PUBLISHER: A. Lovell Company, New York, 1890s?

ABOUT: This seems to be one of several companies spun off by John Wurtele Lovell in the early 1890s. It was apparently short-lived, and nothing more has been learned about it. It seems to have links to the Parker P. Simmons and Walter Scott companies.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY A. Lovell Company. No copies with this imprint have been reported.

1891-1894 PTLA: A. Lovell (New York). The Canterbury Poets, edited by William Sharp. A new comprehensive edition of the poets. Square 12mo, Uncut, 40 cents; Limp Mor., $1.75; Padded Grained Mor., $2.00; Half Mor., $1.50; Also Sets of above, 2 vols. in paper box, cloth, gilt, the Set, $1.00. Also in cloth, gilt stamp and edges, 75 cents per volume.... Owen Meredith (Earl of Lytton). Selected, with Introduction, by M. Betham-Edwards.

1892 PTLA: as 1891. [3 East 14th Street].

....... No copies have been reported.  Hurst published a Canterbury Poets series in the 1890s, and it may have been this edition A. Lovell Company stocked and sold.

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