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Emily Martin, The Naughty Dog Press

Note: All of the artists' books on this page involve variations on the same story by Emily Martin.

Above: Emily Martin's I like It Here.This story is housed in a small envelope. The title is printed on both the front cover of the book and on the outside of the enveloped.

Right, top and bottom: Two sets of pages from I like It Here. The pages are interlaced, so that by pulling them apart gently, more pages and text are revealed. Martin provides instructions for this process on the back cover.

Above: The cover and two of the Jacob's ladder pages from Emily Martin's Yes, I Love Living in Iowa, Naughty Dog Press, 1999.

Above: Cover of Emily Martin's How Can I Live in Iowa?, another variation on the same story about why she likes and dislikes living in Iowa.
Above: A view from above of Emily Martin's How Can I Live in Iowa? is designed as a kind of pop-up-book with 3D windows depicting different scenes of Iowa life.

Above: The title, text, and images of Emily Martin's Life in Iowa, another variation. As the book opens, the text is located on the inside flap of the front cover. The images are printed on a series of transparent pages, so that when the book is opened and the pages extended, they create a kind of stereoscopic effect.

Above: The cover of another variation.

Above: Two of the pop-up pages from I Live in Iowa. The text of the first reads, "And to top everything else off, there are those tornadoes. Yes, the winds liven things up, but the air is clean and crisp."
The second depicts, "And then in the summer, it's so hot and humid. Yes, it's muggy and warm, but that's good for the corn."

Above: Three of the picture window pages from Emily Martin's How Can I Live in Iowa?


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