PUBLISHER : P. W. Ziegler & Co., Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.

This company, with offices in a variety of cities at different times, seems to have been primarily a distributor of books printed or published by other companies. It may not actually have had its name on copies of many of the books that it sold.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY P. W. Ziegler & Co.:
No copies with this imprint have as yet been discovered.

The 1902 United States Catalog records an address of 215 Locust Street, Philadelphia; 324 Dearborn Street, Chicago, and the fact that the firm offers Lucile (Cambridge classics). 50c; Red line ed. $1.25.

Hurst & Co. published a "Cambridge Classic" series for a long period on either side of 1902, so it may well be the case that Ziegler offered the Hurst volumes, not its own printing of Lucile.

Last revised: 9 September 2010