PUBLISHER: Porter & Coates, Philadelphia, 1867-1895

ABOUT: ... publishers of cheap juveniles in series (especially those of Horatio Alger, Jr)... (Ashby/Stern). Founded as [Robert] Porter & Davis, 822 Chestnut Street in 1848; renamed [Robert] Porter & [Benjamin] Coates 1867; by 1891 the firm had moved to 900 Chestnut Street... Benjamin Coates had died in 1887; G. Morrison Coates, who had become a senior partner in 1869, died in 1893. Upon the retirement of Porter two years later, the firm was renamed Henry T. Coates & Company. In 1898 it moved to 1222 Chestnut Street....(DLB 49).

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Porter & Coates: 1884-1890 American Catalogue. ['87]. il. 12o. (Alta ed., no. 129).

1887 PTLA: 12mo. Cloth. Alta Editions. Illustrated. [$].75. / Alta Edition. Best Popular 12mos. Comprising 150 Vols. Of the most Popular and Best Selling Books. Each book bound in the handsomest manner, with a beautiful black and gold back stamp, ornamental side and silk ribbon marker.

1888-1880 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 162 Vols....
1890-1893 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 164 Vols....
1894 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 201 Vols....
1895 PTLA: as 1887... Retail at 50 Cents.

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NL 0594620 notes copies at Gonzaga University; Washington & Lee; both reported no longer held.

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