Readers new to this page are advised to first read the general introduction to The Reference Catalogue of Current Literature.




The Reference Catalogue continues to show an increase in size consequent on a substantial output of books published during the last four years.

Important improvements have been made in this year's issue:-

The binding has been materially strengthened to stand the wear and tear of four years' use.

The issue can be obtained not only in the usual three volumes, but in five; making it handier for use.

Lettering, on the face of the volumes containing the publishers' catalogues, makes it eaay to demarcate the particular catalogues at sight.

The Index volume has been done in two sections: an Author Index, and an Index of Titles, against which the price of the book has been entered. We think this will be found very much more useful. Unfortunately, there are important technical difficulties in carrying the separation out, causing delay both to the printers and to the editorial and sorting staff. It remains to be proved whether the scheme is considered indispensable. When it is recognized that the Oxford University Press catalogue (to take only one) necessitates 25,000 slips to be written and arranged with approximately a quarter of a million others, the magnitude of an error by which an "author" becomes mixed with a "title" entry will be realized; as, perhaps, out of proportion to the whole.

Time, so essential in keeping a schedule, is wasted; unless the separate author and separate title index is wanted. We have supplied it in response to requests.

A list of contributors and advertisers will be found appended with their telegraph and telephone numbers verified, for this issue.

The Editor begs to thank publishers for their care in making up their early catalogue lists and for prompt deliveries of finished issues. As usual, Messrs. Unwin Brothers have materially contributed to the success of the undertaking by careful proof-reading. The work this year, more onerous than we ever recall, bas been substantially eased by the loyal co-operation of the sorting staff, without the ungrudging work of which the publication could never have appeared to time.

The Index volume contains 1,648 pages against 1,470 of the 1928 issue, making roughly 16,250 more entries of a more informative character.

I2 WARWICK LANE, E.C.4. 1932.


Allan, Phillip, & Co. (Limited). Quality House, 69 Great Russell Street, W.C.1
Allen, Geo., & Unwin (Limited), 40 Museum Street, W.C.1
Allenson, H. R. (Limited), Racquet Court, Fleet Street, E.C.4
American Book Supply Co. (Limited), 86 Strand, W.C.2
Angus & Robertson (Limited), 89 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia (Australian Book Company, London)
Anthroposophical Publishing Co., 46 Gloucester Place, W.I
Appleton, D., & Co., 34 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, W.C.2
Architectural Press (Limited), 9 Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.1
Arnold, Edward, & Co., 41-43 Maddox Street, W.1
Arnold, E. J., & Son (Limited), Butterley Street, Hunslet Lane, Leeds
Arrowsmith, J. W. (London) Ltd., 57 Gower Street, W.C.1
Athletic Publications, Ltd. (see Link House Publications) Atlantis Press, 7 Carlisle Avenue, E.C.3. (adv) Vol. I.ii
Bagster, Samuel, & Sons (Limited), 1S Paternoster Row, E.C.4.
Bailey Bros. (Limited), Clarendon Buildings, Ronalds Road, Highbury, N.5.
Bailliere, Tindall & Cox, 7-8 Henrietta Street, W.C.2.
Bain, A. W., & Co. (Limited), 17-19 Bishop's Road, E2. (adv) Vol.
Baker (Thomas), 72 Newman Street, W.1.
Bale (John), Sons & Danielsson (Limited), 83-91 Great Titchfield Street, W.1.
Batsford, B. T. (Limited), 15 North Audley Street, W.1.
Baxendine, Andrew, & Sons, 14-15 Chambers Street, Edinburgh. (adv) Vol.1.iii.
Bazaar, Exchange & Mart (Limited); see Link House Publications.
Bell, G., & Sons, Ltd, York House, Portugal Street, W.C.2.
Benn (Ernest), Limited, Bouverie House, 154 Fleet Street, E.C.4.
Berry, A. G. (see David Nutt)
Black, A. & C. (Limited), 4, 5 & 6 Soho Square, W.1.
Blackie & Son (Limited), 17 Stanhope Street, Glasgow & 50 Old Bailey, E.C.4.
Blackwell, Basil, & Mott, Ltd., 49 Broad Street, Oxford.
Blackwood, Wm., & Son (Limited), 45 George Street, Edinburgh & 37 Paternoster Row, E.C.4.
Bles, Geoffrey, 22 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, S.W.1.
Bowes & Bowes, 1-2 Trinity Street, Cambridge.
Browne & Nolan (Limited), 41-42, Nassau Street, Dublin & 1S Red Lion Passage, Holborn, W.C.1.
Bryce, W, J., 41 Museum Street, W.C.1.
Burns, Oates & Washbourne (Limited), 43-45, Newgate Street, E.C.1.
Burrow, Ed. J., & Co. (Limited), Imperial House, Cheltenham & 125-26, Strand, W.C.2.
Butterworth, Thornton (Limited), 15 Bedford Street, W.C.2
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and Fetter Lane, E.C.4
Cape, Jonathan, LTD., 30, Bedford Square, W.C.1
Carey Press, 19 Furnival Street, E.C.4.
Cargate Press, 7 Carlisle Avenue, E.C.3. (adv) Vol. I.iv.
Cassell & Co. (Limited), La Belle Sauvage, E.C.4.
Cayme Press (Limited) (see Humphrey Toulmin).
Chambers, W. & R., Ltd., Edinburgh & 38 Soho Square, W.1.
Channing Press (see Studies Publications).
Chatto & Windus, 97-99 St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.2.
Christophers, 22 Berners Street, W.1.
Church Book Room, 7 Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, E.C.4.
Church Missionary Society, 6 Salisbury Square, E.C.4.
Churchill, J. & A., 40 Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W.1.
Clark, T. & T., 38 George Street, Edinburgh.
Clarke, James, & Co., Ltd., 9 Essex Street, Strand, W.C.2.
Collins, Wm., Sons & Co. (Limited), 48 Pall Mall, S.W.1.
Constable & Co. (Limited), 1O & 12 Orange Street, W.C.2.
Cornish, James & Sons, 328 High Holborn, E.C.
Country Life, Ltd., 20 Tavistock Street, W.C.2
Covenant Publishing Co. (Limited), 6 Buckingham Gate, S.W.1.
Daniel, The C. W., Company, 46 Bernard Street, W.C.1.
Davies, Peter (Limited), 30 Henrietta Street, W.C.2.
Deane, H. F. W., & Sons (see The Year Book Press, Ltd.).
De La More Press (see Alexander Moring).
Dent, J. M., & Sons, Ltd., 10-13, Bedford Street, W.C.2.
Dobell, P. J. & A. E., 8 Bruton Street, W.1.
Douglas, Noel (Proprs.) Williams & Norgate (Limited), New Ruskin House, 28-30 Little Russell Street, W.C.
Dryad (Limited), 42 St. Nicholas Street, Leicester.
Duckworth, Gerald, & Co., Ltd., 3 Henrietta Street, W.C.2.
Dulau & Co. (Limited), 32 Old Bond Street, W.1. (adv) Vol. I.v.
Edinburgh House Press, 2 Eaton Gate, S.W.1.
Efficiency Magazine, 87 Regent Street, W.1.
Epworth Press, 25-35, City Road, E.C.1.
Evans Brothers, Montague House, Russell Square, W.C.1.
Eyre & Spottiswoode (Publishers) (Limited), 6 Great New Street, E.C.4.
Faber & Faber (Limited), 24 Russell Square, W.C.1.
Favil Press, 152 Church Street, Kensington, W.8. (adv) Vol.
Fieldhouse, Arthur, P.O. Box A27, Huddersfield, Yorks. (adv) Vol. I.vii.
Foyle, W. & G. (Limited), 121 Charing Cross Road, W.C.2.
Fronto (Limited) (see Grant Richards).
Gall & Inglis, 13 Henrietta Street, Strand, W.C.2. & 12 Newington Road, Edinburgh.
Gardner, Alexander (Limited), 11 Dyers' Wynd, Paisley, Scotland.
Gee & Co. (Publishers) (Limited), 8 Kirby Street, E.C1.
Gill, M. H., & Sonn, Ltd., 50 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin.
Ginn & Co. (Limited), 7 Queen Square, Southampton Row, W.C.1.
Goldston, Edward (Limited), 25 Museum Street, W.C.1. (adv) Vol. I:viii.
Gowans & Gray (Limited), 58, Cadogan Street, Glasgow & 5 Robert Street, Adelphi, W.C.2.
Grant & Murray (Limited), 126 Princes Street, Edinburgh.
Grant, John, 31-34, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.
Grayson & Grayson (Limited), 66 Curzon Street, W.1.
Griffin, Charles, & Co. (Limited), 42 Drury Lane, W.C.2.
Groom (Forster), & Co. (Limited), 13 Whitehall, S.W.1. (adv) Vol. I.ix.
Gurney & Jackson, 33 Paternoster Row, E.C.4.
Hachette & Co., 18 King William Street, Charing Cross, W.C.2.
Halton & Co. (Limited), 57 Haymarket, S.W.1.
Hamilton, John (Limited), 32 Bloomsbury Street, W.C.1.
Hamilton, Hamish. (Limited), 90 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
Hammond, C. A., 3-4 London House Yard, E.C.4.
Harper & Brothers, 90 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
Harrap, George G., & Co. (Limited), 39-41 Parker Street, Kingsway; W.C.2.
Heath Cranton (Limited), 6 Fleet Lane, E.C.4.
Heffer, W., & Sons (Limited), 3-4 Petty Cury, Cambridge.
Heinemann, William (Limited), 99 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
Heywood, John (Limited), 121 Deansgate, Manchester.
Higer, Adam (Limited), 98 King's Road, Camden Road, N.W.1. (adv) Vol. I.x.
Hill, Leonard (Limited), 231-32 Strand, W.C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xi.
Hill, Leopold B., 101 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
Hirschfield Brothers (Limited), 260 High Holborn, W.C.1 (adv) Vol. I.xii.
His Majesty's Stationary Office, Cornwall House, Stamford Street, S.E.1.
Hodder & Stoughton (Limited), Warwick Square, E.C.4.
Hodge, Wm., & Co. (Limited), 12 Bank Street, Edinburgh & 69-70 Aldersgate Street, E.C.1.
Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, W.C.1.
Homeland Association (Limited), 37-38 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, W.C.2.
Homoeopathic Publishing Co., 12 Warwick Lane, E.C.4.
Hopkinson, Martin (Limited), 23 Soho Square, W.1.
Houghton Publishing Co., 35 Great Pulteney Street, W.1. & Regent House, Regent Street, W.1.
Howe, Gerald (Limited), 23 Soho Square, W.1.
Hunter & Longhurst (Limited), 9 Paternoster Row, E.C.4. (adv) Vol. I.xiii.
Iliffe & Sons (Limited), Dorset House, 20 Tudor Street, E.C.4.
Independent Labour Party, Lanark House, Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, N.4.
Independent Press (Limited), Memorial Hall, E.C.4.
Jack, T. C. & E. C., now Nelson.
Jackson (William), & Co. (Limited) (see Joiner & Steele).
Jackson, Wylie & Co., 73 West George Street, Glasgow, C.2.
Jarrold & Sons (Limited), London Street, Norwich
Jaschke, Richard, 52 High Street, W.C.2.
Jenkins, Herbert (Limited), 3 York Street, St. James's, S.W.1.
Johnston, W. & A. K. (Limited), Edina Works, Easter Road, Edinburgh.
Joiner & Steele (Limited), 18 Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. 4. (adv) Vol. I.xiv.
Jordan & Sons (Limited), 116-18 Chancery Lane, W.C.2.
Kennerley (Morley & Mitchell, Jr.), 22 Essex Street, W.C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xv.
Kidd, William, & Sons, 7 Whitehall Street, Dundee. (adv) Vol. I.xvi.
Kimpton, Henry, 263 High Holborn, W.C.1. (adv) Vol. I.xvii.
King, P. S., & Son, Ltd., 14 Great Smith Street, S.W.1.
Kingsgate Press, 4 Southampton Row, W.C.1.
Lane, John, The Bodley Head (Limited), Vigo Street, W.1.
Laurie, T. Werner (Limited), 24-26 Water Lane, Blackfriars, E.C.4.
Lawrence, Martin (Limited), 26 Bedford Row, W.C.1.
Lewis, H. K., & Co., Ltd., 136 Gower Street, W.C.1.
Library Association, 26-27 Bedford Square, W.C.1. (adv) Vol. I.xviii.
Lindsey Press, 5 Essex Street, Strand, W.C.2.
Link House Publications, Ltd., Link House, Holborn, E.C.1.
Lippincott, J. B.; & Co., 16 John Street, Adelphi, W.C.2.
Literary Year Books Press (Limited), 67 Dale Street, Liverpool. (adv) Vol. I.xviii.
Livingstone, E. & S., 16-17 Teviot Place, Edinburgh.
Livingstone Press, 42 Broadway, Westminster, S.W.1.
Lockwood, Crosby, & Son, 7 Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.4.
Locomotive Publishing Co. (Limited), 3 Amen Corner, E.C.4. (adv) Vol. I.xix.
Longmans, Green & Co. (Limited), 39 Paternoster Row, E.C.4 & Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto.
Low (Sampson), Marston & Co. (Limited), 100 Southwark Street, S.E.1.
Luzac & Co., 46 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
McDougall's Educational Co. (Limited), 8 Farringdon Avenue, E.C.4.
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. (Limited), Aldwych House, Aldwych, W.C.2.
MacKay, Eneas, 44 Craigs, Stirling.
MacLaren, Alex., & Sons, 268 Argyle Street, Glasgow, C.2.
Maclehose, Alexander, & Co., 58 Bloomsbury Street, W.C.1 (adv) Vol. I.xx & xxi.
Macmillan & Co., Ltd., St. Martin's Street, W.C.2.
Manchester University Press, 23 Lime Grove, Oxford Road, Manchester.
Marlborough, E., & Co., Ltd., S1-52 Old Bailey, E.C.4.
Mathews (Elkin) & Marrot (Limited), 54 Bloomsbury Street, W.C.1.
Medici Society (Limited), 7 Grafton Street, W.1.
Meiklejohn & Son (Limited), 11 Paternoster Square, E.C.4.
Methuen & Co. (Limited), 36 Essex Street, W.C.2.
Milford, Humphrey (see Oxford University Press).
Mills & Boon (Limited), 50 Grafton Street, W.1.
Moring, Alexander (Limited), 2A Cork Street, W.1.
Mowbray, A. R., & Co. (Limited), 28 Margaret Street, W.1.
Murby, Thomas, & Co.; 1 Fleet Lane, Ludgate Circus, E.C.4.
Murray, John, 50 Albemarle Street, W.1.
National Sunday School Union, 57-59 Ludgate Hill, E.C.4.
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons (Limited), 35-36 Paternoster Row, E.C.4 & Edinburgh, Paris, New York, Toronto.
New-Church Press (Limited), 20 Hart Street, W.C.1.
Newnes, George, (Limited), 8-11 Southampton Street, Strand, W.C.2.
Nicholson, W., & Sons, 14 Paternoster Square, E.C.4. (adv) Vol. I.xxii.
Nicholson (Ivor) & Watson (Limited), 44 Essex Street, Strand, W.C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xxiii.
Nisbet, James, & Co. (Limited), 22 Berners Street, W.1
Northend, J. W. (Limited), 49 West Street, Sheffield. (adv) Vol. I.xxiv.
Nutt, David (A. G. Berry), 212 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.1.
Odhams Press (Limited), 85-93 Long Acre, W.C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xxv.
Oliver & Boyd (Limited), 33 Paternoster Row, E.C.4 & Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh.
Open Court Company, 86 Strand, W.C.2.
Over, George (Rugby) (Limited), 22 Market Place, Rugby.
Oxford University Press, Oxford & Amen House, Warwick Square, E.C.4.
Partridge, S. W., & Co. (see A. & C. Black, Ltd.).
Paul (Kegan), Trench, Trubner & Co. (Limited), 68-74 Carter Lane, E.C.4 & 38 Great Russell Street, W.C.1. (Oriental) (see Routledge).
Pearson, C. Arthur (Limited), 16-18 Henrietta Street, W.C.2.
Penton Publishing Co. (Limited), Caxton House, Westminster, S.W.1. (adv) Vol. I.xxvi.
Philip, George, & Son (Limited), 32 Fleet Street, E.C.4.
Pickering & Inglis, Glasgow, Edinburgh, & 14 Paternoster Row, E.C.4.
Pilgrim Press (see National Sunday School Union).
Pitman, Sir Isaac, & Sons (Limited), Pitman House, Parker Street, Kingsway, W.C. 2.
Planet Press, 36 Lexham Gardens, W.8.
Poetry Bookshop, 38 Great Russell Street, W.C.1. (adv) Vol. I.xxvii.
Porpoise Press, 133A George Street, Edinburgh (see Faber & Faber).
Probsthain, Arthur, 41 Great Russell Street, W.C.1.
Putnam's, G. P., Sons (Limited), 24 Bedford Street, W.C.2.
Quaritch, Bernard (Limited), 11 Grafton Street, W.1.
Rees, Hugh (Limited), 5-7 Regent Street, S.W.1.
Reeve, L., & Co. (Limited), Lloyds Bank Buildings, Bank Street, Ashford, Kent.
Religious Tract Society, 4 Bouverie Street, E.C.4.
Richards, Grant (Fronto Limited), 8 Regent Street, S.W.1.
Richards Press (Limited), 90 Newman Street, W.1.
Rivington & Co., 34 Ring Street, Covent Garden, W.C.2.
Robertson & Mullens (Limited), Melbourne & Thanet House, Strand, W.C.2.
Routledge, George, & Sons (Limited), Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane, E.C.4.
Russell, Herbert, 35-36 Temple Chambers, Victoria Embankment, E.C.4.
St. Bride's Press (Limited), 14 Bride Lane, E.C.4.
Sands & Co., 15 King Street, Covent Garden, W.C.2., Edinburgh & Glasgow.
Sanitary Publishing Co. (Limited), 8 Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane, E.C.4. (adv) Vol. I.xxviii.
Scribner's (Charles), Sons, 23 Bedford Square, W.C.1.
Secker, Martin (Limited), 5 John Street, Adelphi, W.C.2.
Seeley Service & Co. (Limited), 196 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.2.
Sheed & Ward, 31 Paternoster Row, E.C.4.
Sidgwick & Jackson (Limited), 44 Museum Street, W.C.1.
Sifton Praed & Co. (Limited), 67 St. James's Street, S.W.
Simpkin Marshall (Limited), Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.4.
Smith, John, & Son (Glasgow) (Limited), 57 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xxix.
Society for Promoting Christen Knowledge, S.P.C.K House, Northumberland Avenue, W.C.2.
Societ for Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 15 Tufton Street, Westminster, S.W.1. (adv) Vol.
Sotheran, Henry (Limited), 43 Piccadilly; W.1.
Spon, E. & F. N. (Limited), 57 Haymarket, S.W.1.
Stanford, Edwards (Limited), 12-14 Long Acre, W.C.2.
Stevens, B. F., & Brown, Ltd., 28-30 Little Russell Street, W.C.1. (adv) Vol. I.xxxi.
Stockwell, Arthur H. (Limited), 29 Ludgate Hill, E.C.4 & Clevelands, Westgate-on-Sea.
Student Christian Movement Press (Limited), 58 Bloomsbury Street, W.C.1.
Studies Publications (Home and Abroad), 8 Breams Buildings, E.C.4.
Swedenborg Society Inc., 20 Hart Street, Bloomsbury Square, W.C.1.
Sweet & Maxwell (Limited), 2-3 Chancery Lane, W.C.2.
Talbot Press (Limited), 89 Talbot Street, Dublin.
Technical Publishing Co. (Limited), 8 Breams Buildings, E.C.4. (sdv) Vol. I.xxxii.
Theosophical Publishing House, 68 Great Russell Street, W.C.1. (adv) Vol I.xxiii.
Thornton, J., & Son, 11 Broad Street, Oxford.
Thynne & Co. (Limited), 28-30 Whitefriars Street, E.C.4.
Toulmin, Humphrey, 21 Soho Square, W.1.
Trade & Travel Publications (Limited), 14 Leadenhall Street, E.C.3. (adv) Vol. I.xlvii.
Tuck, Raphael, & Sons (Limited), Moorfields, E.C.2.
University of London Press (Limited), 10-11 Warwick Lane, E.C.4.
University of Wales Press Broad, University Registry, Cathays Park, Cardiff.
University of Witwatersrand Press, P.O. Box 1176, Johannesburg, S. Africa. (adv) Vol. I.xxxiv.
University Tutorial Press (Limited), Cambridge & High Street, New Oxford Street, W.C.2.
Unwin Brothers (Limited), Woking & Gresham Press, 10 St. Bride Street, E.C.4. (adv) Vol. I.lii.
Ward, F. J., 3 Baker Street, W.1. (adv) Vol. I.xxxv.
Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., Warwick House, Salisbury Square, E.C.4.
Warne, Frederick, & Co. (Limited), Chandos House, 1-4 Bedford Court, W.C.2.
Warren & Son (Limited), The Wykeham Press, 85 High Street, Winchester, Hants.
Waterlow & Sons, Ltd., 85-86 London Wall, E.C.2.
Watkins, John M., 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, W.C.2.
Watts, C. A., & Co. (Limited), 5-6 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.C.4.
Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. (Limited), 3 Paternoster Buildings, E.C.4.
Wheaton, A., & Co. (Limited), 143 Fore Street, Exeter.
Whitaker, J., & Sons (Limited), 12 Warwick Lane, E.C.4.
Williams & Norgate (Limited), 28-30 Little Russell Street, W.C.1. (see also Noel Douglas).
Wilson, Effingham (see Sir Isaac Pitman for address).
Windmill Press (see Heinemann).
Wishart & Company, 10 John Street, W.C.2. (adv) Vol. I.xxxvi-viii.
Witherby, H. F: & G., 326 High Holborn, W.C.1.
World Dominion Press, Founder's Lodge, Mildmay Park, N.1.
Wykeham Press (see Warren & Son, Ltd.).
Year Book Press (Limited). (Deane, H. W. F., & Sons), 31 Museum Street, W.C.1

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