PUBLISHER: Porter & Coates, Philadelphia, 1866-1895

ABOUT: ... publishers of cheap juveniles in series (especially those of Horatio Alger, Jr)... (Ashby/Stern). Founded as [Robert] Porter & Davis, 822 Chestnut Street in 1848; renamed [Robert] Porter & [Benjamin] Coates 1867; by 1891 the firm had moved to 900 Chestnut Street... Benjamin Coates had died in 1887; G. Morrison Coates, who had become a senior partner in 1869, died in 1893. Upon the retirement of Porter two years later, the firm was renamed Henry T. Coates & Company. In 1898 it moved to 1222 Chestnut Street....(DLB 49).

"Porter & Coates have done a big business this year. They have in press several new publications; among them" Joe Waring at Home," "Helping Himself," "Footprints in the Forest," "Ways and Means," "Holiday at the Grange." Their Alta Edition, which now comprises 101 volumes, is having a great run. The firm expects its sales to foot up over one million this year. It has out three volumes of the work of the Comte de Paris, who spent some time in this country during the civil war. The book is well spoken of, and will be appreciated coming from such a source. --The American Bookmaker III-2 (August 1886) p53.

Cary Sternick graciously provides further information. An obituary reads as follows: "Robert Porter, whose death on October 20, [1899] at Bridgeton, N.J., has already been noted in these columns, came from a family that had been for two or three generations in the business to which he devoted his life. He was born in Wilmington, Del., in 1842. After his schooling had been completed he entered the employ of George S. Appleton, who had a large bookstore on Chesnut Street, the south side, below Seventh. A few years later [1864] he formed, with Charles H. Davis, the bookselling firm of Davis & Porter. On the admission, in February 1866, of Henry T. Coates, the firm name became Davis, Porter & Coates. In 1867 the late Mr. G. Morrison Coates entered the firm as senior partner. In July, 1895, Mr. Porter retired and the firm-name was changed to Henry T. Coates & Co. Mr. Porter wsas known personally to the trade throughout the country, as he for many years represented his firm on the road, though in later years his travelling was restricted to New York and New England territory. He leaves a widow, a daughter of Dr. Elmer, of Bridgeton, N.J." The American Litrary Gazette has note of a copartnership formed 1st July 1864 by Willis P. Hazard, Charles H. Davis, and Robert Porter as a "Publishing and Wholesale Bookselling Business" at No. 21 South Sixth Street under the name Davis, Porter & Company. Another note, 15 March 1866, announces dissolution of this firm as of 1 February and same date copartnership of Chas. H. Davis, Robert Porter, and Henry T. Coates [1843-1910] as Davis, Porter & Coates. For further see 19th Century Juvenile Series.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Porter & Coates: 1884-1890 American Catalogue. ['87]. il. 12o. (Alta ed., no. 129).

1887 PTLA: 12mo. Cloth. Alta Editions. Illustrated. [$].75. / Alta Edition. Best Popular 12mos. Comprising 150 Vols. Of the most Popular and Best Selling Books. Each book bound in the handsomest manner, with a beautiful black and gold back stamp, ornamental side and silk ribbon marker.

1880-1888 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 162 Vols....
1890-1893 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 164 Vols....
1894 PTLA: as 1887... Comprising 201 Vols....
1895 PTLA: as 1887... Retail at 50 Cents.

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NL 0594620 notes copies at Gonzaga University; Washington & Lee; both reported no longer held.

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