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THE cordial reception which greeted the appearance of THE REFERENCE CATALOGUE of CURRENT LITERATURE in 1874, and again in 1875 was a gratifying testimony to its usefulness both to Booksellers and to Bookbuyers. The Editor is encouraged to hope that the present issue will meet with no less approbation.

As originally projected, a General Index formed no part of the plan; but, as it was clear that half the usefulness of such a Catalogue depended upon the Index, one was prepared which the Editor thought would be sufficient for all practical purposes. It contained references to nearly Fourteen Thousand Books or Collections; but the general feeling of Subscribers was that, to render the Catalogue thoroughly useful, the Index should be complete, or nearly so. Accordingly, the Index prepared for the present issue is nearly three times the size of the first, and every book of consequence will be found therein. Generally, the books are entered under their subjects. Of some it has been thought necessary to give the title and the Author's name also, so that these appear in three places. The present Index contains about Thirty-two Thousand entries, and supplies a handy reference to Standard and Current Works in every branch of Literature.

A list of Pen Names is now for the first time prefixed to the Index. Those who by choice or occupation have frequently to consult a Catalogue will at once recognise the utility of this addition.

The List of Contributors to the Volume is larger than that to either of its predecessors--no fewer than One Hundred and Forty-five Publishers are represented by Catalogues or Advertisements. It is gratifying to note that the Irish Publishers have taken advantage of the Work; and to see Lists from the three chief Publishers in the United States, together with that of an eminent French House. The Volume contains the Catalogues of the principal Publishers in the United Kingdom; and it is owing to no lack of energy on the Editor's part that the list is not quite complete.


Allen, George, Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent
Allen, William H., & Co., 13 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall
Appleton, D., & Co., London and New York
Asher & Co., 13 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Bagster, Samuel, & Sons, 15 Paternoster Row
Bell, George, & Sons, York Street, Covent Garden
--- Bohn's Libraries
--- Educational Literature
Bemrose & Sons, London and Derby
Bentley, Richard, & Son, New Burlington Street
Bickers, Henry, & Son, 1 Leicester Square
Black, Adam & Charles, Edinburgh
Blackie & Sons, London and Glasgow
Blackwood, William, & Sons, London and Edinburgh
Bohn, Henry George, Henrietta Street (adv)
Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., Bouverie Street
British Workman (adv)
Burns, James, 15 Southampton Row
Burns & Oates, 17 Portman Street
Bush, H. J., Charing Cross (adv)
Butter, Henry, Educational Works (adv)
Butterworth, Fleet Street
Cassell, Peter, & Galpin, London, Paris and New York
--- List of Illustrated Works
Central School Depot, 22 Paternoster Row
Chambers, W. & R., London and Edinburgh
Chapman & Hall, 193 Piccadilly
Chatto & Windus, 74 & 75 Piccadilly
Clarendon Press, Oxford
Clark, T. & T., Edinburgh
Clowes, W., & Sons, Charing Cross and Carey Street
Collingridge, W., & Sons, Aldersgate Street (adv)
Collins, William, Sons & Co., London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh
Cornwell, James E., Manchester (adv)
Cornwell, Dr., Educational Works (adv)
Daldy, Isbisher, & Co., 56 Ludgate Hill
Davis, Dr. William, Educational Works (adv)
Dean & Son, 16a Fleet Street (adv)
De La Rue, Thomas, & Co., Bunhill Row (adv)
Douglas, David, Edinburgh
Duff, James, & Sons, London and Dublin
Dulau Co., 37 Soho Square
Edinburgh Printing & Publishing Company, Edinburgh
Frowd, Joseph, 53 Paternoster Row (adv)
Gall & Inglis, London and Edinburgh
--- Cruchley's Maps & Atlases
--- Hamilton's Musical Publications
Gardner, Alexander, Paisley
Gardner, W. Wells, 2 Paternoster Buildings
Gill & Sons, Dublin
Glaisher, William, 265 High Holborn (adv)
Goulbaud & Co., Bedford Street, Strand
Goulden, 12 Paternoster Row (adv)
Grattan, Marshall, & Co., Amen Corner (adv)
Griffin, Charles, & Co., Stationer' Hall Court
Griffin, J. & Co., Portsmouth (adv)
Griffith & Farran, St. Paul's Church Yard Court
Hankin, J. G., St. lves (adv)
Hardwick & Bogue, 192 Piccadilly
Harrison & Sons. 59 Pall Mall
Hatchards, 187 Picadilly
Heywood, Abel, & Son, Manchester and London
Heywood, John, Deansgate, Manchester
Hodder & Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row
Houlston & Sons, 7 Paternoster Buildings
Hunt, William, & Co., London and Ipswich
Jack, Thomas C., Edinburgh (adv)
Jarrold & Sons, London and Norwich
Johnston, W. & A. K., London and Edinburgh
Johnston, Hunter, & Co., Edinburgh (adv)
Kenmare Publications, Kenmare Co., Kerry
Kent, William, & Co., Paternoster Row (adv)
King, Henry S., & Co., 1 Paternoster Square
Knight & Co., 90 Fleet Street (adv)
Laurie, Thomas, Edinburgh
Letts, Sons, & Co. (Limited), 33 King William Street
Letts, Thomas, 72 Queen Victoria Street
Lippincott, J. B., & Co., London and Philadelphia
Little, P. T. & Co., London and Stratford (adv)
Lockwood, Crosby, & Co., Stationers' Hall Court
Lonley, F. E., 39 Warwick Lane
Longmans, Green, & Co., 39 Paternoster Row
Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 188 Fleet Street
Mack, William, London and Park Street, Bristol
Mackenzie, William, Glasgow (adv)
Maclehose, James, Glasgow (adv)
Macmillan & Co., 29, Bedford Street, Strand
M'Phun, William, Glasgow
Mame et Cie, Tours
Mansell, Joseph, & Co., 316 Oxford Street
Marlborough E. & Co., 51 Old Bailey
Marr, Downie, & Co., Glasgow (adv)
Marr, J. S., & Co., Glasgow (adv)
Masters, Joseph, & Co., 78 New Bond Street
Milner & Co., London and Halifax (adv)
Moxon, Arthur H., 21 Paternoster Row. (adv)
Mullan, William, & Son, London and Belfast
Murray, John, Albemarle 5treet
Myers, A. N., & Co., 15 Berners Street
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, London and Edinburgh
Nicholson & Son, Halifax
Nimmo, William P., London and Edinburgh
Nisbet, James, & Co., Berners Street
Norgate, Frederick, 7 King Street, Covent Garden (adv)
Oliphant, William, & Co., Edinburgh
Oxford University Press
Parlane, J. & R., Paisley
Parker, James, & Co., Oxford and 377 Strand
Partridge, S. W, & Co., 9 Paternoster Row
Passmore & Alabaster, 9 Paternoster Buildings (adv)
Philip, George, & Son, London and Liverpool
Plattnauer, J., 13 Paternoster Row (adv)
Potts, Dr., Educational Works
Records Office Publications
Religious Tract Society, Paternoster Row
Rivers, George, 13 Paternoster Row
Rivingtons, Waterloo Place (adv)
Roberts, Robert, Boston, Lincolnshire (adv)
Sangster, James, & Co., Paternoster Row (adv)
Scribner, Armstrong & Co., New York
Seton & Mackenzie, Edinburgh (adv)
Shaw, John F., & Co., 48 Paternoster Row
Smith, C., & Co., 63 Charing Cross
Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place
Smith, John RusselL, Soho Square
Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge
Songs Of Grace and Glory
Sotheran, Henry, & Co., Piccadilly
Spon, E. & F. N., 46 Charing Cross
Stevenson, Henry, & Son, Paternoster Row
Stock, Elliot, 62 Paternoster Row
Sullivan Bros., Dublin
Tegg, William, & Co., 12 Pancras Lane
Thornton, James, Oxford
Trubner, N., & Co., 57 & 59 Ludgate Hill
Unitarian Association, 5 Norfolk Street, Strand
Van Voorst, John, 1 Paternoster Row (adv)
Walker, William, & Sons, Otley
Ward, Lock, & Co., Salisbury Square
Ward, Marcus, & Co., London and Belfast
Washbourne, R., 18 Paternoster Row
Waterston, Sons, & Stewart, London and Edinburgh (adv)
Weldon & Co., Wine Office Court
Wesleyan Conference Office, 2 Castle Street, City Road
Whitaker, Joseph, Bookseller Office (adv)
Whittaker & Co., 13 Ave Maria Lane
Wilson, Effingham, Royal Exchange
Woodall & Venables, Owestry

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