PUBLISHER: George Routledge & Sons, New York and London, 1836-present; New York branch from mid-19th century

ABOUT: By 1881, the move to Astor Place had become even more pronounced.... George Routledge & Sons departed from Broome Street for a new store at 9 Lafayette Place, between Great Jones and Fourth Streets.... .... Publishing had become so large a part of McKay's business in 1896 that he sold his old-book business to Leary's, a noted Philadelphia store, and in October 1896 moved to larger quarters at 1022 Market Street. Still expanding, in February 1903 he bought the American branch of George Routledge & Sons, the English publisher, and moved from his 180-foot loft on Market Street to 610 South Washington Square, in November 1904. (Tebbel). ... was the American branch of the London firm of the same name. They published many low-priced series during the 1880s. Among these were Morley's Universal Library of classics, the Railway Library, and the World Wide novels. (Shove).

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY George Routledge & Sons:

1885 PTLA: Routledge's Favorite Poets. Ornate Edition. Floral cover design, gilt edges. Each book in a lined paper box. 12mo. Each, $3.00. [Series includes both Meredith's Poems and Lucile]. / Also listed at Routledge's British Poets. Presentation Edition. Edited by Rev. R. A. Willmott, William B. Scott, Charles Knight, and other able commentators. Well printed from large, clear type, on fine paper. They contain an average of five hundred pages, and are each illustrated with not less than six full-page engravings, by Dalziel Brothers, from designs by Edward Corbould, Birket Foster, John Gilbert, W. Harvey, and other celebrated artists. 12mo. [Works and Lucile are then listed (only) in the "ornate edition"]: New and very elegant floral design. Each book in a paper box. Per volume... $3.00. Each with red line border.

1886-1887 PTLA: Meredith's (Owen) Poetical Works. Red-Line Edition. 12mo, morocco, padded. Entirely new design of binding... $3.00. / Lucile. New Large-Type Red-Line Edition. 12mo, padded (uniform with above)... $3.00. [Also listed in Routledge's British Poets, as 1885, "Morocco, Padded, New 'Diagonal' design, Gilt edge, each in paper box... 3.00. Each with a red-line border."].

1889-1893 PTLA: Meredith's, Owen, Poems. Red Line Edition. 12mo, peacock blue cloth 1.50. Lucile Red Line Edition. 12mo, peacock blue cloth... 1.50. [Also listed in Routledge's British Poets, Peacock Blue Edition. Cloth, gilt, each, 1.50].

1894-1896 PTLA: [only] Poems, Red Line Edition. 12mo, peacock blue cloth, 1.50.

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