1903 Publishers' Trade List Annual,
An Alphabetical Index of the Contents
Including Contributed Lists and Supplementary Advertisements

Abbatt, William, NY
Advance Pub. Co., Chicago
Allen, Lane & Scott, Phila
Alliance Pub. Co., NY
Allyn & Bacon, Boston, MA
Altemus, Henry, Co., Phila
Alwil Shop, Palisades, NY
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Phila
American Architect Company, Boston
American Baptist Pub. Soc., Phila
American Bible Society, NY
American Book Co., NY
American Code Co., NY
American Economic Assn. See Macmillan Co.
American Iron & Steel Assn., Phila
American News Co., NY
American Swedenborg Printing & Pub. Soc., NY
American Tract Society, NY
American Unitarian Association, Boston
Appleton, D., & Co., NY
Armstrong, A.C., & Son, NY
Arnold & Co., Phila
Atkinson, Wilmer, Co., Phila
Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Il
Badger, R.G., Boston
Bagster Bibles, See Pott, J., & Co.
Baird, Henry Carey, & Co., Phila
Baker & Taylor Co., The, NY
Baker, Voorhis & Company, NY
Banner of Light, Boston
Bardeen, C.W., Syracuse, NY
Barnes, A.S., & Co., NY
Barnes, Arthur W., Denver, CO
Barnum, Thomas R., New Haven, Ct
Bartlett, Alfred, Boston
Barton, F.M., Cleveland, O
Bates & Guild, Boston
Beam, Randolph R., NY
Bell, Howard Wilford, NY
Bell, George, & Sons. See Macmillan Co.
Benziger Brothers, NY
Bible Institute Colportage Assn., The, Chicago
Biddle, Drexel, Phila
Bigham & Smith, Agts. See Publishing House of Metho. Epis. Church, South
Biglow & Main Company, The, NY
Birchard, C.C., & Company, Boston
Bishop, Geo. R., NY
Black, Adam & Charles. See Macmillan Co.
Blakiston's, P., Son & Co., Phila
Bobbs-Merrill Co., The, Indianapolis, In
Bohn's Libraries. See Macmillan Co.
Boname, L.C., Philadelphia
Boston Book Company, The, Boston
Boston School Supply, Boston
Bradley, Milton, Co., Springfield, Ma
Brandt, Albert, Trenton, NJ
Brentano's, NY
Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Il
Brown Printing Company, Montgomery, Al
Browne, F. Lyman, NY
Bubier Publishing Co., Lynn, Ma
Buckles, F.M., & Co., NY
Burt, A.L., Co., NY
Butler, Sheldon & Co. See American Book Co.
Caldwell, H.M., Co., Boston
Cambridge University. See Macmillan Co.
Carey, Thomas J. & Co., NY
Carmen Book Companv, Providence, RI
Caspar, C.N., Co., Milwaukee, Wi
Cathedral Library Assn., The, NY
Catholic Book Exchange, NY
Century Co., The, NY
Chautauqua Press, Springfield, O
Chicago University. See University of Chicago Press
Clarendon Press. See Oxford University Press
Clark, C.M., Pub. Co., Boston
Clarke, The, Robert Co., Cincinnati
Clarke, W.B., Co., Boston
Coates, Henry T., & Co., Phila
Collins, Charles, NY
Comstock, W.T., NY
Comstock Pub. Co., Ithaca, NY
Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society. See Pilgrim Press
Conkey, W.B., Co., Chicago
Cook, Charles C., NY
Cortina, R.D., NY
Cram, George F., NY
Crane & Co., Topeka, Kan
Criterion, The, Davenport, Ia
Crowell, Thomas Y., & Co., NY
Cryptograph Company, Providence, RI
Cupples & Leon, NY
Cushing Co.,The, Baltimore
Darrow. E., & Co., Rochester, NY
Davis, F.A., Co., Phila
Dayton, Edwin W., NY
Denison, T.S., Chicago
De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., Boston
Dick & Fitzgerald, NY
Dillingham, G.W., Co., NY
Ditson, Oliver, Co., Boston
Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
Dodge Publishing Co., NY
Dominion Company, The, Chicago
Doubleday, Page & Co., NY
Doxey's. See G.A.S. Wieners
Drake, Frederick J. & Company. Chicago
Dramatic Pub. Co., Chicago
Draper, Warren F. & Co., Andover, MA
Drexel Institute, Philadelphia
Dulany, Wm. J.C., Co., Baltimore
Dutton, E.P., & Co., NY
Eaton & Mains. See Methodist Book Concern
Eckler, Peter, NY
Educational Pub. Co., Boston
Elder, Paul & Co., San Francisco
Eldredge & Brother, Phila
Electrical World and Engineer. See McGraw Pub. Co.
Ellis, George H., Boston
Engineering & Mining Journal, NY
Engineering Magazine, The, NY
Engineering News Pub. Co., NY
Equity Series, Phila
Estes, Dana, & Co., Boston
Excelsior Publishing House, NY
Eyre & Spottiswoode's Bibles, etc. See Thomas Nelson & Sons
Farrell, C.P., NY
Ferris & Leach, Phila
Fisher, H.W. & Co., Phila
Flanagan, A., Co., Chicago
Flinn, F.A., NY
Forbes & Co., Boston
Fords, Howard & Hulbert, NY
Forest & Stream Pub.Co., NY
Fortescue W.S. & Co., Phila
Foster & Reynolds, NY
Fowler & Wells Co., NY
Fox, Duffleld & Company, NY
Friends' Book Assoc. of Philadelphia
Frowie, Henry. See Oxford University Press
Funk, W. R. See United Brethren Pub. House
Funk & Wagnalls Co., NY
Ginn & Co., Boston
Ginn & Co., Trade Department
Globe School Book Co., NY
Goodspeed, Chas. E., Boston
Gorham, Edwin S., NY
Gospel Trumpet Pub. Co., The, Moundsville, WVa
Grafton Press, NY
Graham, Andrew J., & Co., NY
Graphology Pub. Company, NY
Hall A.C., Glencoe, Il
Hardy Pub. Co., The
Harper, Francis P., NY
Harper & Bros., NY
Harrison, Henry, Company, The, Providence, RI
Heath, D. C., & Co., Boston
Heidelberg Press, Phila
Helburn, William,, NY
Henley, Norman W., & Co., NY
Herbert Pub. Company, Washington, DC
Herder, B., St. Louis, Mo
Hinds & Noble, NY
Hints Publishing Company, NY
Hirsch, Adolph, NY
Historical Pub. Company, Toronto, Can.
Hobart Company, The, NY
Holman, A.T., & Co., Phila
Holt, Henry, & Co., NY
Home Publishing Co., The, NY
Home Pub. Company, The, San Francisco
Hough, Romeyn B., Lowville, NY
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston
Household Economics Co., Mount Vernon, NY
Huebsch B.W., NY
Humphrey G.W., Boston
Hurst & Co., NY
Industrial Pub. Company, NY
Insurance Publications. See The Spectator Co. and The Criterion.
International Bibles. See Winston, J.C., Co.
International Committee of Young Men's Christian Assn., NY
International Library Pub. Co., NY
Irish, Frank V., Chicago
Jacobs, Geo. W., & Co., Phila
Jamieson-Higgins Co. See Hurst & Co.
Jenkins, Wm. R., NY
Jennings & Pye. See Methodist Book Concern
Jewish Pub. Soc. of America, Phila
Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore
Johnson, B.F., Pub. Co., Richmond, Va
Judd, Orange, Co., NY
Kay Printing House, NY
Keener, W.T., & Co., Chicago
Kellogg, Andrew H.
Kellogg, E.L., & Co., NY
Kerr, Charles H., & Company, Chicago
Kimball, Ingalls, NY
Kirgate Press, The. Canton, Pa
Knight & Millet. See H.M. Caldwell Co.
Laird & Lee, Chicago
Lane, John, NY
Lea Bros. & Co., Phila
Leary, Stuart & Co.
Lee & Shepard, Boston
Lemcke & Bucchner, NY
Lentilhon & Co. See A. Wessels Co.
Lincoln Pub. Company, The, Shelton, Ct
Lippincott, J.B., Co., Phila
Little, Brown & Co., Boston
Longmans, Green & Co., NY
Lord, Wm. S., Evanston, IL
Loring, Short & Harmon, Portland, Me
Lothrop Publishing Co., Boston
Loux, C.W. See Carmen Book Co.
Lowdermilk, W.H., & Co., Washington, DC
Lutheran Augustana Book Concern. See Augustana Book Concern
Lutheran Pub. House, Decorah, Ia
Lutheran Pub. Society, Phila
McBride, D.H., & Co., NY
McClure, Phillips & Co., NY
McClurg, A.C., & Co., Chicago
McDonough, Joseph. Albany, NY
McGraw Pub. Co., NY
McKay, David, Phila
Macmillan Co., The, NY
McVey, John Joseph, Phila
Madison Book Company, The, Chicago
Malkan, Henry, NY
Marks, J.A., So. Hadley, Ma
Marquis, A.N., & Co., Chicago
Mason, W.L., NY
Massachusetts New-Church Union, Boston
Maynard, Merrill & Co., NY
Medical Pub. Company, The, NY
Meisterschaft Pub. Company, Boston
Merriam, G. & C., Co., Springfield, Ma
Merrymount Press, Boston
Methodist Book Concern, NY
Midland Pub. Co. See Anna C. Reifsnider Book Co.
Morse Co., The, NY
Morton, John P., & Co., Louisville, Ky
Mosher, Thos. B., Portland, Me
Munn & Co., NY
National Pub. Co., Phila
National School of Elocution and Oratory. See Penn Pub. Co.
Neale Pub. Co., The, Washington
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, NY
New Amsterdam Book Co., NY
New-Church Books. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
Newson & Co., NY
Noa, Frederick M., Boston
Occult Book Concern, The, NY
Office of The Publishers' Weekly, NY
Ogilvie, J.S., Publishing Co., NY
Old Greek Press, The, Chicago
Old South Work, Directors of, Boston
Open Court Pub. Co., The, Chicago
Orange Judd Co. See Judd, Orange, Co.
Outlook Company, The, NY
Oxford Bibles. See Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press, NY
Pacific Press Publishing Co., Oakland, Ca
Packard, S.S., NY
Pafraets Book Store, Troy, NY
Page, L.C., & Co., Incor., Boston
Payot, Upham & Co., San Francisco
Peck, Geo. Gottsberger. See Industrial Publication Co.
Pelton, Edw. R., NY
Penn Pub. Co., The, Phila
Perkinpine & Higgins, Phila
Philadelphia Book Co., Phila
Phonographic Depot. See Pitman, I., & Sons
Phonographic Institute Co., Cincinnati
Photographic Books. See Tennant & Ward
Pilgrim Press, Boston
Pitman, Isaac, & Sons, NY
Pitman & Howard. See Phonographic Institute Co.
Polley, George H., & Co., Boston
Pott, James, & Co., NY
Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, Phila
Preston & Rounds Co., Providence
Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ
Procter Brothers Co., The, Gloucester, Ma
Public School Pub. Co., Bloomington, Il
Publishers' Weekly, The Office of, NY
Publishing House of Meth. Epis. Church South, Nashville, Tn
Pustet, Fr., & Company, NY
Putnam's, G.P., Sons, NY
Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago
Reed, Geo. B. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Reform (Dutch) Church in America, Pub. Board of, NY
Reifsnider Book Co., The Anna C., St. Louis
Reilly, Peter, Phila
Research Pub. Co. (Peter Reilly, Agent), Phila
Revell, Fleming H., Co., NY and Chicago
Richardson, M.T., Co., NY
Richardson, Smith & Co., NY
Rigby, George H., Phila
Riverside Press. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Routledge, George, & Sons. See David McKay
Rudder Pub. Co., The, NY
Russell, R.H. See Harper & Bros.
Saalfield Pub. Co., The, Akron, O
Salem Press Company, The, Salem, Ma
Sanborn, Benj. H., & Co., Boston
Saunders, W.B., & Co., Phila
Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss, NY
Scientific American. See Munn & Co.
Scientific Pub. Co. See Engineering and Mining Journal
Scott, Foresman & Co., Chicago
Scott-Thaw Company, The, NY
Scrantom, Wetmore & Co., Rochester, NY
Scribner's, Charles, Sons, NY
Scribner, J.H. See Presbyterian Bd. of Pub.
Scudder Brothers Co., The, Cincinnati
Shanley, Hobart J., & Co., Burlington, Vt
Sherman, George H., Morristown, NJ
Shewell, Thomas R., & Co. See Benj. H. Sanborn & Co.
Sibley & Co., Boston
Sigma Pub. Company, St. Louis
Silver, Burdett & Co., NY
Small, Maynard & Co., Cambridge, Ma
Smart Set, The, NY
Sower, Christopher, Co., Phila
Spectator Co., The, NY
Spon & Chamberlain, NY
Stanford University Bookstore, Stanford University, Ca
Steiger, E., & Co., NY
Stevens, Horace J., Houghton, Mi
Stokes, Frederick A., Co., NY
Stone, Herbert S., & Co., Chicago
Street & Smith, NY
Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, NY
Swank, James M. See Am. Iron and Steel Assn.
Swedenborg Pub. Assoc., The, Germantown, Pa
Swedenborg's Works. See Am. Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society; assachusetts New Church Union, and Swedenborg Publishing Assoc.
Tapley, J.F., Co., NY
Taylor, A.R., Washington, DC
Taylor, C.F. See Equity Series
Taylor, J.F., & Co., NY
Tennant & Ward, NY
Tewksbury, J. H. See Pilgrim Press
Town Topics. See Smart Set
Treat, E.B., & Co., NY
Truslove, Hanson & Comba. See John Lane
Truth Seeker Company, The, NY
Tufft's College Press, Tufft's College, Ma
Turner, H.B., & Co., Boston
Twentieth Century Press, NY
Unit Books. See Howard W. Bell
United Brethren Pub. House, Dayton, O
United Society of Christian Endeavor, Boston
Universal Truth Pub. Co. See Alliance Pub. Co.
Universalist Pub. House, Boston
University of Chicago Press, Chicago
University Pub. Co., NY
Updike, D.B. See Merrymount Press
Vail, J.H., & Co. See Edw. R. Pelton
Vale Press. See John Lane.
Van Nostrand, D., Co., NY
Vedanta Society, The, NY
Vir Publishing Co., Phila
Volta Bureau. Washington, DC
Wagner, Joseph, NY
Wahr, George, Ann Arbor, Mi
Wall Street Daily Investigator, NY
Warne, Frederick, & Co., NY
Wessels, A., Co., NY
Whiston, Edward A. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
Whitaker & Ray Co., The, San Francisco
Whittaker, Thomas, NY
Wieners, Godfrey A.S., NY
Wilde, W.A., Co., Boston
Wiley, John, & Sons, NY
Williams, David, Co., NY
Williams & Rogers. See Am. Book Co.
Wilson, Western W., NY
Winston, John C., Co., Phila
Wolcott, Clarence E., Syracuse, NY
Wood, Wm., & Co., NY
Wood-Allen Pub. Co., Ann Arbor, MI
Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co., St. Louis
Wycil & Co., NY
Y.M.C.A. See International Com. of Young Men's Christian Association
Young Churchman Co., The, Milwaukee
Young, E. & J.B., & Co., NY. See Thos. Nelson & Sons
Young, William H., & Co., NY
Zimmerman's, NY

Last revised: 15 October 2010