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A WORD of explanation is due to Contributors and Subscribers, to account for the delay which has arisen in the issue of this edition of THE REFERENCE CATALOGUE of CURRENT LITERATURE. The usefulness of the volume to both buyers and sellers of books depends almost entirely on the completeness of its Index. It is sufficiently manifest that without the assistance of this key every reference would consume much time, even by those possessing a competent knowledge of Current Literature. It was, therefore, thought desirable to enlarge the scope of the Index to the widest possible extent consistent with the unpretentious character of the work, in the confident belief that additional usefulnes would more than atone for additional time expended in its preparation.

Many persons use the REF£RENCE CATALOGUE who have no special knowledge of books; casual book buyers, or junior assistants in the Trade, for example. An Index which might be sufficient for the experienced bibliopole would not afford much help to these. Instead, therefore, of adhering rigidly to one uniform plan, it was thought better to consider the case of each book separately, and index it under whatever head was most likely to furnish a ready clue. Some books consequently will be found under their subjects, others under their titles, and others, again, under their authors' names. In very many cases, books are entered under both subject and title, and, in special instances, under the author's name also. Every book mentioned in the following pages, with the exception of a few very late additions, may be found under one or more of these heads. The Index will thus furnish, even to those least familiar with books, a ready guide to the particular work they require, or to the entire range of current literature on the subject which interests them. It makes no pretensions to bibliographical excellence -- its aim is simply to be useful.

The volume will be found to contain Lists of the principal Publishers; the few who are absent must make their own explanations to the Trade.


Allen, George, Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent
Allen, William H., & Co., 13, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall
Asher & Co., 13 Bedford Street, Covent Garden (adv)
Bagster, Samuel, & Sons, 15 Paternoster Row
Barthes & Lowell, 14 Great Marlborough Street (adv)
Bell, George, & Sons, 4 York Street, Covent Garden
--- Bohn's Libraries
Bemrose & Sons, London & Derby
Bickers, Henry, & Son, 1 Leicester Square
Black, Adam & Charles, Edinburgh
Blackie & Sons, London & Glasgow
Bogue, David, 3 St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar Square
Bohn, Henry George, 18 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden (adv)
Book Society, The, 28 Paternoster Row
Bookseller, The, 12 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row (adv)
Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., Bouverie Street
Brear, Thomas, Bradford
Burns & Oates, 17 Portman Street
Butter, Henry, Educational Works (adv)
Cassell, Petter, Galpin, & Co., Belle Sauvage Yard
Chambers, W. & R., London and Edinburgh
Chapman & Hall, 193 Piccadilly
Chatto & Windus, 214 Piccadilly
Churchill, J. & A., New Burlington Street
Clarendon Press, Oxford and London
Clark, T. & T., Edinburgh
Clowes, W., & Sons, Limited, Charing Cross and Carey Street
Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co., Limited, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh
Cornwell, Dr., Educational Works (adv)
De La Rue, Thomas, & Co., Bunhill Row
Diprose & Bateman, Sheffield Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields
Eyre & Spottiswoode, Great New Street
Frowde, Henry, 7 Paternoster Row (adv)
Gardner, Alexander, Paisley
Gardner, Darton, & Co., 2 Paternoster Buildings
Gemmell, James, Edinburgh
Gent, L. C., 50 Edgware Road
Gill, W. H., & Son, Dublin
Goulden, Crewkeme (adv)
Griffin, Charles, & Co., Stationers' Hall Court
Griffin, James, & Co., Portsmouth (adv)
Griffith & Farran, St Paul's Church Yard
Groombridge & Sons, 5 Paternoster Row
Hall, J., & Son, Cambridge
Hand and Heart Office Publications
Heywood, Abel, & Son, Manchester (adv)
Heywood, John, London and Manchester
Hodder & Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row
Homeopathic Publishing Company, 2 Finsbury Circus
Houlston & Sons, 7 Paternoster Buildings
Hurst & Blackett, 13 Great Marlborough Street
Infield, Henry John, 160 Fleet Street
Isbister, William, Limited, 56 Ludgate Hill
Jack, Thomas C., Edinburgh (adv)
Jarrold & Sons, London and Norwich
Johnston, W. & A. K., London and Edinburgh
Johnston, Hunter, & Co., Edinburgh
Journal of Horticulture Office Publications (adv)
Kent, William, & Co., Paternoster Row (adv)
Kerby & Endean, 190 Oxford Street (adv)
Laurie, Thomas, Stationers' Hall Court
Layton, Charles & Edwin, 150 Fleet Street
Letts, Sons, & Co., Limited, 33 King William Street (adv)
Lippincott, J. B., & Co., London and Philadelphia
Lockwood, Crosby, & Co., 7 Stationers' Hall Court
Longmans & Co., Paternoster Row
Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 188 Fleet Street
Maclehose, James, Glasgow (adv)
Macmillan & Co., 29 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Machiven & Wallace, Edinburgh
Marlborough, E., & Co., 51 Old Bailey
Masters, Joseph, &, Co., 78 New Bond Street
Mowbray, Alfred Richard, & Co., London and Oxford
Murby, Thomas, 32 Bouverie Street
Murray, John, 50 Albemarle Street
National Temperance Publication Depot 337 Strand
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, London and Edinburgh
Nicholson & Son, Halifax
Nimmo, J.C., & Bain, 14 King William Strand (adv)
Nisbet, James, & Co., Berners Street
Norgate, Frederick, 7 King Street, Strand (adv)
Nutt, David, 270 Strand
Oliphant, William, & Co., {Robert Anderson), Edinburgh
Oxford University Press, 7 Paternoster Row (adv)
Parker, James, & Co., 6 Southampton Street, Strand
Passmore & Alabaster, 4 Paternoster Row (adv)
Paul, C. Kegan, & Co., 2 Paternoster Square
Philip, George, & Sons, London and Liverpool
Potts, Dr., Educational Works
Ramage & Co., 8 Warick Lane, Paternoster Row (adv)
Record Office Publications
Reeves & Turner, 196 Strand
Religious Tract Society, 56 Paternoster Row
Richardson & Sons, Derby (adv)
Rivers, George, Queen's Head Passage (adv)
Smith, C., & Son, 63 Charing Cross
Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Northumberland Avenue
Sonnenschein, W. Swan, & Allen, Paternoster Square
Sotheran, Henry & Co., Piccadilly
Spon, E. & F. N., 16 Charing Cross (adv)
Stanford, Edward, 55 Charing Cross
Stationery Trades Journal (adv)
Stevenson, Henry, & Son, Paternoster Row (adv)
Stock, Elliot, 62 Paternoster Row (adv)
Strahan, Alexander, & Co., Limited, Paternoster Row
Sullivan Brothers, Dublin (adv)
Sunday School Union, 56 Old Bailey
Suttaby, R. & A., Amen Corner (adv)
Thacker, William, & Co., 87 Newgate Street
Thornton, James, Oxford
Trubner, N., & Co., 57 & 59 Ludgate Hill
Van Voorst, John, Paternoster Row (adv)
Ward, Marcus, & Co., London and Belfast
Ward, Lock, & Co., Salisbury Square
Warner, John, & Sons, 27 Jewin Crescent (adv)
Waterlow & Sons, Limited. London Wall (adv)
Weldon & Co., Southampton Street, Strand (adv)
Wesleyan Conference Office, 2 Castle Street, Finsbury
Wheldon, John, 4 Paternoster Row
Whitaker, J., 22 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row
Whittingham, W. B., & Co., 91 Gracechurch Street (adv)
Wilson, Effingham, Royal Exchange
Woodall & Venables, Oswestry
Young, G. A., & Co., Edinburgh (adv)

Last revised: 2 March 2021