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Above and right: 2 Bilderbücher : Versionen der im Forlag Ed, Reykjavík, 1957 erschienenen Bücher or, 2 Picture Books, Versions of the books published by Forlag Ed Reykjavik. Diter Roth gesammelte werke band 1 or, Dieter Roth collected works volume 1. Published by Hansjörg Mayer, Stuttgart, 1976.

Above: The cover of one of the "picture books" from Rot's 2 Bilderbücher. The cover has shapes cut out of it, as do the subsequent pages, which are shown to the right.

Above: The first two-page spread following the cover page of one of Rot's two books in 2 Bilderbücher.

Above: The second two-page spread.

Above: A third two-page spread.

The second book in Rot's collections, 2 Bilderbücher is a collection of blue, green, yellow, and red colored acetate sheets in grouped and layered in between thick white sheets of paper. Both the acetate and white paper sheets have geometric shapes cut out of them. As the pages are turned, the colors differentiate themselves and more shapes and revealed.


There are several text and image groupings, such as the one above, in Rot's Copley Buch which appear to be photocopies of sketches and notes originally done on lined paper or on a legal pad reprinted on yellow paper. The large pieces of yellow paper are then folded and included in the stack of papers which make up the Copley Buch.

Above: The front and back covers of a "book" within Rot's Copley Buch. This "book" is a bifold piece of paper measuring approximately a 1/2cm thick.
Below: The image on the inside of this "book".

Above: Cover of the box containing (Copley Buch) erweiterterte Version des bei der Copley Foundation, Chicago 1965, erschienenen. Published by Hansjörg Mayer, Stuttgart, 1974.

Rot's Copley Buch is a series of papers, images, sketches, and notes collected and placed in a box.


Above: The fronts and backs of two more examples of the thick paper Rot uses to seemingly include three-dimensional objects in his Copley Buch. These two represent a bottle cap and a sketch for a piece of art.

Below: Three images providing an example of how Rot cataloged how he played with images during his project.

The handwritten text above the image above reads, " Please: 1 negative of this print (half tone) 3.5 cm high".


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