1907 Publishers' Trade List Annual,
An Alphabetical Index of the Contents
Including Contributed Catalogues and Supplementary Lists

Abbatt, William, NY
Absolute Press, The, Brooklyn, NY
Acorn Press, The, Swarthmore, Pa
Allen, Lane & Scott, Phila
Altemus, Henry, Co., Phila
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Phila
American Antiquarian, The, Chicago
American Architect, The, NY
American Baptist Pub. Soc., Phila
American Book and Bible House, Phila
American Book Co., NY
American Code Co., NY
American Economic Assn. See Macmillan Co.
A.L.A. Publishing Board, Boston
American Swedenborg Printing & Pub. Soc., NY
American Tract Society, NY
American Unitarian Association, Boston
Appeal to Reason, Girard, Ka
Appleton, D., & Co., NY
Armstrong, A.C., & Son, NY
Armstrong, Nelson, Redlands, Ca
Army and Navy Journal. See Church, W.C. & F.P.
Arnold & Co., Phila
Augsburg Pub. House, Minneapolis, Mn
Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Il
Austin Pub. Co., Rochester, NY
Bacon, E.H., & Co., Boston
Badger, Richard G., Boston
Bagster Bibles. See Pott, James, & Co.
Baird, Henry Carey, & Co., Phila
Baker & Taylor Co., The, NY
Baker, Voorhis & Company, NY
Bardeen, C.W., Syracuse, NY
Barnes, Arthur W., Denver, Co
Barnes, A.S., & Co., NY
Barnum, Thomas R., New Haven, Ct
Bartlett, George M., Ann Arbor, Mi
Bates & Guild Co., Boston
Bell, George, & Sons. See Macmillan Co.
Benziger Brothers, NY
Berger Pub. Co., Buffalo, NY
Bible Institute Colportage Assn., The, Chicago
Bible Training School, S. Lancaster, Ma
Black, Adam & Charles. See Macmillan Co.
Blakiston's, P., Son & Co., Phila
Bloch Pub. Co., NY
Bobbs-Merrill Co., The, Indianapolis
Bohn's Libraries. See Macmillan Co.
Boname, L.C., Phila
Booth, E.R., Cincinnati
Bouton, J.W., NY
Bradley, Milton, Co., Springfield, Ma
Brentano's, NY
Brockett, E.J., E. Orange, NJ
Brooks, H.K., Chicago
Browning, George Wm., Clinton, NY
Bubier Publishing Co., Lynn, Ma
Buckles, F.M., & Co., NY
Burbank, A.S., Plymouth, Ma
Bureau of University Travel, Boston
Burnz & Co., NY
Burt, A.L., Co., NY
Caldwell, C. Russell, Staunton, Va
Caldwell, H.M., Co., Boston
Cambridge Press. See G.P. Putnam's Sons, Am. Agents
Casparian, Gregory, Floral Park, NY
Cassell & Company, Ltd., NY
Century Co., The, NY
Chatterton-Peck Co., NY
Chicago University. See University of Chicago Press
Church, W.C. & F.P., NY
Cincinnati, Order of the. See Olney, Geo. W.
Clarendon Press. See Oxford University Press
Clark, Myron C., Pub. Co., The, Chicago.
Clarke, Robert Co., The, Cincinnati
Coast Manual Pub. Co., Los Angeles, Ca
Coates, Henry T., & Co. See John C. Winston Co.
Colby & Co., S. Orange, NJ
Collins, William, Co., The. See John C. Winston Co.
Columbus Press, The, NY
Comstock, Wm. T., NY
Comstock Pub. Co., Ithaca, NY
Cooke, Robert Grier, Incor., NY
Cortina, R.D., NY
Cram, George F., NY
Crane & Co., Topeka, Kan
Crawley, Edwin S., University of Penn., Phila
Crowell, Thomas Y., & Co., NY
Crutch, Aaron, Litchfield, Conn
Cupples & Leon Co., NY
Darrow, E., & Co., Rochester, NY
Davis, F.A., Co., Phila
Dental Pub. Co., Brooklyn, NY
Dick & Fitzgerald, NY
Dillingham, G.W., Co., NY
Ditson, Oliver, Co., Boston
Dodd, Mead &, Co., NY
Dodge Publishing Co., NY
Domestic Engineering, Chicago
Doubleday, Page & Co., NY
Douthat, R.W., Morgantown, WVa
Drake, Frederick J., & Co., Chicago
Duffield & Co., NY
Dulany, Wm. J.C., Co., Baltimore
Dutton, E.P., & Co., NY
Eaton & Mains. See Methodist Book Concern
Edmunds, A.J., and Brix, Maurice, Phila
Educational Pub. Co., Boston
Edwards, Permelia, Spokane, Wa
Elder, Paul, & Co., NY
Eldredge & Brother. See Hinds, Noble & Eldredge
Electrical World and Engineer. See McGraw Pub. Co.
Ellis, George H., Co., Boston
Engineering Magazine Press, NY
Engineering & Mining Journal. See Hill Pub. Co.
Engineering News Pub. Co., NY
Equity Series, Phila
Eragny Press. See John Lane Co.
Estes, Dana, & Co., Boston
Eyre & Spottiswoode's Bibles, etc. See Thomas Nelson & Sons
Felch, R.P., Big Rapids, Mi
Fellows, Rev. S.N., Iowa City, Ia
Field and Fancy Pub. Co., NY
Financial Red Book Co., NY
Flanagan, A., Co., Chicago
Flinn, F.A., NY
"For the Empire" Publications. See Hills & Hafely Co.
Forbes & Co., Chicago
Forest and Stream Pub. Co., NY
Foster, Charles, Pub. Co., Phila
Foster & Reynolds, NY
Fox, Duffield & Company. See Duffield & Co.
Frowde, Henry. See Oxford Universiyy Press
Funk, W.R. See United Brethren Pub. House
Funk & Wagnalls Co., NY
Gas-Engine Pub. Co., The, Cincinnati
Ginn & Co., Boston
Goodspeed, Chas. E., Boston
Gorham, Edwin S., NY
Gorham Press. See R. G. Badger
Gospel Pub. House, NY
Grafton Press, The, NY
Graham, Andrew J., & Co., NY
Granniss, Anna Jane, Plainville, Conn
Griffin, Martin I.J., Ridley Park, Pa
Grosset & Dunlap, NY
Grout, A.J., Brooklyn, NY
Hammond, C.S., & Co., NY
Harbeck, Charles T., New York
Harison, Wm. Beverly, NY
Harper, Francis P., & Lathrop C., NY
Harper & Bros., NY
Hathaway, J.N., Chicago
Head, Cloyd J., & Co., Chicago
Heath, D.C., & Co., Boston
Henley, Norman W., Pub. Co., The, NY
Hepner, Adolf, St. Louis
Herder, B., St. Louis
Hill Pub. Co., NY
Hills & Hafely Co., NY
Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, NY
Hinrichs, John, Baltimore
Hollister, U.S., Denver, Co
Holman, A.J., & Co., Phila
Holt, Henry, & Co., NY
Hope Pub. Co., Chicago
Hossfeld Series. See John Lane Co.
Hough, Romeyn B., Lowville, NY
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston
Howard Press, The, Wash., DC
Howe, E.B., Wheaton, Il
Howe, F.S., Leominster, Ma
Hubbell Pub. Co., The, NY
Huebsch, B.W., NY
Hulbert, George S., & Co., NY
Hurst & Co., NY
Huston's Bookstore, Rockland, Me
Indo-American Book Co., Chicago
International Bibles. See Winston, John C., Co.
International Committee of Young Men's Christian Assn. See Y.M.C.A Press
Irish, Frank V., Chicago
Jacobs, Geo. W., & Co., Phil
Jenkins, Wm. R., Co., NY
Jennings & Graham. See Methodist Book Concern
Johnson, B.F., Pub. Co., Richmond, Va
Jones, Geo. W., Ithaca, NY
Judd, Orange, Co., NY
Kay Printing House, NY
Keener, W.T., & Co., Chicago
Kellogg, E.L., & Co. See A. S. Barnes & Co.
Keramic Studio Pub. Co., Syracuse, NY
Kerr, Charles H., & Company, Chicago
King, F.H., Madison, Wi
Kroeh, Prof. Chas. F., Stevens Institute, Hoboken, NJ
Laird & Lee, Chicago
Lane, John, Co., NY
Laughlin, Julian, St. Louis
Lea Bros. & Co., Phila
Lee & Shepard. See Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.
Lemcke & Buechner, NY
Life Pub. Co., NY
Lippincott, J.B., Co., Phila
Little, Brown & Co., Boston
Longmans, Green & Co., NY
Loring, Short & Harmon, Portland, Me
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., Boston
Low, A.H., Los Angeles, Ca
Luce, John W., & Co., Boston
Lutheran Augustana Book Concern. See Augustana Book Concern
Lutheran Pub. Society, Phila
Macbeth, William, NY
Macmillan Co., The, NY
McClure Co., The, NY
McClurg, A.C., & Co., Chicago
McDonough, Joseph, Co., Albany
McGraw Pub. Co., NY
McKay, David, Phila
McLoughlin Bros., NY
McVey, John Joseph, Phila
Magnum Bonum Co., Chicago
Manual Arts Press, The, Peoria, Il
Martins, C. See Princeton University Library
Maynard, Merrill & Co. See Charles E. Merrill & Co.
Meisterschaft Pub. Company, Boston
Merriam, G. & C., Co., Springfield, Ma
Merrill, Charles E. & Co., NY
Merrymount Press, The, Boston
Metcalfe, Wm. B., Lincoln, Neb
Methodist Book Concern, NY
Moffat, Yard & Co., NY
Moody Corporation, The, NY
Moore, Albert H., Cambridge, Ma
Moore, Joseph A., Boston
Morton, John P., & Co., Louisville, Ky
Mosher, Thos. B., Portland, Me
Mount Tom Press, Northampton, Ma
Munn & Co., NY
Murphy, John, Co., Baltimore
National Pub. Co., Phila
National School of Elocution and Oratory. See Penn Pub. Co.
Neale Pub. Co., The, Washington, DC
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, NY
Newson & Co., NY
Nichols, Isaac T., Bridgeton, NJ
Nunn & Co., Baltimore
Office of The Publishers' Weekly, NY
Ogilvie, J.S., Publishing Co., NY
Old Greek Press, The, Chicago
Old South Work, Directors of, Boston
Olney, Geo. W., NY
Open Court Pub. Co., The, Chicago
Orange Judd Co. See Judd, Orange, Co.
Outing Pub. Co., The, NY
Outlook Co. See Macmillan Co.
Oxford Bibles. See Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press, NY
Packard, S.S., NY
Page, L.C., & Co., Incor., Boston
Parsons, Morte, Seattle, Wa
Pattee, A.F., NY
Peabody Coal Co., Chicago
Penn Pub. Co., The, Phila
Personal Help Pub. Co., Des Moines
Phonographic Depot. See Pitman, I., & Sons
Phonographic Institute Co., The, Cincinnati
Pitman, Isaac, & Sons, NY
Pitman &, Howard. See Phonographic Institute Co.
Polley, George H., & Co., Boston
Popular Mechanics, Chicago
Pott, James, & Co., NY
Potterdon, C.M., Hawthorne, NJ
Power. See Hill Pub. Co.
Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, Phila
Preston & Rounds Co., Providence, RI
Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ
Procter Brothers Co., The, Gloucester, Ma
Promethean Pub. Co., Chicago
Public Publishing Co., The, Chicago
Public School Pub. Co., Bloomington, Il
Publishers' Weekly, The Office of, NY
Putnam's, G.P., Sons, NY
Railway Age, The. See The Wilson Co.
Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago
Reed, Geo. B. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Reilly & Britton Co., The, Chicago
Revell, Fleming H., Co., NY and Chicago
Richardson, Smith & Co. See Macmillan Co.
Riverside Press. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Roberts, Ellwood, Norristown, Pa
Robson & Adee, Schenectady, NY
Ronald Press Co., The, NY
Ropp, C., & Sons, Chicago
Rough Notes Co., The, Indianapolis
Routledge, George, & Sons. See David McKay and E.P. Dutton & Co.
Rutherford, Mildred, Athens, Ga
Salem Press Co., The, Salem, Ma
Sanborn, Benj. H., & Co., Boston
Saunders, W.B., Co., Phila
Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss, NY
Scientific American. See Munn & Co.
Scott, Foresman & Co., Chicago
Scott-Thaw Company, The. See Brentano's
Scrantom, Wetmore & Co., Rochester, NY
Scribner's, Charles, Sons, NY
Scribner, J.H. See Presbyterian Bd. of Pub.
Sears Investment Co., The, Boston
Shroy, John L., Phila
Sibley & Co., Boston
Sigma Pub. Company, St. Louis
Silver, Burdett & Co., NY
Simmons, Parker P., NY
Small, Maynard & Co., Boston
Smith, A.M., NY
Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge. See Edwin S. Gorham, Agent
Sower, Christopher, Co., Phila
Speaker Printing Co., Detroit
Spon & Chamberlain, NY
Sprague, Charles E., NY
Standard Dictionary Co., The, NY
Stanford University Bookstore, Stanford University, Ca
Stechert, G.E., & Co., NY
Steiger, E., & Co., NY
Stewart, Wm. H., Portsmouth, Va
Stokes, Frederick A., Co., NY
Stone, H.S., & Co. See Duffield & Co.
Stradling, J.M., & Co., NY
Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, NY
Sunday-School Times Co., The, Phila
Surdus Pub. Co., NY
Swarthmore College Press. See Acorn Press
Swedenborg's Works. See Am. Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society
Tapley, J.F., Co., NY
Taylor, A.R., Washington, DC
Taylor, C.F. See Equity Series
Taylor, Joseph H., Washburn, ND
Theosophical Pub. Co., NY
Thompson, Edward, Co., Northport, LI, NY
Thompson, Erwin W., NY
Thompson & Thomas, Chicago
Thrum, Thos. G., Honolulu, Hawaii
Towne, Elizabeth, Holyoke, Ma
Treat, E.B., & Co., NY
Truslove, Hanson & Comba. See John Lane Co.
Turner, H.B., & Co. See Small, Maynard & Co.
Twentieth Century Pub. Co., NY
United Brethren Pub. House, Dayton
U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md
Universal Pub. Co., Normal, Il
Universalist Pub. House, Boston
University of Chicago Press, Chicago
University Pub. Co., NY
Updike, D.B. See Merrymount Press
Vale Press. See John Lane Co.
Van Nostrand, D., Co., NY
Vedanta Society, The, NY
Vir Publishing Co., The, Phila
Volta Bureau, Washington, DC
Wall, Wm. E., Somerville, Ma
Warne, Frederick, & Co., NY
Warner, J.G., NY
Wessels, A., Co., NY and Brooklyn
West, Jas. H., Co., Boston
West Pub. Co., St. Paul, Mn
Western Methodist Book Concern. See Methodist Book Concern
Whittaker, Thomas, Incor., NY
Wilde, W.A., Co., Boston
Wiley, John, & Sons, NY
Williams, David, Co., NY
Willy, John, Chicago
Wilshire Book Co., The, NY
Wilson Co., The, Chicago
Winona Pub. Co., The, Chicago
Winston, John C., Co., The, Phila
Wood, Wm., & Co., NY
World Book Co., Yonkers, NY
Wycil & Co., NY
Year Book Publishers, The, Chicago
Young, E. & J.B., & Co. See Thos. Nelson & Sons
Young Churchman Co., The, Milwaukee
Y.M.C.A. Press

Last revised: 15 October 2010