member of Fischer Trio, 1910s tcidentified024
Dr. Harry Hibs, 1940s tcidentified025
Helen Hill, 1920s tcidentified026
Member of Hoffer Company, 1930s tcidentified027
David Itkin, 1930s tcidentified028
David Itkin, 1930s tcidentified029
Kathryn M. Jennings, 1920s tcidentified030
Esther H. Lehrbas, 1910s tcidentified031
Lydia Lyndgren, 1920s tcidentified032
Lydia Lyndgren, 1910s tcidentified033
Myrtle McCoy, 1910s tcidentified034
Myrtle McCoy, 1910s tcidentified035
Martha Mai McKnight, 1910s tcidentified036
Mexican Orchestral Quintet, 1920s tcidentified037
Richard G. Montgomery, 1920s tcidentified038
Elizabeth Murray, 1910s tcidentified039
Elisabeth Rutledge, 1910s tcidentified040
Frank G. Smart, 1930s tcidentified041
Hazel Myra Steller, 1910s tcidentified042
Mrs. R. D. Strong, 1910s tcidentified043
"I am "Tom Pratt" famous eskimo sled-dog born at the South Pole", 1932 tcidentified044
Ulmer Turner at NBC radio microphone, 1940s tcidentified045
Clifton M. Utley, 1930s tcidentified046
Pauline Marston, 1910s tcidentified047
Doris E. White and unidentified woman standing in snow, 1910s tcidentified048
Doris E. White and unidentified woman, 1910s tcidentified049
W. T. Rowe family sitting on front steps, Austin, Texas, 1911 tcidentified050
Buford Randall, Jr. in military uniform, Sumter, South Carolina, 1910s tcidentified051
Judge J. T. Ralston in front of Hotel McCurdy, Evanston, Indiana, October 4, 1925 tcidentified052
Joseph Del Puente in costume, 1917 tcidentified053
Giacomo Puccini and Theodore Kittay in a garden, Italy, April 1920 tcidentified054
Josephine Powers, 1910s tcidentified055
Grace Parker, 1910s tcidentified056
Chautauqua group supper in honor of Mr. Ott, Shelbyville, Illinois, 1900s tcidentified057
Naomi Nicholson, 1910s tcidentified058

Box 7, Agents/Employees

Raymond Allhands sitting on post, Wingate, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentA001
Portrait of Bennett Y. Alvis, St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1915 tcagentA002
Curtis C. Azdell next to building, Monmouth, Illinois, circa 1927 tcagentA003
Curtis C. Azdell, Monmouth, Illinois, circa 1927 tcagentA004
Curtis C. Azdell and dog, Monmouth, Illinois, circa 1927 tcagentA005
Portrait of Waldo Emerson Bailey, Jackson, Mississippi, circa 1925 tcagentB001
Portrait of Thomas Ray Baker, Wabash, Indiana, circa 1920 tcagentB002
Charles Adrion Beard next to car, Charlotte, North Carolina, circa 1928 tcagentB003
J. C. Beard outside buildings, Atlantic, Iowa, circa 1917 tcagentB0047,
Portrait of Byron A. Beebe, LaFayette, Indiana, circa 1920 tcagentB005
Four men among grove of trees, Jacksonville, Florida, circa 1915 tcagentB006
Portrait of William Irving Belcher, circa 1917 tcagentB007
Matthew James Berry, Jr. standing by trees, Merom, Indiana, circa 1928 tcagentB008
Portrait of Ralph Leslie Berry, Casey, Iowa, circa 1918 tcagentB009
Portrait of Ray Victor Beshgetoor, Alma, Michigan, circa 1915 tcagentB010
Portrait of Winfred Wylam Bird, Appleton, Wisconsin, 1922 tcagentB011
Portrait of C. M. Black, Lapeer, Michigan, circa 1923 tcagentB012
No image represented by number tcagentB013
No image represented by number tcagentB014
Portrait of David Hale Brake, Albion, Michigan, circa 1915 tcagentB015
Portrait of George W. Braun, Joliet, Illinois, June 1925 tcagentB016
Portrait of Howard K. Brinklow, Kirksville, Missouri, circa 1926 tcagentB017
John Norman Brown standing in snow in yard, Eagle River, Wisconsin, circa 1928 tcagentB018
John Young Brown, Lexington, Kentucky, circa 1928 tcagentB019
Portrait of John Lewis Broyles, Savannah, Tennessee, circa 1915 tcagentB020
Louis Philip Bruso, Decatur, Illinois, circa 1924 tcagentB021
E. Bradford Bruso sitting on steps, Champaign, Illinois, circa 1924 tcagentB022
Portrait of Paul Burns, Logansport, Indiana, circa 1919 tcagentB023
Portrait of James A. Burton, Fayetteville, Tennessee, circa 1925 tcagentB024
Portrait of James A. Burton, Fayetteville, Tennessee, circa 1925 tcagentB025
Portrait of Sam Newton Burts, Jr., Spartanburg, South Carolina, circa 1926 tcagentB026
Portrait of Howard Roger Butler, Columbus, Ohio, circa 1924 tcagentB027
Harold Justin Byron, Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1925 tcagentB028
No image represented by number tcagentC001
Portrait of Mildred Agnes Boesel, New Bremen, Ohio, ca. 1928 tcagentC002
Portrait of Mae Caldwell, Shelbina, Missouri, circa 1920s tcagentC003
Mildred Agnes Boesel sitting on chair outside tent, Maple Rapids, Michigan, ca. 1920s tcagentC004
No image represented by number tcagentC005
Rolland Randolph Carpenter standing next to car, Thorntown, Indiana, circa 1928 tcagentC006
Portrait of Earl F. Chase, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, circa 1928 tcagentC007
Bob Oliver Clark at Lambuth College, Jackson, Tennessee, circa. 1928 tcagentC008
Leo E. Conahan, DeKalb, Illinois, circa 1925 tcagentC009
Porter DeWett Crowell, Columbia City, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentC010
Portrait of C. Vaughan Curran, circa 1928 tcagentC011
Portrait of Thelma Colby, Waupun, Wisconsin, circa 1929 tcagentC012
Harold McLean Davis standing outside house, Clinton, Michigan, circa 1915 tcagentD001
James Madison Davis standing outside building, Leland, Illinois, circa 1926 tcagentD002
Portrait of Spencer Clark Davis, LaPlata, Missouri, circa 1920s tcagentD003
Men with instruments and Boy Scouts posing with Redpath sign, Lexington, North Carolina 1920s tcagentD004
Portrait of Bourbon A. Dawes, Jr., Danville, Kentucky, 1927 tcagentD005
Everett E. Denlinger standing on steps of building, 1920s tcagentD006
Portrait of Bedford Dickerson, LaPlata, Missouri, circa 1927 tcagentD007
Portrait of Muir Dickie, Shelby, Michigan, circa 1914 tcagentD008
Richard Malcolm Dollar standing by building, Marion, Kentucky, circa 1916 tcagentD009
James Barnes Douglass standing by fence outside buildings, Jellico, Tennessee, circa 1918 tcagentD010
Joseph Long Dyer standing outside building, Madisonville, Kentucky, circa 1925 tcagentD011
Portrait of Roscoe Eades, Sterling, Illinois, circa 1923 tcagentE001
Portrait of Walter William Eichorn, Delaware, Ohio, circa 1914 tcagentE002
Portrait of Harold W. Elliott, Sidell, Illinois, circa 1919 tcagentE003
Portrait of Alfred Carl Engelder, St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1927 tcagentE004
Mr. and Mrs. Otto H. Ernberg, Berea, Kentucky, circa 1925 tcagentE005
Portrait of Eugene Houston Farmer, Fredericktown, Missouri, circa 1916 tcagentF001
Harlan P. Farrington rowing boat, circa 1920 tcagentF002
Lloyd Allen Fassett with man and woman, Fremont, Ohio, August 1915 tcagentF003
Portrait of Murrey Challis Fox, Albion, Michigan, circa 1916 tcagentF004
Portrait of Madison Ke Francis, Guntown, Mississippi, circa 1923 tcagentF005
Meryl Bertrand Finch, Oakland City, Indiana, circa 1925 tcagentF006
Ernest A. Gady holding gun and geese, circa 1927 tcagentG001
Portrait of William G. Gilbert, Geneva, New York, March 1911 tcagentG002
Portrait of Fred D. Goddard, Johnston City, Illinois, circa 1917 tcagentG003
Two men standing outside garage labeled Redpath, 1920s tcagentG004
Two men standing outside garage labeled Redpath, 1920s tcagentG005
Portrait of Paul Graf, Angola, Indiana, circa 1919 tcagentG006
Francis Patrick Gray standing next to car, Logansport, Indiana, July 1926 tcagentG007
Clarence B. Grinyer, Berea, Kentucky, 1920s tcagentG008
Portrait of Charles A. Gross, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1920s tcagentG009
Portrait of Carlos Martyn Guyer, Findlay, Ohio, April 1918 tcagentG010
Carlos Martyn Guyer standing outdoors, November 1918 tcagentG011
Portrait of Herbert Habermel, Corydon, Indiana, August 2, 1924 tcagentH001
R. C. Hacker and A. B. Morgan, 1920s tcagentH002
Robert Hacker standing outside building, 1920s tcagentH003
Portrait of E. David Halliburton, Rutherford, Tennessee, circa 1928 tcagentH004
Two men standing by bushes, 1920s tcagentH005
George Marcus Hansen outdoors, circa 1928 tcagentH006
No image represented by number tcagentH007
No image represented by number tcagentH008
Portrait of Arnold F. Hegstrom, Macomb, Illinois, circa 1920s tcagentH009
Portrait of Arnold F. Hegstrom, Macomb, Illinois, circa 1920s tcagentH010
Herbert E. Heishman in vehicle, 1920s tcagentH011
J. Fred Hill, Tipton, Indiana, 1920s tcagentH012
Portrait of Ralph E. Himstedt, Urbana, Illinois, circa 1915 tcagentH013
Fred Hitchcock sitting on tree stump, circa 1924 tcagentH014
Portrait of Lowell M. Hodges, Clinton, Missouri, circa 1929 tcagentH015
Portraits of Ralph C. Hofmeister, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, circa 1914 tcagentH016
Portrait of Harold C. Honan, Ockley, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentH017
Jesse Orlan Horning with seven school chums, Marion, Kentucky, circa 1915 tcagentH018
Portrait of Sam M. Houston, Anita, Iowa, Feb. 1926 tcagentH019
Portrait of Zaring Uri Hudson, Hanover, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentH020
Charles B. Iler outside building, Bowling Green, Kentucky, circa 1919 tcagentI001
Allan H. Innis outside building, circa 1915 tcagentI002
James Calhoun Irby in woods, Laurens, South Carolina, circa 1928 tcagentI003
Francis H. Jackson outside building, Glasgow, Kentucky, circa 1928 tcagentJ001
Francis H. Jackson in football uniform, 1920s tcagentJ002
Portrait of Wilbur Hull Johnston, Warsaw, Illinois, circa 1923 tcagentJ003
Capt. Elmer J. Johnston, Hopkinton, Iowa, 1920s tcagentJ004
Arthur Lagrand Jones holding basketball, 1920s tcagentJ005
Walter Kinsey Jones outside store, 1920s tcagentJ006
John Kettleson sitting on brick wall, circa 1924 tcagentK001
Joseph Patrick Kovall and two men, circa 1921 tcagentK002
Charles William Lee and another man, both in uniform, 1920s tcagentL001
Robert Franklin LeFevre, Lexington, North Carolina, circa 1927 tcagentL002
Harold Lehr standing outside, Kirksville, Missouri, circa 1926 tcagentL003
Portrait of George L. Letts, Warren, Illinois, circa 1920 tcagentL004
Portrait of Ernest Howard Love, Mitchell, Indiana, circa 1915 tcagentL005
Ernest Howard Love sitting in chair, Mitchell, Indiana, circa 1915 tcagentL006
Lionel Alfred Macklin outdoors, Goderich, Ontario, circa 1923 tcagentM001
Luther Russell McCurry outdoors, Maryville, Tennessee, circa 1918 tcagentM002
Portrait of Lloyd Amos McDonald, Lexington, Kentucky, circa 1926 tcagentM003
Herbert G. McKee and car, Cumberland, Ohio, 1920s tcagentM004
Roy Walter Marolf outdoors, Hopkinton, Iowa, circa 1926 tcagentM005
Portrait of Christian P. (Kris) Messner, Hartford City, Indiana, 1910s tcagentM006
Group of soldiers including Christian P. (Kris) Messner, 1910s tcagentM007
Christian P. (Kris) Messner in training camp in France, 1910s tcagentM008
Portrait of Paul Joseph Michael, Shabbona, Illinois, circa 1915 tcagentM009
Carl H. Miller next to gasoline pumps outside The Colonel's Motel, circa 1926 tcagentM010
Howard Milner outside building, Leesburg, Ohio, circa 1928 tcagentM011
Portrait of Lynne Elvin Miller, Corydon, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentM012
Robert Spencer Miller on motorcycle, Thorntown, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentM013
Portrait of Stanley Miller, Pataskala, Ohio, circa 1916 tcagentM014
Portrait of Charles Edward Miner, Wheeling, West Virginia, circa 1915 tcagentM015
Albert B. Morgan outdoors, Bowling Green, Kentucky, circa 1924 tcagentM016
Portrait of Hubert LeRoy Morrison, Corry, Pennsylvania, circa 1927 tcagentM017
Portrait of Paul R. Mossholder, Dixon, Illinois, circa 1916 tcagentM018
Ernest L. King outdoors, Stanford, Illinois, 1920s tcagentM019
Ernest L. King outdoors, Stanford, Illinois, 1920s tcagentM020
Delmar Gordon Risser with a man and a woman, Stanford, Illinois, circa 1920s tcatentM021
Portrait of Joseph Warren Muncie, Brazil, Indiana, circa 1920 tcagentM022
Ms. Munson riding in wagon pulled by dogs, early 20th century tcagentM023
Portrait of Harold Musselman, Lanark, Illinois, circa 1916 tcagentM024
Beula H. Mathena standing next to car, Alpena, Michigan, circa 1928 tcagentN001
Beula H. Mathena standing in snow outside building, Alpena, Michigan, circa 1928 tcagentN002
Portrait of Myron Neff, Mount Vernon, Iowa, circa 1923 tcagentN003
Portrait of Kenneth Bruno Neumann, Carthage, Illinois, circa 1927 tcagentN004
Portrait of Paul Newcomer, Mt. Morris, Illinois, circa 1916 tcagentN005
Heber L. Newell standing on sidewalk, Hillsboro, Ohio, circa 1925 tcagentN006
Portrait of Newton Clarence Finger, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, circa 1915 tcagentN007
Portrait of Robert B. Notestein, Alma, Michigan, April 1915 tcagentN008
Portrait of M.D. Oberbeyer, Jacksonville, Illinois, circa 1924 tcagentO001
Jane Ogle in car with man, second man standing next to car, circa 1916 tcagentO002
Jane Ogle and three women walking on road, circa 1916 tcagentO003
Portrait of Harry M. Orders, Valparaiso, Indiana, circa 1923 tcagentO004
Raymond Hayes Payne, Green City, Missouri, June 26, 1926 tcagentP001
Raymond Hayes Payne and unidentified man standing next to tent ropes, circa 1926 tcagentP002
Portrait of Lyman H. Pearson, Indianapolis, Indiana, circa 1919 tcagentP003
Portrait of George W. Peffer, Hanover, Pennsylvania, 1910s tcagentP004
Lucy Pennington standing on bridge, Boston, Massachusetts, Octiber 19, 1919 tcagentP005
William Earnest Poarch in uniform on football field, Pulaski, Tennessee, circa 1916 tcagentP006
Portrait of William J. Powers, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1926 tcagentP007
Portrait of Harold E. Powlen, Logansport, Indiana, circa 1919 tcagentP008
Portrait of Lee Edmands Quinn in navy uniform, Union City, Tennessee, September 16, 1920 tcagentQ001
Ralph Miles Quinn outdoors, Tiptonville, Tennessee, circa 1922 tcagentQ002
Portrait of Edgar F. Racey, Cambridge, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1924 tcagentR001
Portrait of Everett B. Ralston, Murray, Kentucky, circa 1927 tcagentR002
Portrait of Stewart H. Reid, Springfield, Illinois, circa 1915 tcagentR003
Thomas Richardson outside building, Guelph, Ontario, circa 1925 tcagentR004
Portrait of Foley L. Roberts, Evansville, Indiana, circa 1922 tcagentR005
Leo S. Rosencrans outside tent, circa 1923 tcagentR006
Portrait of Leo S. Rosencrans, Findlay, Ohio, 1920 tcagentR007
Portrait of F. Myrick Russell, Omaha, Nebraska, circa 1925 tcagentR008
Arthur Reginald Satre standing in snow with house in background, Rockford, Illinois, circa 1925 tcagentS001
Albert L. Scott and another man in football uniforms, Washington, Pennsylvania, circa 1927 tcagentS002
Portrait of Thomas M. Seawell, Fayetteville, North Carolina, circa 1927 tcagentS003
Archie Shelton standing near body of water, Dayton, Tennessee, circa 1928 tcagentS004
Harry J. Shelton outdoors, Dayton, Tennessee, circa 1928 tcagentS005
Portrait of Robert Campbell Smathers, Carlisle, Kentucky, circa 1926 tcagentS006
Donald H. Smith and another man standing outdoors, circa 1925 tcagentS007
Portrait of H. E. Smith, Verona, Wisconsin, January 1914 tcagentS008
Portrait of Samuel George Snively, Columbus, Indiana, circa 1926 tcagentS009
No image represented by number tcagentS010
Eugene McKinley Sparling, Kirksville, Missouri, circa 1923 tcagentS011
Portrait of Waldo Emerson Bailey, Jackson, Mississippi, circa 1925 tcagentS012
Samuel E. Spencer, Topeka, Kansas, circa 1928 tcagentS013
Portrait of Samuel E. Spencer, Topeka, Kansas, circa 1928 tcagentS014
Robert Steeley standing on railroad tracks, Williamsburg, Kentucky, circa 1925 tcagentS015
Portrait of Andries Richard Steketee, Holland, Michigan, circa 1928 tcagentS016
Charles Vernon Stout standing next to tent, circa 1926 tcagentS017
Charles Vernon Stout outdoors, circa 1926 tcagentS018
Orval Russell Walker outdoors, circa 1927 tcagentS019
Orval Russell Walker outside tent, circa 1927 tcagentS020
Lee Stout outside building, circa 1928 tcagentS021
Maurice Seburn Stout, Dayton, Tennessee, circa 1927 tcagentS022
Portrait of Lowell S. Stump, New Paris, Indiana, circa 1925 tcagentS023
Franklyn F. Sullivan standing next to building, Laurens, South Carolina, circa 1928 tcagentS024
Howard W. Swartz in uniform, London Mills, Illinois, circa 1919 tcagentS025
Portrait of Stephen Marrs Swinebroad, Lancaster, Kentucky, circa 1927 tcagentS026
Portrait of Francis Marshall Tallman, Mount Vernon, Iowa, circa 1924 tcagentT001
No image represented by number tcagentT002
Six men outside building, some wearing letter sweaters, New Castle, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentT003
Harold R. Templeton in football pads, holding football helmet, New Castle, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentT004
Harold R. Templeton and young woman, wearing letter sweaters, New Castle, Indiana, circa 1927 tcagentT005
Walter W. Tesch holding gun, standing in snow covered field, Lexington, Nebraska, circa 1914 tcagentT006
Portrait of Thomas Spencer Thomas, Indianapolis, Indiana, circa 1922 tcagentT007
Portrait of Lora Timmons, Center Point, Iowa, circa 1926 tcagentT008
Portrait of Ernest Theodore Waldo, Kirksville, Missouri, circa 1923 tcagentW001
Seven men outside building, 1922 tcagentW002
Raymond Wheelock standing next to building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1927 tcagentW003
Portrait of Dorothy White, Des Moines, Iowa, 1925 tcagentW004
Edward L. Williams standing next to chair, Muskegon, Michigan, circa 1914 tcagentW005
Libbie Williams and four other women outdoors, 1920s tcagentW006
Willis Milner standing outdoors, Leesburg, Ohio, circa 1927 tcagentW007
George Milton Yates standing outdoors, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, circa 1928 tcagentW008
Hugh Wright with woman and dog sitting on steps, St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1924 tcagentW009
"Bill" Wright and Ted Howard looking at contract outside tent, Rockwood, Tenn., June 12, 1924 tcagentW010
William S. "Bill" Wright with suitcase standing in front of caricature of him, circa 1924 tcagentW011
Walter H. Yaw outdoors, Kankakee, Illinois, circa 1929 tcagentY001
Group of men standing outside buildings in Lexington, Kentucky, 1930s tcagentZ001
Redpath Chautauqua and Lyceum workers in front of Evanston, Illinois office, 1916 tcagentZ002
I.L.A. meeting, Congress Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, 1921 tcagentZ003
Men and women inside tent with I.L.A. banner, 1910s tcagentZ004

Box 8, Directors

John H. Vincent and Lewis Miller, founders of Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York, 1890s tcdirect001
James Redpath, 1870s tcdirect002
Bishop John H. Vincent, 1910s tcdirect003
Redpath managers, January 4, 1912 tcdirect004
Men standing in line with tickets outside tent, 1910s tcdirect005
Keith Vawter, William Jennings Bryan, and Bohumir Kryl standing outside Chautauqua tent, 1900s tcdirect006
Keith Vawter and unidentified man outside canvas fence, 1910s tcdirect007
Harry P. Harrison, 1910s tcdirect008
Harry P. Harrison, 1910s tcdirect009
Harry Harrison standing outside canvas fence, 1920s tcdirect010
Private Harold R. Peat and Harry Harrison outside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcdirect011
Harry Harrison, 1940s tcdirect012
Harry Harrison holding tickets, Century of Progress Exposition, 1934 tcdirect013
Men, women, girl standing in front of arch, 1920s tcdirect014
Group of people standing outside Chautauqua tent, 1910s tcdirect015
Verne Harrison and Columbus, Ohio office, 1910s tcdirect016
People sitting and standing outside building, 1920s tcdirect017
Men sitting on bench and unidentified woman by tree, 1920 tcdirect018
Carl Backman, Roy E. Bendell, John F. Chambers, Arthur L. Wisner at Harry Harrison's farm, 1920s tcdirect019
L. B. Crotty, 1910s tcdirect020
Keith Vawter, Mexico, Missouri, August 1920 tcdirect021
Crawford A. Peffer, White Plains, Pennsylvania, 1910s tcdirect022
J. M. Erickson, Manager of the Canadian Chautauquas, 1920s tcdirect023
E. B. Persons and Betty Ruth Montgomery outside Chautauqua tent, Spencerville, Ontario, 1920s tcdirect024
E. B. Persons and Ray Oster outside Chautauqua tent, 1924 tcdirect025
Group photograph, Chicago, Illinois, 1910s tcdirect026
Group photograph, Chicago, Illinois, 1910s tcdirect027
Chautauqua Midwest managers, 1910s tcdirect028
Redpath managers, February 27, 1914 tcdirect029
Redpath Lyceum Bureau Agents, Chicago & Columbus Offices, 1911 tcdirect030

Map Case, Agents/Employees, Identified, Unidentified

Men and women at the Annual Redpath Lyceum Banquet, Auditorium Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, March 1, 1912 tcagentZ005
Men and women at the Harry P. Harrison Banquet, Auditorium Hotel, September 13, 1913, Chicago, Illinois tcagentZ006
Men and women at the Harry P. Harrison Banquet, Auditorium Hotel, September 13, 1913, Chicago, Illinois tcagentZ007
Men and women posing in group on grassy area, Annual International Lyceum Association Convention, Chicago, Illinois, September 15-20, 1916 tcagentZ008
Men and women at the Redpath Lyceum Annual Banquet, Auditorium Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, March 31, 1917 tcagentZ009
Men and women outdoors at Tenth Annual Meeting Redpath Chautauqua, Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky, July 4, 1921 tcagentZ010
Men and women posing in a group on grass outside buildings, I.L.C.A. Convention, Winona Lake, Indiana, 1924 tcagentZ011
Men and women at Twenty Fourth Annual Banquet of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua Associations, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 9, 1926 tcagentZ012
Men and women outdoors at Chautauquans Five Day Atlantic Circuit, Lexington, Kentucky, June 25, 1927 tcagentZ013
Men, women, and children posing outdoors at Twenty-fifth Annual Convention, The International Lyceum & Chautauqua Association, Winona Lake, Indiana, September 1927 tcagentZ014
Men, women, and child posing outside White House during Conference of International Lyceum & Chautauqua Association during visit to President Harding, Washington, D.C., December 9, 1922 tcagentZ015
Cartoon sketch to Dr. William A. Colledge from Alton Packard, ca. 1910s tcident059
Men and women posing in a group outdoors, ca. 1920s tcunident133
Men and women posing in group outdoors, ca. 1920s tcunident134