PUBLISHER: Winn & Hammond, Detroit, 1880s-1920s

Not much has yet been learned about this firm, but entries in the Detroit, Michigan City & Business Directory for 1890. (Detroit: R.L. Polk & Co., 1890) indicate that it was well established by this date.

Winn & Hammond (Henry R. Winn, George S. Hammond), Printers, Engravers, Book-binders and Blank Book Mnfrs, 152-156 Wayne. Tel 220. Winn, Henry R. (Winn & Hammond), h 120 14th av.

Named staff associated with the firm include: Ballamy Arthur R, printer, rms 82 Abbott; Bates John J, pressman, bds 221 21st; Brown Charles H, foreman printing dept, rms 280 Fort W.; Brown Mrs Charles H, proofreader, bds 280 Fort w.; Carroll James J, feeder, bds 81 Congress w; Connor John W, printer, bds 113 Howard; Dalzelle Frank W, bookbinder, bds s e cor Lewis and 1st; Dobson Charles U, bkkpr, bds 75 Orchard; Duggan John A, printer, bds 49 Rowland; Fuller Frank H, pressman, bds 106 Milwaukee ave; Fuller George E, printer, bds 41 Brady; Gagnier Wm A, porter, bds 263 21st; Graham Charies B. Printer, h 706 Mich av; Greiner Frederick jr, printer, h 209 Watson; Hall Edward S, feeder, bds 230 1st; Hammond George S, h 85 Willis ave; Harris Thomas C, paper roller, bds 71 Montcalm e.; Hayes Norman L, engineer, rms 61 Mich av.; Hurd Wm H, printer, h 58 Lewis; Johnson Charles C, printer, h 411 7th; Kearn George feeder, bds 491 Champlain; Kleinsmith Isaac, bookbndr, bds 287 Hastings; Knoercer Joseph, binder, bds 71 Croghan; Henry, printer, h 261 4th; Leavitt Wm S, feeder, bds 3 Columbia e.; Loersch Philip A, printer, bds 8 Jay; Longfield John G, foreman, h 606 12th; Luebner Charles E J, printer, h 699 Howard; Lueweke Herman F, printer, bds 300 Orleans; Matthie Wilfrid, printer, bds 50 Farrar; Maurer Charles, printer, bds 289 Wilkins; Miller Charles E, bookbndr, bds 91 Abbott; Moffit Hugh R, printer, h 325 16th; Palmer Wm J, printer, h 486 Lafayette av.; Pfeffer Fred A, feeder, bds 189 Adelaide; Pohl Richard C, foreman blank book dept, h 85 Piquette av.; Siewer Wm A, ruler, bds 76 Hamlin av.; Staub Wm H, printer, bds 66 Tillman av.; Stebens Fred, pressman, h 560 Croghan; Sullivan John, pressman, bds 152 Napoleon; Swaton Frank E, bookbndr, h 90 Calbour; Tegge Robert R, engraver, bd s 331 Jay; Thillman Gustav A, engraver, h 241 Orleans; Thompson Oliver L, bookbinder, bds 233 Orchard; Ulber Paul R, bkbinder, h 512 18th; Van Joseph, bkbinder, bds 306 Maple; Wideman Anthony J, bookbndr, h 176 Napoleon; Winstanley Gwendolin, bkbinder, bds 366 18th; Wright Miss Grace, stenographer, bds 211 Hancock ave.

Fewer staff are associated with the firm in the Detroit, Michigan City & Business Directory for 1910 (Detroit: R.L. Polk & Co., 1910), but the firm clearly continued to flourish. Winn & Hammond Company, G. A. Munch Pres and Treas, N. Munch V-pres, Charles E. Wilson Sec, Printers, Publishers and Binders, 152-156 Wayne. Tels Main 220. City 220. Barnes Wm M, printer, res Royal Oak, Mich.; Gamble Wm, C, printer, h 1429 Holcomb av.; Munch Geo A, pres and treas, h 149 Pine; Munch N, v-pres, bds 149 Pine; Shea Mamie, steno, bds 439 Hamilton av, St C Hts.; Wolpert Mathilde, clk, bds 407 Brewster.

On 10/19/2013 the HathiTrust database contained 58 records for Winn & Hammond representing 37 unique titles, most local (i.e., Detroit-related) documents. The earliest imprint is dated 1886, the lastest 1910. The distribution is: 1886=1; 1889=1; 1891=2; 1893=5; 1894=1; 1895=1; 1898=1; 1900=1; 1902=1; 1903=7; 1904=5; 1905=1; 1906=1; 1909=2; 1910=1. The bulk appear to be Civil War related; only a handful appear to be fiction or poetry. The University of Michigan Libraries catalog adds a few titles in the same time span. Lucile is not a recorded title.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Winn & Hammond :
NUC Pre-1956 records a Detroit Public Library Burton Historical Collection copy [NL 0594571; 379 pages]; DPL reports this copy has been rebound.

Other reported copies: A friend of the Project in early 2012 reported a copy in original gray cloth with two printed paper labels (the top with "LUCILE" and the lower with a W&H monogram). It has no frontispiece, a Winn & Hammond title page, and is 100x155mm in size ("Handy Volume" format) with 379 pages. The plates used to print the text were those with a running head of "Lucile" in a gothic type face used by Caldwell, Hurst, Mershon, and others. This copy has a presentation inscription dated 10/9/'13.

Last revised: 10 July 2014