PUBLISHER : J.B. Lippincott & Company, Philadelphia, 1855-1885; J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1885-1978

ABOUT: ... moved to 715 Market Street in 1861; this address destroyed by fire in 1899. (DLB 49). In 1885 the firm was reorganized as a stock company... by the end of the nineteenth century, Lippincott's headquarters at 715 Market, where it had moved in 1861, had become a Philadelphia tourist attraction. The firm's twenty-nine presses were printing about 2,000 titles a year.... A fire in 1899 destroyed the firm's office and manufacturing plant.... By 1901 the new building at East Washington Square was ready for occupancy. (DLB 49). ... issued some cheap books throughout the entire period 1870-1891. The Lippincott catalog for 1876 listed twenty-five cent editions of Scott's novels in illuminated paper covers. In the latter part of the 1880s he published complete books such as The Light That Failed and A Picture of Dorian Gray in a single issue of Lippincott's Magazine, later issuing them separately at twenty-five cents each. (Shove).

An extensive Lippincott archive (140 linear feet) is located at the Historical Society of Pennsyvania in Philadelphia. Its finding aid contains a detail history of the firm; scroll down to "Lippincott" to bring up a PDF version. There is also a robust entry for Lippincott on Wikipedia.

See also Lucas Dietrich, "On Commission: Maria Ampara Ruiz de Burton and the J. B. Lippincott & Co. Job Printing Department," PBSA 113:4 (December 2019), for information on the Lippincott Company in the 1870s and the company records now at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY J.B. Lippincott:

1882 PTLA. Popular Poets. Bound in full calf, round corners, assorted colors, illuminated with floral and appropriate designs, painted by hand. Price, $4.00. [Both Works and Lucile included in list of 15 titles]. Bound in full calf, round corners, silk centers, illuminated with foral designs, painted by hand. Price $4.00. [Both and Lucile are offered in list of same 15 titles].

1884 PTLA. Popular Poets. With Oxford Red Line Borders, Lansdowne Style. Cloth, Gilt Edges and Gilt Sides. $1.25.
The Same. Household Editions. Neatly Bound in Cloth. $1.25.
The Same. Morocco. $2.00.
The Same. Tree Calf, Extra. $4.00. [Both Works and Lucile included in all four styles].

1888 PTLA. Select List of Poets, in Leather Binding. New and Beautiful Style. Padded. Retail price, $2.00. [Both Works and Lucile included].

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Last revised: 4 October 2020