PUBLISHER: Chapman & Hall, London, 1830-present

ABOUT: Lucile's first publisher, the London firm of Chapman & Hall, founded in the first half of the 19th century and surviving into the 1930s, had a long working relationship with Ticknor & Fields, who brought out the first American edition a few weeks after the English edition appeared.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Chapman & Hall :

Known copies:

1860. 360p, 185mm. Printed by Clowes & Son. Green cloth, board stamped with ornate plate featuring tree motif, spine gilt. Wellesley College: NL0594576 inscribed "Respectfully presented to Her Royal Highness the Princess Frederick William of Prussia [i.e., Queen Victoria's oldest daughter] by the author", with her bookplate; University of Chicago; Huntington Library; Stanford NUC Supp NSL 0043398, cf. Harlan, p.267.

----. Red cloth stamped blind and gold as above. New York Public Library: Arents S1201.

----. Cloth, details not confirmed: University of Illinois NL0594576; Columbia; Yale NL0594576; Whitman College NL0594576.

----. Green goatskin, gold tooled. University of Rochester: inscribed "Respectfully presented to Her Royal Highness the Princess Frederick William of Prussia [i.e., Queen Victoria's oldest daughter] by the author", with her bookplate.

----. Goatskin: Brigham Young: stamp differs from Rochester copy.

----. Purple goatskin. Cornell: signed under dentelle "Morrell, Binder". Marbled paper endsheets but original yellow glazed flyleaf retained, inscribed "[W. Thos.?] Blane, 1861 / A Souvenir of Woodlands-".

----. Rebound: University of Texas Austin, HRHRC; University of California Riverside.

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1861. Second Edition. Quarter calf, ex libris.

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1867."New Edition" of the "Poetical Works" in two volumes -- Lucile is volume II -- is identified as "third edition" at the head of the preface. Click the "Texts" tab above to explore the substantial nip-and-tucking Meredith did for this edition.

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1868. First illustrated edition with 24 DuMaurier illustrations. Westley binding ticket inside rear boards.

----. Cloth stamped green and black, but floral tools have been added to circles on board frame, spine stamps changed, and "LUCILE / BY / OWEN MEREDITH" is stamped inside frame. University of British Columbia.

----. Green cloth, board stamped black only, without smaller decorative stamps, spine gilt but simplified. University of North Carolina: bookplate of Derek Pepys Whiteley; New York Public Library NL0594582.

----. University of Virginia: rebound in later, now deteriorated, half calf with marbled sides; a second copy with binder's stamp of Root & Son.

----. University of Illinois: details not confirmed; NL 0594582 University of Vancouver is lost; Bancroft rebound.

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1876. 110x170mm, 320p. Half-title reads "Robert Lord Lytton's Poetical Works / Vol. III." Advertisement reads "Uniform with Fables in Song, v.1 & v. 2, Lucile, The Wanderer, and Poems Historical & Characteristic." Green cloth stamped black, spine title and imprint gilt. Cornell; Brigham Young. This is cataloged by Cornell and others as the "third edition," and the preface that appears in the 1867 "New Edition" reappears here and in the 1893 Longmans, Green edition as from the "Collected Edition." It has yet to be confirmed, but it is likely this edition (presumably the fifth) first appeared in a Chapman & Hall edition described as containing five volumes: 1-2 Fables in Song; 3 Lucile; 4 The Wanderer & Other Poems; 5 Poems, Historical and Characteristic. Each volume is reported to have a special title page.

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