Lady's Home Magazine, August 1860, 16, p125.

This is the title of a new poem running through a whole volume, by “Owen Meredith,” which has just appeared, and been republished by Ticknor & Fields. It is a story in rhyme, of considerable power and versatility, and indicates advancement in the author, who is, as it is known, a son of the novelist Bulwer. He takes a nom de plume that might better, now, be laid aside. The preface is addressed to his father in a commendable spirit. We should infer that the young poet had already seen something of life, and the dark side of character. His hero is an English Don Juan, and his career has its lessons – though not instructive in the higher moralities. The son inherits his father's talents, and if he has his father's persevering industry, the literary world will give him a pretty high place, in time.

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