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The Family Game
"Lose just by playing"

"A Game for all ages."

Above: In Emily Martin's artists' book The Family Game, there is only a title page, a dedication, one page of text (playing instructions), and then this large fold-out game board-like page.

Examples of "game board" instructions include "Marry the one sane person in your new family. Go back 1, and move out of state," and "Host Thanksgiving dinner for the second year in a row. Go back 2 spaces for failing to learn from the experience."

The instructions note that "If it is nature that determines personal development, sit back, relax. The outcome of this game has already been determined by your genes."

Above, left and right: The four sequences of Emily Martin's flip book, Chasing Your Tail, The Naughty Dog Press, 2000.


Above: Cover of Emily Martin's Away, 2002.

Right: First pages of Away.

Above: Yes, Please and No, No Never: A Jacob's Ladder by Emily Martin, 1998, is housed in a square, hand-folded paper box. The above is the title cover of the box.

Above left: A red banded No, No Never section
Above right: A green banded Yes, Please section.

The book itself is made out of thick boards, colored on each side, and attached to one another by strips of clear, flexible plastic. These plastic bands form the Jacob's ladder effect of the book.


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