1898 Publishers' Trade List Annual
Alphabetical Index to Contributors and Advertisers

Altemus, Henry, Phila
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Phila
American Baptist Pub. Soc., Phila
American Bible Society, NY
American Book Co., NY
American News Co., NY
American Sunday-School Union, Phila
American Tract Society, NY
American Unitarian Association, Boston
Appleton. D., & Co., NY
Armstrong, A.C., & Son, NY
Badger, Richard E., & Co., Boston
Baer's, John, Sons, Lancaster, Pa
Bagster Bibles. See Pott, James, & Co.
Baird, Henry Carey, & Co., Phila
Baker & Taylor Co., The, NY
Barbee & Smith, Agts. See Pub. House Meth. Epis. Church, South
Bardeen, C.W., Syracuse, NY
Barnes, A.S., &, Co., NY
Barnum, Thomas R., New Haven
Belknap & Warfield, Hartford, Conn
Bell, George, & Sons. See Macmillan Co.
Bell, J.P., Co., Lynchburg, Va
Benziger Bros., NY
Biddle, Drexel, Phila
Bishop, Geo. R., NY
Black, Adam & Charles. See Macmillan Co.
Blakiston's, P., Son & Co., Phila
Bohn's Libraries. See Macmillan Co.
Bonnell, Silver & Co., NY
Bonner's, Robert, Sons, NY
Boston Book Co., Boston
Bowen-Merrill Co., The, Indianapolis, In
Bradley, A.I., & Co., Boston
Bradley, Milton, Co., Springfield, Ma
Brown & Gross. See Belknap & Warfield
Browne, F. Lyman, NY
Burt, A.L., NY
Butler, E.H., & Co., Phila. See Sheldon & Co.
Caldwell, H.M., Co., NY
Cambridge University. See Macmillan Co.
Cassell & Co., Limited, NY
Cathedral Library Assn., The, NY
Century Co., The, NY
Chicago Medical Book Co., Chicago
Christern, F.W., NY
Clarendon Press. See Oxford University Press
Clarke, The Robert, Co., Cincinnati
Coates, Henry T., & Co., Phila
Collins, Charles, NY
Comstock Pub. Co., Ithaca, NY
Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society. See Pilgrim Press
Conkey, W.B., Co., Chicago
Copeland & Day, Boston
Cortina, R.D., NY
Crane & Co., Topeka, Kan
Crothers, R.W., NY
Crowell, Thomas Y., & Co., NY
Curts & Jennings. See Methodist Book Concern
Cushing & Co., Baltimore
Damrell & Upham, Boston
Darrow, E., & Co., Rochester, NY
Davis, The F.A., Co., Phila
Denison, C.H., NY
De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., Boston
Dick & Fitzgerald, NY
Dillingham, G.W., Co., NY
Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
Dodge Stationery Co., NY and San Francisco
Doubleday & McClure Co., NY
Draper, Warren F., Andover, Mass
Dulany, Wm. J.C., Co., Baltimore
Dutton, E.P., & Co., NY
Dyrsen & Pfeiffer, NY. See Christern, F.W.
Eaton & Mains. See Methodist Book Concern
Eldredge & Brother, Phila
Electrical World, The. See Johnston, W.J., Co.
Ellis, George H., Boston
Engineering News Pub. Co., NY
Estes, Dana, & Co., Boston
Eyre & Spottiswoode's Bibles, etc. See Young, E. & J.B., & Co.
Flanagan, A., Chicago
Flinn, F.A., NY
Forbes & Co., Chicago
Fords, Howard & Hulbert, NY
Frowde, Henry. See Oxford University Press
Funk, W.R. See United Brethren Publishing House
Funk & Wagnalls Co., NY
Ginn & Co., Boston
Graham, Andrew J., & Co., NY
Harper, Francis P., NY
Harper & Bros., NY
Hastings, H.L., Boston
Heath, D.C., & Co., Boston
Herrick, E.R., & Co., NY
Hinds & Noble, NY. Succeeding Arthur Hinds & Co
Holman, A.J., & Co., Phila
Holt, Henry, & Co., NY
Home Publishing Co., The, NY
Hough, Romeyn B., Lowville, NY
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston and NY.
Hurst & Co., NY
Insurance Publications. See The Spectator Co.
International Bible Agency, NY
Jacobs, Geo. W., & Co., Phila
Jenkins, Wm. R., NY
Jewish Pub. Society of America, Phila
Johnston, The W.J., Co., NY
Judd, Orange, Co., NY
Kay Printing House, NY
Kellogg, E.L., & Co., NY
Knight, Jos., Co. See Page, L.C., & Co.
Laird &, Lee, Chicago
Lamson, Wolffe & Co., Boston
Lane, John, NY
Lea Bros. & Co., Phila
Leach, Shewell & Co., NY
Lee & Shepard, Boston
Lemcke & Buechner, NY
Lindsay, Robt. M., Phila
Lippincott, J.B., Co., Phila
Little, Brown & Co., Boston. For publications formerly issued by Roberts Bros. See Roberts Bros.
London Bible Warehouse. See Young, E. & J.B., & Co.
Longmans, Green & Co., NY
Loring, Short & Harmon, Portland, Me.,
Lothrop Publishing Co., Boston
Lupton, The F.M., Publishing Co., NY
Lutheran Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Il
Lutheran Pub. Society, Phila
McClurg, A.C., & Co., Chicago
McKay, David, Phila
Macmillan Co., The, NY
McVey, John Joseph, Phila
Mansfield, M.F., NY
Massachusetts New-Church Union, Boston
Maynard, Merrill & Co., NY
Merriam, G. & C., Co., Springfield, Ma
Merrymount Press, The. See Updike, D.B.
Methodist Book Concern, The, NY
Methodist Publishing House, South. See Pub. House M. E. Church, South
Morse Co., The, NY
Morton, John P., & Co., Louisville, Ky
Mosher, Thos. B., Portland, Me
Murphy, John, & Co., Baltimore
National School of Elocution and Oratory, Phila. See Penn Pub. Co.
National Temperance Society and Publication House, NY
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, NY
New Amsterdam Book Co., NY
New-Church Books. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
Office of The Publishers' Weekly, NY
Ogilvie, J.S., Publishing Co., NY
Open Court Pub. Co., The, Chicago
Orange Judd Co. See Judd, Orange, Co.
Oxford Bibles. See Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press, NY
Packard, S.S., NY
Page, L.C., & Co., Incorporated, Boston
Paul, The Peter, Book Co., Buffalo
Penn Pub. Co., The, Phila
Peter Paul Book Co., The. See Paul, Peter, Book Co.
Phonographic Depot. See Pitman, Isaac, & Sons
Phonographic Institute Co., The, Cincinnati
Pilgrim Press, Boston
Pitman, Isaac, & Sons, NY
Pitman & Howard. See Phonographic Institute
Pott, James, & Co., NY
Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, The, Phila
Procter Brothers.Gloucester, Ma
Publishers' Weekly Office, Publications of
Publishing House Meth. Epis.Church, South, Nashville, Tn
Putnam's, G.P., Sons, NY
Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago and NY
Reed, Geo. B. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Reifsnider, Anna C., Book Co., St. Louis
Revell, Fleming H., Co., NY and Chicago
Riverside Press. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Roberts Brothers, Boston
Rodgers Co., The, Phila
Routledge, George, &, Sons, Limited, NY
Rowe, Caleb T. See American Bible Soc.
Rutherford, Mildred, Athens, Ga
Sanborn, Benj. H., & Co., Boston
Saunders, W.B., Phila
School Education Co., Minneapolis
Scientific Pub. Co., The, NY
Scott, Foresman & Co., Chicago
Scribner, John H. See Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work
Scribner's, Charles, Sons, NY
Sheldon & Co., NY
Sherwood, George & Co., Chicago. See Scott, Foresman & Co.
Silver, Burdett & Co., Boston
Small, Maynard & Co., Boston
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. See Young, E. & J.B., & Co.
Sower, Christopher, Co., Phila
Spectator Co., The, NY
Spon & Chamberlain, NY
Steiger, E., & Co., NY
Stokes, Frederick A., Co., NY
Stone, Herbert S., & Co., Chicago
Swedenborg's Works. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
Tapley, J.F., Co., NY
Tewksbury, J.H. See Pilgrim Press
Treat, E.B., & Co., NY
Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, New Haven
United Brethren Pub. House, Dayton, O
Universalist Pub. House, Boston
University Pub. Co., NY
Updike, D.B., Boston
Vail, J.H., & Co., NY
Van Nostrand, D., Co., NY
Warne, Fiederick, & Co., NY
Westermann, B., & Co., NY. See Lemcke & Buechner
Whiston, Edward A. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
Wilde, W.A., & Co., Boston
Wiley, John, & Sons, NY
Williams, David, Co., NY
Williams & Rogers, Rochester, NY
Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore
Wolcott & West, Syracuse, NY
Wolff, H., NY
Wood, Wm., & Co., NY
Young Churchman Co., The, Milwaukee
Young, E. & J.B., & Co., NY

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