PUBLISHER: People's Publishing Co., 3943 Market Street, Philadelphia

ABOUT: Nothing more has yet been found in regard to a Philadelphia firm of this name, but Tebbel mentions, "New Publishers in Chicago.... In the same building with [G.W.] Borland & Co. [a cash subscription firm] until 1884, when he moved to 15 Washington Street, were H.L. and D.H. Kochersperger, proprietors of the People's Publishing Co., whose People's Illustrated and Descriptive Family Atlas of the World was a popular cash seller." Whether the Philadelphia and Chicago firms were related is not known. See also Excelsior Publishing House for another possible connection.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY People's Publishing Co.: The 1902 United States Catalog reports for this firm: Lucile. $1.50.

No copies with this imprint have been as yet been reported.

Last revised: 16 June 2019