Lucile Reviewed in Catholic World
58, issue 345 (December 1893), p364-367

P.J. MacCorry, "The Soul of a Book,"

... "In Memoriam" is "the shattered fragments of a Venetian sunset"."Fabiola" is "a frozen cascade tinged with a winter's moon"; “The Spy" is "the flash of a sword in the darkness"; and so on through the whole world of books.

Some are like the odor of beautiful flowers; some like perfume drifting from censers.

The "Divine Comedy" assails your senses like the triple extract of hot-house roses. "Lucile" bears with her the sweet, faint fragrance of new-mown hay. "Paul and Virginia" is a loose bunch of daisies and appleĀ­blossoms twined round a spray of willow; while the "Lost Paradise" is a basket of rare and extravagant flowers culled and artistically arranged by the skilled fingers of the botanist.

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