PUBLISHER : A. Lovell Company, New York, 1890s?

This seems to be one of several companies spun off by John Wurtele Lovell in the early 1890s. It was apparently short-lived, and nothing more has been learned about it. It seems to have links to the Parker P. Simmons and Walter Scott companies.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY A. Lovell Company:
No copies with this imprint have been reported.

1891-1894 PTLA: A. Lovell (New York). The Canterbury Poets, edited by William Sharp. A new comprehensive edition of the poets. Square 12mo, Uncut, 40 cents; Limp Mor., $1.75; Padded Grained Mor., $2.00; Half Mor., $1.50; Also Sets of above, 2 vols. in paper box, cloth, gilt, the Set, $1.00. Also in cloth, gilt stamp and edges, 75 cents per volume.... Owen Meredith (Earl of Lytton). Selected, with Introduction, by M. Betham-Edwards.

1892 PTLA: as 1891. [3 East 14th Street].

....... No copies have been reported.  Hurst published a Canterbury Poets series in the 1890s, and it may have been this edition A. Lovell Company stocked and sold.

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