PUBLISHER: Dodge Publishing Company, New York, 1895-1928

ABOUT: Founded in San Francisco 1895 as Dodge Book and Stationary Co.; moved to 317 Broadway, New York 1898; 1899 to 150 Fifth Avenue as Dodge Publishing Company. Calendar and gift book publisher. (DLB 49). Later addresses in PTLA cataiogs include 1903 23 East 20th Street; 1906 40-42 East 19th Street; 1907 214-220 East 23d Street; 1917 33d Street Eighth Avenue 34th Street; 1919 53-55 Fifth Avenue; 1927 148-157 West 23rd Street; 1928 7 West 16th Street; and 1931 4 West 16th Street (which also has the earliest mention of McBride).

Taken over 1928 by Robert M. McBride & Co. (Brief Studies). Founded in 1897 in San Francisco as the Dodge Book and Stationery Company for the manufacture of gift books and calendars. The following year the firm appeared in New York as Dodge Stationery Company, and in 1899 as Dodge Publishing Company. In 1927 the concern was acquired by Robert M. McBride and has been associated with Robert M. McBride and Company (now The McBride Company, Inc.) as a separate corporation. (Stern).

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Dodge Publishing Co.: 1902 United States Catalog. Lucile. (Book-lover Books). lea[ther]. $2. '01. (Green bk. ser.) bds. 25c. '01. 1912 Lucile. ooze lea[ther]. $2. 1928 Lucile. lea[ther]. $3.

All Dodge editions appear to have as their text block the 1889 Stokes & Brother "Vignette" edition with illustrations by Frank M. Gregory, printed on a heavy, calendared paper, and an inserted Dodge title page. A single binding design -- a title vignette stamped in gold -- is illustrated PTLA 1914-1928. The same (or similar) design seems to have been executed in ooze leather, "brocade leather" (a mottled leather possibly produced by blind-stamping the material), and "leathercraft" (probably a "manufactured" leather).

1905-1908 PTLA: Lucile. With numerous illustrations. The best edition in print. 5 1/4 x 8 ooze leather, $2.00.

1909-1913 PTLA: A charming edition of this favorite poem with over one hundred illustrations by Frank M. Gregory. 5 1/2 x 8 Ooze Leather, $2.00.

1914-1916 PTLA: as 1913. [Cut of Lucile].
1917-1918 PTLA: as 1916. Leathercraft. $4.00 net. [Cut].
1919 PTLA: as 1918. Ooze Leather, $2.50 Net; 3/4 Leather $2.50 Net; Leathercraft $4.00 Net. [Cut].
1920-1921 PTLA: as 1919. Ooze Leather, $3.00 Net; 3/4 Leather $2.50 Net; Leathercraft $5.00 Net. [Cut].

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1922-1923 PTLA: as 1919. Ooze Leather, $3.00 Net; 3/4 Leather $3.00 Net; Brocade Leather $3.00 Net. [Cut].
1924-1928 PTLA: as 1923. Ooze Leather, $3.00 Net; Brocade Leather $3.00 Net. [(Cut].

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