PUBLISHER: Norman L. Munro, New York, 1873-1921

ABOUT: In 1883 moved to 24-26 Vandewater Street; in 1888 Munro Library plates were sold to John W. Lovell. (DLB 49). Schurman includes some further information about this company, and Shove has three pages on Munro and the Riverside Library; see research tools.

1873---NORMAN MUNRO: Brother of George Munro, Norman worked for him until 1873 when he issued the New York Family Story Paper. This started a big feud with George who resented the competition. According to legend, the two men never spoke to each other after that. Operating under his own name, Norman started, "Munro's Library" and "Munro's Pocket Magazine". 1876 -- A fire destroyed his building. 1877-- He launched the "Riverside Library". The books were almost identical to George Munro's Seaside Library. 1879 -- Riverside Library was discontinued, unable to compete with more established series. 1884 -- Norman began "Munro Library". It did very well until George filed a law-suit against Norman. The courts ruled for Norman, claiming he had as much right to the name Munro as George did. 1888 -- Norman sold Munro Library (825 sets of plates and 1,500,000 books) to John Lovell for $250,000 and retired. Following an appendectomy, Norman died in 1896, the same year his brother George died. [ From Hyde Park Book Store, Boise, Idaho.]

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Norman L. Munro:

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