PUBLISHER : Lovell, Gestefeld & Company, New York, 1892-1894?

".... With the theosophist Ursula Gestefeld, Lovell organized a satellite firm in 1892, Lovell, Gestefeld & Company, which published occult, labor, and feminist books." (Stern). "Lovell had his own subsidiary, and as one might expect it was the most interesting. Lovell, Gestefeld & Co., the firm organized with his feminist friend, opened for business in August 1892 at 125 East Twenty-third Street, where, as their advertisement declared, 'in addition to their Miscellaneous and Standard Works, they will make a speciality of Occult, Metaphysical and Christian Science publications...' After Lovell's trust collapsed, it became the Gestefeld Library and Publishing Company, and then in 1896 its entire stock was bought by the Metaphysical Publishing Company." (Tebbel II:350).

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Lovell, Gestefeld & Company:
No copies of Lucile with this imprint have been reported.

1892 PTLA: Lovell, Gestefeld & Company. Meredith, Owen. Lucile. Paper. .30. .... Lovell's Literature Series. Desirable works of current and standard literature in a convenient and economical form. [Lucile is #79 at $.25].


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