"A Line-O'Type Or Two"
Chicago Daily Tribune, November 29, 1909, p8

Miss Legion

She is hotfoot after Cultyure;
She pursues it with a club.
She breathes a heavy atmosphere
of literary flub.
No literary shrine so far
But she is there to kneel
Her favorite batch of reading
is O. Meredith's "Lucile."

Of course she's up on pictures --
Passes for a connoisseur;
On free days the Institute
You'll always notice her.
She qualifies approval
of a Titian or Corot,
She throws a fit of rapture
When she comes to Bouguereau.

And when you talk of music,
Why, she's Music's devotee.
She will tell you that Beethoven
Always makes her wish to pray.
And "dear old Bach!" his very name,
She says, her ear enchants.
Her favorite piece is Weber's
"Invitation to the Dance."

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