Life, April 23, 1885, p231.

Bookishness. Lord Lytton's Romance in Verse

The sentimental girls who dote on “Lucile,” – who cherish many of its love-and-languish couplets in their heart-of-hearts, and who piously keep a well-marked copy of it on their table with their “prayer-book and their paint, alike to improved the sinner and the saint” – these will hardly find in Owen Meredith's new romance in verse, “Glenaveril,” the kind of poetical emotion which they seek. And yet we know not what Lord Lytton has in store for us, because only one of the six promised books has yet been published. There may be many cantos of love, anguish and self-sacrifice in the coming five monthly parts. May the Fates rule otherwise!

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