PUBLISHER: R. F. Fenno and Company, New York, 1885-1929

ABOUT: "R.F. Fenno and Company was founded in 1885 ... at 112 Fifth Avenue, New York, to publish fiction. It offered editions of classics as well as new works of fiction in cloth and paper wrappers. ... By the turn of the century the firm was in financial trouble and between 1903 and 1905 was managed by a committee of its creditors. ...[Robert F.] Fenno retired from the firm in 1929. It was continued by his associates under the name of Diehl, Landau and Pettit. This company was succeeded by the Landau Book Company, Incorporated...." (DLB 49:163). An obituary of Fenno appeared in Publishers' Weekly 132 (4 September 1937): p824. Roger Paas informs The Project he has established the order of firm addresses as 1885-1897: 112 Fifth Avenue; 1898-1905: 9 & 11 East 16th Street; 1906-1929: 16 as well as 18 Sixteen 17th Street.

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY R. F. Fenno & Co. :

1899, 1902 PTLA: Wedgwood Series. Uniform cloth binding. Printed from Large Type, on Good Paper and Bound in Uniform Cloth Binding, With Side and Back Stamp in White Ink on Blue Cloth. Price, per copy, 75 cents. [Cut].

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Last revised: 17 April 2020