PUBLISHER: Lovell, Coryell & Company, New York, 1892-1897

ABOUT: Founded at 43-47 East Tenth Street in 1892 by John Wurtele Lovell and Vincent M. Coryell.... Subsidiary of United States Book Company .... Having moved in May 1893 to the offices of the United States Book Company at 5-7 East Sixteenth Street, Lovell, Coryell and Company was forced to move again in February 1894 upon the bankruptcy of the parent company.... In 1897 Lovell, Coryell and Company was renamed Coryell and Company and taken over by the American Publishers Cororation.

The Lovell, Coryell Co. was founded by Mr. [Johm] Lovell with the idea of publishing well made books. The company was not to handle paper books, but was to issue its publications in cloth or leather. [J. M. Barrie's] An Edinburgh Eleven is a good example of what was turned out and compares favorably with modern trade issues. [B. D. Cutler, Sir James Barrie: A Bibliogaphy 1931, p41].

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Lovell, Coryell & Company:

1893 PTLA: Lovell, Coryell & Company. The Century Series. Comprising one hundred volumes of classic works, embracing fiction, essays, poetry, history, science, art, and philosophy -- selected from the best literature, written by authors of world-wide reputation. Printed from large type, on good paper, and bound in handsome cloth binding. 12mo, cloth, gilt. Retail price, 75 cents per volume. [Cut; Lucile only].

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1894 PTLA: as 1893. [Cut; Lucile only in this series].

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1894 PTLA: Century Series.... Also Century Series, Half Morocco. (Selected 50 volumes). Uniformly bound in half morocco, gilt top. Each volume put up in a neat slip case box. Retail price, $1.50 per Volume. [Cut].

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Other Known Copies:

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