PUBLISHER: Parker P. Simmons, New York, Chicago & Boston, 1905? - 1920+?

ABOUT: The 1905 PTLA catalog for the firm identifies it at 3 East 14th Street, New York, successors to A. Lovell & Co., with additional offices in Chicago and Boston. The 1890 New York directory lists Simmons, Parker P., salesman, h 337 Laf av; 1911 Boston directory: Simmons, Parker P., publisher, 120 Boyston rm 216 h at New York; 1917 Polk’s New York directory: Simmons Jno S. pres Parker P. Simmons Co h 521 W 185th; Simmons Parker P. Co. Inc (NY) Jno S. Simmons pres,  Allen Peckham v-p pubs 112 E 19th; Simmons, Parker P Co Inc 112 E 19th; 1920 Polk’s New York directiory Simmons Anna  (wid Parker P.) h 610 W 141st  St.;  Simmons Parker P Co Inc. (NY) Jno S. Simmons pres,  Allen Peckham v-p pubs 112 E 19th. The firm may also have some connection with A. Lovell & Co.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Parker P. Simmons : No copies of Lucile or Meredith's Poems with this imprint have as yet been identified.

The 1912 United States Catalog lists Meredith's Poems. sel. with introd. by M. Betham-Edwards, 40c. [See Walter Scott Co.; is this perhaps same edition with another imprint?]. 1910-1915 PTLA catalogs list "Owen Meredith" as included in list of Canterbury Poets, 40c per Vol.

No copies have been reported with this imprint; Hurst published a Canterbury Poets series that might have been sold by Simmons?

Last revised: 20 June 2011