1888 Publishers' Trade List Annual
Alphabetical Index to Contributors and Advertisers

Alden, John B., NY
Aldine Book Publishing Co., Boston
Altemus, Henry, Phila
American Bible Society, NY
American Catalogue
American Educational Catalogue
American News Co., NY
American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society, NY
American Tract Society, NY
American Unitarian Association, Boston
Ames, Daniel T., NY
Annual Record of Books
Appleton, D., & Co., NY
Armstrong, A.C., & Son, NY
Arnold & Co., Phila
Baer's, John, Sons, Lancaster, Pa
Bagster Bibles. See Pott, James, & Co.
Baird, Henry Carey, & Co., Phila
Baker & Taylor Co., NY
Bardeen. C.W., Syracuse, NY
Barnes, A.S., & Co., NY
Belford, Clarke & Co., Chicago and NY
Bishop, Geo. R., NY
Black, John A. See Presb. Bd. of Pub.
Blakiston, P., Son & Co., Phila
Bohn's Libraries. See Scribner & Welford.
Boston School Supply Co., Boston
Bowen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, In
Bradley, Ira, & Co., Boston
Bradley, Wm. M., & Bro., Phila
Brentano's, NY
Brown & Gross, Hartford, Ct
Buckbee, John C., & Co., Chicago
Burke, J. W., & Co., Macon, Ga
Burrows Brothers Co., Cleveland
Butler, E.H., & Co., Phila.
Butler & Johnson, NY
Carleton, G.W., & Co. See Dillingham, G.W.
Carson, Samuel, & Co., San Francisco
Carswell & Co., Toronto,
Carter, Robert, & Bros., NY
Cassell & Co., NY
Catholic Publication Society Co., NY
Century Co., NY
Christern, F.W., NY
Clark & Maynard, NY
Clarke, Robert, & Co., Cincinnati
Colby & Rich. See Truth Seeker Co.
Collins, Charles, NY
Comstock, William T., NY
Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society, Boston
Cook, David C., Publishing Co, Chicago
Cook, Ezra A., Chicago
Cowperthwait & Co., Phila
Crowell, Thomas Y., & Co., NY
Cupples & Hurd, Boston
Cushings & Bailey, Baltimore, Md
Darrow, E., & Co., Rochester, NY
David C. Cook Pub. Co. See Cook, David C.
Denison, C.H., NY
De Silver, Charles, & Sons, Phila
De Witt Publishing House, NY
De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., Boston
Dick & Fitzgerald, NY
Dillingham, Charles T., NY
Dillingham, G.W., NY
Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
Donohue & Henneberry, Chicago
Draper, Warren F., Andover, Ma
Dulany, Wm. J.C., & Co., Baltimore, Md
Dutton, E.P., & Co., NY
Educational Catalogue
Eldredge & Brother, Phila
Ellis, George H., Boston
Emmerich, F.J., & Son, NY
Estes & Lauriat, Boston
Excelsior Publishing House, NY.
Eyre & Spottiswoode. See United Presbyterian Bd. of Pub.; Young,
E. & J.B., & Co.
Farrell, C.P. See Truth Seeker Co.
Fell, Wm. F., & Co. See De Silver, Charles, & Sons
Findley, John T. See United Presbyterian Board of Publication
Fisher, Rev. Chas. G. See Reformed Church Publication House
Fords, Howard & Hulbert, NY
Forest & Stream Publishing Co., NY
Fortescue, W.S., & Co., Phila
Fowler & Wells Co., NY
Funk & Wagnalls, NY
Garrett, P., & Co., Phila
George, Henry, & Co., NY
Gilbert Book Co., St. Louis, Mo
Ginn & Co., Boston
Gottsberger, William S., NY
Graham, Andrew J., NY
Griggs, S.C., & Co., Chicago
Harper & Brothers, NY
Hartley, Thomas W. & Co., Phila
Hastings, H.L., Boston
Heath, D.C., & Co. Boston
Herder, B., St. Louis, Mo
Holbrook, M.L. See Truth Seeker Co.
Holman, A.J., & Co., Phila
Holt, Henry, & Co., NY
Homans Publishing Co., NY
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston and NY
Hubbard Brothers, Phila
Huebsch, Samuel, NY
Hurst & Co., NY
Index to Periodicals, NY
Ivison, Blakeman & Co., NY
J.B. Lippincott Co. See Lippincott, J.B., Co.
Jansen, McClurg & Co. See McClurg, A.C., & Co.
Jenkins, William R., NY
Journal Publishing Co., Helena, MT
Judd, Orange, Co., NY
Kehoe, L. See Catholic Pub. Soc. Co.
Kellogg, E.L., & Co., NY
Kerr, Charles H., & Co., Chicago.
Kron, Karl, NY
Laughton, Macdonald & Co., Boston
Leach, Shewell & Sanborn, Boston
Lee & Shepard, Boston
Library Journal, NY
Lippincott, J.B. Co., Phila
Literary News, NY
Little, Brown & Co., Boston
Longmans, Green & Co., NY
Loring. Short & Harmon, Portland, Me
Lothrop, D., Co., Boston
Lovell, A., & Co., NY
McClurg, A.C., & Co., Chicago
McKay, David, Phila
McKennie, M., & Son, University of Virginia, Va
Macmillan & Co., NY
McMillan, J. & A., St. John, NB
Mason, Albert. See Armstrong, A.C., & Son
Massachusetts New-Church Union, Boston
Mendum, John P. See Truth Seeker Co.
Merriam, G. & C., & Co., Springfield, Ma
Merrill, Charles E., & Co., NY
Methodist Book Concern, NY
Montgomery, C.A., & Co., NY
Morton, John P., & Co., Louisville, Ky
Moss Engraving Co., NY
National Society. See Whittaker, Thomas
National School of Elocution and Oratory, Phila
National Temperance Society and Publication House, NY
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, NY
New Church Board of Pub. See American Swedenborg Print. and Pub. Soc.
Nims & Knight, Troy, NY
Office of the Publishers' Weekly, NY
Ogilvie, J.S., & Co., NY
Orange Judd Co. See Judd, Orange, Co.
Owens Publishing Co., Chicago
Oxford Bibles. See Nelson, Thos. & Sons; United Presb. Bd. of Pub.
Pen Publishing Co., Phila
Peterson, T.B., & Bros., Phila
Phillips & Hunt. See Methodist Book Concern
Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati
Pitman & Howard. See Phonographic Institute
Porter & Coates, Phila
Pott, James, & Co., NY
Potter, John E., & Co., Phila
Potter, Knight, Ainsworth & Co., NY
Pounsford Stationery Co., Cincinnati
Prang, L., & Co., Boston
Presbyterian Board of Publication, Phila
Procter Bros., Gloucester, Ma
Publishers' Weekly, NY
Publishers' Weekly Office. See Office of the Publishers' Weekly
Publishers' Weekly Record of New Books
Putnam's, G.P., Sons, NY
Railroad Gazette, NY
Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago and NY
Randolph, A.D.F., & Co., NY
Reed, Geo. B. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Reformed Church Publication House, Phila
Revell, Fleming H., Chicago and NY
Riverside Press. See Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Roberts Brothers, Boston
Routledge, George, & Sons, NY
Rowe, Caleb T. See American Bible Soc.
Russell, R.H., & Son. See De Witt Publishing House
Rutter, Wm., & Co., Phila
Sadlier, William H., NY
Schaefer & Koradi, Phila
Schoenhof, Carl, Boston
Scientific Publishing Co., NY
Scribner's, Chas., Sons, NY
Scribner & Welford, NY
Sheldon & Co., NY
Sherwood, George, & Co., Chicago
Shoemaker, C.C. See National School of Elocution and Oratory
Shuey, Rev. W.J. See United Brethren Publishing House
Silver, Burdett & Co., Boston
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. See Young, E. & J.B., & Co.
Somerby, C.P. See Truth Seeker Co.
Sower, Christopher, Co., Phila
Spon, E. & F.N., NY
Stearns, J.N. See National Temperance Soc. and Publication House
Steiger, E., & Co., NY
Stokes, F.A., & Brother, NY
Taintor Brothers & Co., NY
Ticknor & Co., NY
Treat, E.B., NY
Truth Seeker Co., NY
United Brethren Publishing House, Dayton, Oh
United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Pittsburgh, Pa
University Publishing Co., NY
Vail, J.H., & Co., NY
Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., Cincinnati
Van Nostrand, D., NY
Warne, Frederick, & Co., NY
Wells, L.S., Delaware, Oh
Whiston, Edward A. See Massachusetts New-Church Union
White & Allen, NY
Whiting, Charles H., Boston
Whittaker, Thomas, NY
Wiley, John, & Sons, NY
Williams, David, NY
Witter, Conrad, St. Louis, Mo
Wolcott & West, Syracuse, NY
Worthington Co., NY
Young, E. & J.B., & Co., NY

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