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A LONG Preface to a big book would be inexcusable, but as this volume is not unlikely to be the first of a long series, some introduction is necessary, and the best introduction will be the relation of its history.

In the early part of the present year I received from Mr. Frederick Leypoldt, of New York, a copy of his recently published "Uniform Trade List Annual," a handsome volume of above sixteen hundred pages, containing the catalogues of numerous American publishers, printed specially for the purpose of being inserted in the work. A somewhat similar volume had been previously published by Mr. Howard Challen, of Philadelphia, but that gentleman, like many other original thinkers, does not appear to have been so successful as Mr. Leypoldt, who took up and improved upon the work of his predecessor.

The "Uniform Trade List" was, to me, a work of great interest I had long been a collector of catalogues, both American and English, but somehow it had been my general experience that just at the moment I had occasion to refer to a particular catalogue, that catalogue was not to be found. And this is the general experience of collectors, whether booksellers or bookbuyers. Here, then, in a convenient form, was a catalogue which, as far as the United States were concerned, saved me all further trouble. Herein was collected the lists of the Appletons, the Harpers, the Lippincotts, the Osgoods, and other well known houses, with the catalogues of publishers whose names had scarcely been heard in this country, and whose publications were entirely unknown. The unobtrusive simplicity of the plan was no inconsiderable merit; the book required no pushing; it told its own tale, and its usefulness was apparent to all.

It occurred to me that a similar work would be equally useful in this country, and this opinion was shared by most of the leading publishers, who expressed their willingness to aid in its production, and promised to prepare catalogues for the purpose. As is not unusual where the co-operation of many persons is required, some are found less diligent than others, and it happened that by the time when all should have completed their quota more than half had failed. This was hardly fair to those publishers who had punctually fulfilled their engagements, although in justice to some of the defaulters, it must be said that the delay rested rather with the printers than the publishers. Patience, united with a little gentle pressure, eventually succeeded, and all the catalogues were at last collected; but between the receipt of the latest and the earliest there was an interval of nearly two months.

Originally the intention was to prefix a few pages indicating the general contents of the volume, and in whose lists books of a particular character were to be found. This would have been a comparatively easy task, and I was pledged to nothing more. On reflection, however, it was clear that a volume of three thousand pages, containing the full titles of perhaps fifty thousand books, required something better than a mere table of contents, and that without a general index it would be deprived of half its value as a Reference Catalogue of Current Literature. I therefore determined to furnish such an Index as should include all the chief books, and all the collections; in some instances under the names of Authors, but generally under the Subjects. This portion of the work has greatly exceeded the contemplated limits, and contains the short titles of no fewer than 14,000 books. Yet, although apparently so copious, regret will be felt that it is not more perfect Even as it is, its preparation and printing has delayed the issue of the volume a month or six weeks -- a delay which, now that the cause has been explained, will, it is hoped, be considered a valid excuse.

J[oseph] W[hitaker]
London, 16th June, 1874.


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Allman, T. J., 463 Oxford Street
Asher & Co., 13 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Bagster, Samuel, & Sons, 15 Paternoster Row
Barthes & Lowell, 14 Great Marlborough Street, (adv)
Beavis, Alfred, 16 Paternoster Row, (adv)
Bell, George, & Sons, York Street, Covent Garden
Bell -- Educational Literature
Bell -- Bohn's Libraries
Bemrose & Sons, 10 Paternoster Buildings
Bentley, Richard, & Son, New Burlington Street
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Bush, Robert John, 32 Charing Cross, (adv)
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge -- Specimens of Bibles and Prayer Books
Cameron, John, 175 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, (adv)
Cameron & Ferguson, Glasgow and London
Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, London, Paris, and New York
Cassell -- List of Illustrated Works
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Lockwood -- List of Weale's Rudimentary Series
Lockwood -- List of Educational Works
Lockwood -- List of Popular Works
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Nutt -- List of Teubner's Greek and Latin Classics
Oxford Clarendon Press
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