Ogood's Lucile mentioned in Harper's Magazine
New York. #381, 64, p.473 (February 1882)

"Editors Literary Record"

Few poems are more suggestive of pictorial embellishment than Owen Meredith's (Sir E. R. Bnlwer-Lytton) delightful narrative and dramatic poem Lucile, and few have been more worthily and ornately illustrated than the edition just published by Messrs. James R. Osgood and Co., of Boston. The poem abounds in graphic descriptions of grand or picturesque scenery and in highly dramatic incidents and sitrtations, and these, combined with the poet's exquisite conception of womanly beauty, purity, and power in the person of the heroine, afford numberless opportunities for the genius of the painter to vie with, or at least to suitably interpret, the genius of the poet. The illustrations comprise twelve superb full-page engravings and one hundred and fifty smaller ones, from drawings by Mary Hallock Foote, E. H. Garrett, E. P. Hayden, L. S. Ipsen, E. P. Lummis, Thomas Moran, J. E. Palmer, Granville Perkins, Jauies D. Smillie, A. R. Wand, W. P. Snyder, and other artists. The engravings are by A. V. S. Anthony, John Andrew and Son, T. Cole, W. B. Closson, W. J. Dana, W. J. Linton, W. H. Morse, N. Orr, G. C. Lowenthal, F. S. King, R. Varley, J. Karst, W. M. Tenny, and G. Kruell.

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