PUBLISHER: John C. Winston & Co., Philadelphia, 1905-?

ABOUT: Established 1884 with intent to make photographic albums... incorporated 1892... became the leading Bible manufacturers...Coates retired December 1904... and Winston bought the firm's plates and stocks, including the plates and copyrights of more than a thousand volumes... House and Garden went with the deal. (Tebbel) See also DLB.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY John C. Winston & Co.:
1912 United State Catalog. Lucile. [entry follows Stokes' Lucile, il. in col. by M. Lemaire $1.50]. 75c. [Publisher's listing reads: "1006-1016 Arch St., Philadelphia. Purchased the business of Henry T. Coates & Co. and the William Collins Co.]. Although no copies with a Winston title page have thus far been identified, copies of the New Acorn Library, imaged below, with Coates title pages have been -- as wll as one copy of a New Alta edition in a binding similar to the International Library imaged here but with Coates' title page. It may be that Winston simply sold out the remains of Coates' already printed stock, adding his imprint on the bindings of some spines but without inserting new title pages.

1905-1906 PTLA: We take pleasure in announcing to our friends and the trade generally that we have purchased the entire stock, plates, good will and copyrights of Henry T. Coates & Company of Philadelphia, / Who for many years were well known to the trade as Porter & Coates.... Lucile is #180 in: The New International Library. 12mos. These popular works are well printed on extra quality of paper. Rich, beautiful and substantial bindings. Gilt tops, popular prices. / One hundred and six titles as starred (*) are non-competitive. Ribbed cloth, gilt tops. List price per volume... $.75. [Cut]. Lucile is also #103 in: The New Acorn Library. 125 volumes. Popular and Standard Books at Low Prices. New Binding. Each book carefully printed on excellent paper, substantially bound in cloth, with elaborate and effective cover design. Uniform 12mos. List price per volume... $.50. [Cut].

1907 PTLA: #180, New International Library only.
1908 PTLA: as 1907 with list grown to 207 titles.
1909 PTLA: 196 titles.
1910 PTLA: 193 titles.
1911 PTLA: 175 titles.
1912 PTLA: 156 titles.

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