PUBLISHER : International Book Company, New York, about 1890? 1891?

"Other satellites were formed and spun off from the giant Lovell organization [circa 1892]. At the trust's headquarters on Worth Street, the Wayside Publishing Co. was in business; elsewhere the Seaside Publishing Co. and the National Book Company, whose president was another Lovell brother, Edward, flourished, specializing in new copyright fiction by popular authors. There was the International Book Company, on Waverly Place, with the supersalesman John Hovendon in charge, until he bought it and restyled it the Hovenden Company." Tebbel II:350.

This firm was related to John Lovell's United States Book Company and to the short-lived Frank F. Lovell Company. See the latter's page for the same binding shown here (in blue cloth).

Hovendon, John, publisher, 156 5th av, R917 h JC is listed in Trow's General Directory of the Boroughs of Manhattan & Bronx City of New York, New York for 1910. New York: Trow Directory, Printing & Binding, Co., 1909.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY International Book Company :

17 and 19 Waverly Place, nd, 125x190mm, 369p. Red cloth stamped black. "Aldine Edition" on spine, "I liber atque doce" on top board, "Hovendon Company" stamped at foot of spine. Spine title panel stamped gold. Plain endsheets. Paper of extremely poor quality. E&SH.













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