"The Book-Buyer's Guide." [James R. Osgood & Co. advertisement].
Scribner's Monthly (New York). XXII:6 (October 1881), back material.

A New Illustrated Lucile. --THE HOLIDAY BOOK OF THE YEAR. "LUCILE," the famous poem by Owen Meredith (Lord Lytton), was first published in 1860, since which it has passed through innumerable editions, in England and America . The twenty-first year of the perennial life of this melodious romance is signalized by its appearance in a superb illustrated edition, printed from new plates, and embellished with more than 160 wood­cuts, made by Anthony, Linton, and others, after drawings by Moran, Garrett, Smillie, Waud, Sheppard, Mary Hallock Foote, and other famous artists. This beautiful Fine-Art edition of "Lucile" forms an octavo volume of 330 pages, richly bound, with full gilt edges, in a neat box. The price is $6. In full morocco or tree-calf, $10. Certainly no poem of the present age has gained so great a popularity as this, and of the myriads of people who have been interested, entranced, and uplifted by the grace and purity of "Lucile," very many will welcome this new edition de luxe as worthy of its subject. High poetic and artistic merit herein combine to illuminate each other, and the result is a standard work of imperishable beauty.

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