PUBLISHER: Wilmore-Andrews Publishing Co., New York, 1895-1899.

ABOUT: The Wilmore-Andrews Publishing Company has been incorporated to conduct a general publishing business in New York. Capital, $60,000; directors, James A. Wilmore, S. C. Andrews and W. W. Crawford, of New York city. (American Printer and Lithographer: New York: Howard Lockwood & Co.), vol 21-22 p190 (December 1895) July 1895-June 1896.

The case of The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford vs. the Wilmore-Andrews Publishing Company has been referred to U. S. Commissioner Shields to take testimony and to prepare and present such testimony before the court. The hearing before the Commissioner will be a long one, and it will be some time before the case will come to trial in court. p581:TO TEST RIGHTS IN THE "OXFORD TEACHERS' BIBLE." A Bill of complaint has been filed in the United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of New York, in the name of the chancellor, masters and scholars of the Universitv of Oxford, England, against the Wilmore-Andrews Publishing Company, of New York, for alleged infringement in publishing a Bible which is claimed to be an infringement of the "Oxford Teachers' Bible," and in using a trade-mark which is an imitation of the trademark of the complainant. The complaint, after setting forth the distinctive features of the "Oxford Teachers'Bible," the character of its trade-mark, etc., then charges that the defendant has imitated all of these features in a book upon which are the words " Holy Bible, Oxford S. S. Teachers' Edition, Olivet Series," and upon the title-page the words "Oxford Bible, the S. S. Teachers' Edition," followed by the title of the book, i.e., "The Holy Bible," together with the words "appointed to be read in the churches," and by a reproduction of its symbol or trade-mark, and that it has also imitated the "Oxford Teachers' Bible," in size, shape, binding, and general appearance. The damages are placed at $10,000. (Publishers' Weekly: New York: Bowker) 52 p1116 July-December 1897).

The firm dissolved in 1899.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Wilmore-Andrews Publishing Co. :

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