PUBLISHER: Excelsior Publishing Co.

ABOUT: Somewhere in my notes is an attribution of one or more editions to a company of this name, although no actual copies with the imprint have as yet surfaced. There was, however, an Excelsior Publishing Co. in New York City 1884, which became the Excelsior Publishing House in 1885 and continued to submit catalogs to PTLA until 1913. Lucile is not listed in the catalogs for 1885-1897, 1899-1904, and the firm seems to have concentrated on self-help books of a kind not likely to have included poetry.

Also, the American News Company, Bay View Co., A. L. Burt Co., and the Rodgers Co. all, at one time or another, offered an Excelsior edition of Lucile, opening an opportunity for confusion between edition and company.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Excelsior Publishing Co.: No copies with this imprint are yet known.


Last revised: 8 August 2011