PUBLISHER: Donohue Brothers, Chicago, 1900

ABOUT: The relationship of this imprint to Donohue, Henneberry & Co. and to M.A. Donohue Company is not clearly understood from the few scraps of information available for it. It was addressed at 407-409 Dearborn, which seems to point to post-Donohue & Henneberry Company. It also appears to have flickered into and out of existance in one year, appearing in the Chicago Lakeside directories only in the year 1900. Finally, in her The Publishing History of Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1857-2002 (2008), Claire Parfait notes (page 163) that Donohue Bros. announced in the 1899 [U. S. Catalog:] Books in Print that it had succeeded W. L. Allison.

What seems in fact to have happened is that the firm of Donohue & Hennebery began to dissolve (for unknown reasons) during 1898-1899. Henneberry began to establish his own firm, The Henneberry Company opening in 1901 with an agressive line of newly designed reprint editons. Donohue -- perhaps more accurately the Donohue family -- reorganized first and briefly as Donohue Brothers, but by 1901 M. A. Donohue had gained control and the firm emerged as M. A.Donohue & Co..

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Donohue Brothers :

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Last revised: 12 April 2020