PUBLISHER: White, Stokes & Allen, New York, 1883-1887

ABOUT: 1152 Broadway; cf Stokes (DLB 49). Among the several publishers devoting themselves chiefly to publishing handsomely bound and lavishly illustrated editions of standard works was White & Allen. Joel Parker White and Frank Allen were both working for Dodd, Mead in 1880 when they left, taking Frederick B. Stokes with them, to found the house that became White, Stokes & Allen in 1883. This partnership lasted until 1887 when White and Allen established their own firm, starting a London branch at the same time. Most of their books employed a new process of photoengraving called photo-aquarelle, which they owned. ... produced some handsome books ... illustrated by Frank M. Gregory, their house artist .... The firm also did some notable work in making new binding styles.... The firm went bankrupt on March 8, 1890. (Tebbel). This firm was succeeded by F. A. Stokes & Brother (1887-1890) and then by Frederick A. Stokes (1890-1941). All of the White, Stokes & Allen editions of Lucile were continued by the two later firms, often in a large array of new bindings."

New York City – The partnership between White & Stokes was dissolved on the 31st of January; on the same day a new partnership was formed by J. P. White, F. A. Stokes, and Frank Allen, who will carry on a general publishing, bookselling, and stationary business at 1152 Broadway, under the firm name of White, Stokes & Allen. Publishers' Weekly 578 1883-02-17, p.208.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY White, Stokes & Allen:

1886 PW 13 Nov, Weekly Record: Family ed. 352p. il. O. cl., $2.50. Illustrated with a number of full-page pictures by H.N. Cady, the poem being enclosed within graceful decorative borders printed in tints and designed by W. St. John Harper.

1886 PW Christmas Number: "A charming new edition of Lucile by Owen Meredith. With exquisite border printed in soft tints, designed by Harper, and beautifully engraved by Andrew. With entirely new full-page illustrations by Cady. Bevelled boards, gilt edges, ornamented in gold, black and color, $2.50." [1884-1890 American Catalogue. (Family ed.) '86. Il. O. $2.50].

Lucile. –White, Stokes & Allen have ready a Family Edition of Owen Meredith's celebrated poem which is fully illustrated by H.N. Cady with a border for the pages designed by W. St. John Harper. The book contains the author's dedication to his celebrated father which appeared in the original English edition and is a touching tribute of respect and affection. In this poem Owen Meredith abandoned those forms of verse with which he was most familiar and endeavored to follow a path on which he says he “could discover no footprints before him either to guide or to warn.” The borders are in several shades. The paper is good and the binding odd enough to attract attention. (White, S. & A.  $2.50) –The Literary News, An Eclectic Review of Current Literature (New York), November 1886 (VII: 11), p16.

1886 PTLA: LUCILE / by Owen Meredith: 1. 16mo Edition. One of the most charming editions in existence. 16mo, from entirely new electrotype plates, on fine laid paper, wide margins. / A new volume in White, Stokes, & Allen's Series of Poetical Works in Dainty Bindings. / Parchment-paper binding, with hand illustrated design of Jacqueminot Rose on cover, title and back printed in red ink, uncut edges, $1.00; Cloth, cover full gilt, $1.00; Vellum cloth, gilt top, plain, $1.00; Limp calf, round corners, red-under-gold edges, Reduced price, $3.00; Tree calf, gilt edges, Reduced price, $3.50.

[Under "Poets":] Each one... is offered in a variety of bindings, all of which have been given great care / Parchment-paper covers with hand-illuminated design on side; title, and back printed in red ink. Different design for each volume. $1.00. Olive green vellum cloth, gilt top, plain,$1.00; Half calf, extra, gilt top, Reduced price, $2.00; Limp, full pocket-book calf, round corners, red-under-gold edges, Reduced price, $3.00; Tree calf, gilt edges, Reduced price, $3.50. Parchment-paper, half calf, limp calf, and tree calf IN BOXES. / Of these volumes The Week says: "The critic finds it impossible to take up this volume without being preprossessed in its favor by the dainty loveliness of its dress. The paper is charming, the margins are liberal, the type neat and clear."

2. Red Line Edition. White, Stokes, & Allen's New Series comprises several volumes not found in any other line. All are printed from clear, beautiful type on good paper and the binding is richer than that of any other series in the market.... / Each 1 vol., 12mo, full gilt edges, bevelled boards, red line border, elaborate ornamentation on covers in black and gold. $1.00.

3. Family Edition. / Large octavo, gilt edges, bevelled boards. / Fully illustrated with new and original illustrations by H.N. Cady, including a new portrait of the author. With beautiful border, designed by W. St. John Harper and engraved by George T. Andrew.

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Edition not verified: 1886, Nashville Joint Libraries NL 0594618.

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