Index to DLB volume 49

Peter Dzwonkoski, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 49: American Literary Publishing Houses, 1638-1899 (Detroit: Gale Research Co., c1986). Volume 1: A-M; Volume 2: N-Z.

These two volumes are a highly valuable resource of information about a selected group of American publishers who entered (and by and large had left) business before 1900. Individual articles were researched and written by competent librarians and scholars, and many include portraits of publishers, publisher’s devices, photographs, and other reproduced items. Some articles are brief, but nearly all conclude with a bibliography of further sources.

Scholarship on American publishing 1638-1900 certainly did not end in 1986 when these volumes were published – the head notes to pages in The LUCILE Project often contain new information drawn from other sources, and there is certainly much more to find and record about the firms included in DLB 49.  Nonetheless, DLB 49 remains a remarkably useful starting point for the firms it includes.

The following list records the publishers covered in the two volumes.  The number of articles is relatively small, but many articles included information on descendent and related firms and the dates these were active. That information has been included here with “See” and “See also” references and greatly expands the number of firms referenced. “See also” references point from the article to related firms described in the two volumes; “See” references point from related firms to the DLB 49 article in which they are discussed.  Individual names precede firms.

Please note: I cannot myself tell you more about these publishers, nor can I research articles in DLB 49 for you.  However, this set is very widely held by in library reference departments. It can be found in virtually all college, university, and research libraries as well as in larger or main public libraries. The local branch of your nearest public library may well have it, be able to point you toward a copy, or easily obtain access to one for you. You may also have access to its full text electronically if your library subscribes to Contemporary Authors and related Thomsen-Gale data bases.

Volume 1

Abbey Press (New York: 1893?-1903)

Adams, J. S. and C. (Amherst, MA: 1827-1856) – See also Adams and Carter

Adams and Carter (Amherst, MA: 1825-2827) - See J. S. and C. Carter

Advance Publishing Company (Chicago, Oak Park, IL: 1867-circa 1920)

Aitken, Robert (Philadelphia: 1773-1813)

Alden Brothers Publishers (New York: 1905-1908) - See Alden, John B.

Alden, John B. (New York: 1879-1908) - see also American Book Exchange; Useful Knowledge Publishing Company; Alden Publishing Company; Elzevir Publishing Company; John B. Alden Publishing Company; Alden Brothers Publishers

Alden, John B., Publishing Company (New York: 1895-1905) – See Alden, John B.

Alden Publishing Company (New York: 1883-1892) – See Alden, John B.

Alden, Beardsley and Company (Auburn, NY: 1853-1857) – See also Alden, Markham and Company

Alden, Markham and Company (Auburn, NY: 1852-1853) – See Alden, Beardsley and Company

Alexander, Charles Wesley (Philadelphia: 1861-1878?)

Allen, John, and Company (Boston, New York: 1834-circa 1839) – See also Allen and Ticknor

Allen and Ticknor (Boston: 1832-1834) – See John Allen and Company; Ticknor and Fields

Allison, W. L. (New York: 1869-1892)   

Henry Altemus and Company (Philadelphia: 1842-1936)

American Book Exchange (New York: 1879-1881) – See Alden, John B.

American News Company (New York: 1864-1969)

American Publishers Corporation (New York: 1893-1900) – See United States Book Company

American Publishing Company (Hartford, CT: 1865-1903)

American Stationers' Company (Boston: 1837-1838)

American Sunday-School Union (Philadelphia: 1824-1974)

American Temperance Union (Philadelphia: 1836-1865)

American Tract Society (New York et al: 1825-- )

American Unitarian Association (Boston: 1854-1902) – See Beacon Press

Andrus, Silas (Hartford: 1820-1833) - See Silas Andrus and Son

Andrus, Silas, and Son (Hartford, CT: 1844-circa 1855) – See also Andrus and Judd; Silas Andrus

Andrus and Judd (Hartford: 1833-1839) – See Silas Andrus and Son

Anners, Henry F. (Philadelphia: 1842-1850)

Appleton, D. (New York: 1831-1838) – See D. Appleton and Company

Appleton, D., and Company (New York: 1838-1933)

Arena Publishing Company, The (Boston: 1890-1896)

Authors' Publishing Company (New York: 1873-1880)

Babcock, John (Hartford, CT: 1795-1802) – See also John Babcock and Son

Babcock, John, and Son (Hartford, CT: 1811-1824) – See John Babcock

Badger, Richard G., and Company (Boston: 1896?-1932)

Bailey, Francis (Lancaster, PA; Philadelphia: 1772-1797) – See also F. and R. Bailey; Lydia R. Bailey

Bailey, F. and R. (Philadelphia: 1797-1808) - See Francis Bailey

Bailey; Lydia R. (Philadelphia: 1808-1861 – See Francis Bailey

Baker, Pratt and Company (1874-1885) – See Baker and Taylor Company

Baker and Taylor Company, The (New York; New Jersey: 1885--) – See also D.F. Robinson and Company; Robinson, Pratt and Company; Pratt, Woodford and Company; Farmer, Brace and Company; Pratt, Oakley and Company; Blakeman and Mason; Mason, Baker and Pratt; Baker, Pratt and Company

Baker, George M., and Company (Boston: 1872-1892) – See Walter H. Baker Company

Baker, Walter H., Company ("Baker's Plays") (Boston: 1892--) – See also Herbert Sweet and Company; George M. Baker and Company

Baker, Crane and Day (New York: 1846-1848) – See Mahlon Day

Baker and Scribner (New York: 1846-1850) – See Charles Scribner's Sons

Ballou, M. M. (Boston: 1854-1863) – See F. Gleason’s Publishing Hall

Baltimore Publishing Company (Baltimore: 1884-1894) – See Kelly, Piet and Company

Bancroft, A. L., and Company (San Francisco: 1869-1897) – See also H.H. Bancroft and Company; The Bancroft Company; The History Company; Bancroft-Whitney Company

Bancroft Company, The (San Francisco: 1887-1898) – See A.L. Bancroft and Company

Bancroft, H. H. and Company (San Francisco: 1856-1869) – See A.L. Bancroft and Company

Bancroft-Whitney Company (San Francisco: 1887-1919) – See A.L. Bancroft and Company

Barclay, E. E., and Company (New York; Cincinnati; Philadelphia: 1840-1891)

Bardeen, C. W. (Syracuse, NY: 1880-1922) – See also Davis, Bardeen and Company

Barlow, W. W., and Company (Chicago: 1844-1848) – See A. C. McClurg and Company

Barnes, A. S., and Company (Hartford; Philadelphia; New York; San Diego: 1838--) – See also Barnes and Burr

Barnes and Burr (New York: 1859-1865) – See A. S. Barnes and Company

Beacon Press (Boston: 1902 --) – See also American Unitarian Association

Beadle and Adams (Buffalo; New York: 1856-1860) – See also: Beadle and Vanduzee; Beadle and Brother; Irwin P. Beadle and Company; Beadle and Company

Beadle and Brother (Buffalo: 1853-1856) – See Beadle and Adams

Beadle, Irwin P., and Company (New York: 1860) – See Beadle and Adams

Beadle and Company (New York: 1860-1872) – See Beadle and Adams

Beadle and Vanduzee (Buffalo: 1851-1853) – See Beadle and Adams

Belford, Clarke and Company (Chicago; New York: 1875-1892)

Robert Bell (Philadelphia: 1768-1784)

Benziger Brothers (New York: 1853-1972) – See also Benziger Publishing Company

Benziger Publishing Company (New York; Encino, CA: 1972 --) – See Benziger Brothers

Berford, R. G., Company (Philadelphia; New York: circa 1840-1844)

Bethany Press (St. Louis: 1954-1984) – See The Christian Publishing Company

Biddle, Drexel (Philadelphia: 1897-1904) – See also Drexel Biddle and Bradley

Biddle, Drexel, and Bradley (Philadelphia: 1895-1897) – See Drexel Biddle

Bioren, John (Philadelphia: 1797-1835) – See also Bioren and Madam; Mountford, Bioren and Company

Bioren and Madam (Philadelphia: 1795-1797) – See John Bioren

Blakeman and Mason (New York: 1862-1864) - See Baker and Taylor Company

Blakiston Company, The (Philadelphia; New York: 1939-1954) – See also Lindsay and Blakison Company; P. Blakiston Son and Company; Blakiston’s, P., Son and Company

Blakiston, P., Son and Company (Philadelphia: 1882-1898) - See The Blakiston Company

Blakiston’s, P., Son and Company (Philadelphia: 1898-1939) – See The Blakiston Company

Blanchard and Lea (Philadelphia: 1851-1865) – See M. Carey and Company

Blelock and Company (New York: 1864-1869)

Bliss, E., and E. White (New York: 1821-1826) – See also White and Bliss; E. Bliss

Bliss, E. (New York: 1826-1833) – See E. Bliss and E. White

Bonner's Sons, Robert (New York: 1887-1903)

Book Supply Company (Chicago: 1895-1920)

Bowen-Merrill Company (Indianapolis: 1885-1903)

Bradburn, John (New York: 1861-1866)

Bradley and Company (Philadelphia: 1887-1888) – See J. W. Bradley and Company

Bradley, A. I. (Boston: 1893-1900) – See Ira Bradley and Company

Bradley, Ira, and Company (Boston: circa 1876-1890) – See also Bradley and Woodruff; A. I. Bradley

Bradley and Woodruff (Boston: 1890-1893) – see Ira Bradley and Company

Bradley, J. W., and Company (Philadelphia: circa 1849-1887) – See also Bradley and Company

Brady, Frederic A. (New York: 1858?-1873?)

Brainard, Charles H. (Boston: 1843-1845)

Brentano's (New York: 1885-1933)

Buffum, Job (Boston: 1850-circa 1861)

Bunce and Brother (New York: 1852-1856)

Burgess and Garrett (New York: 1848-1850) – See Burgess, Stringer and Company

Burgess, Stringer and Company (New York: 1843-1848) – See also Burgess and Garrett; Garrett, Dick and Fitzgerald

Burt, A. L. (New York: 1883-1962) - See A. L. Burt Company

Burt, A. L., Company (New York: 1902-1937) – See also A. L. Burt

Butler, E. H., and Company (Philadelphia: 1837-1898) – See also Butler, Sheldon and Company

Butler, Sheldon and Company (Philadelphia, New York: 1898-1903) – See E. H. Butler and Company

Caldwell, H. M., Company (New York, Boston: 1896-1914)

Cambridge Press (Cambridge, MA: 1638-1692)

Carey, E. L. (Philadelphia: 1829-1839) – See Carey and Hart

Carey, H. C., and I. Lea (Philadelphia: 1822-1827) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, M., and Company (Philadelphia: 1785) – See also Carey, Talbot and Spotswood; Mathew Carey and Company; Carey, Stewart and Company; M. Carey; M. Carey and Son; M. Carey and Sons; H. C. Carey and I. Lea; Carey, Lea and Carey; Carey and Lea; Carey, Lea and Blanchard; Lea and Blanchard; Blanchard and Lea; Henry C. Lea; Henry C. Lea's Son and Company; Lea Brothers and Company; Lea and Febiger

Carey, M. (Philadelphia: 1792-1816) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, M., and Son (Philadelphia: 1817-1821) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, M., and Sons (Philadelphia: 1821) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, Matthew, and Company (Philadelphia: 1787-1789) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, Stewart and Company (Philadelphia: 1790-1791) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, Talbot and Spotswood (Philadelphia: 1786-1787) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey and Hart (Philadelphia: 1839-1849) – See also E. L. Carey and A. Hart; A. Hart

Carey and Lea (Philadelphia: 1829-1832) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, Lea and Carey (Philadelphia: 1827-1829) – See M. Carey and Company

Carey, Lea and Blanchard (Philadelphia: 1833-1838) – See M. Carey and Company

Carleton, G. W. (New York: 1861-1871) – See also G.W. Carleton and Company

Carleton, G.W. and Company (New York: 1871-1886) – See G.W. Carleton

Carter and Adams (Amherst, MA: 1825-1827) – See Adams, J. S. and C.

Carter, Robert (New York: 1848-1890) – See Robert Carter and Brothers

Carter, Robert, and Brothers (New York: 1834-1848) - See also Robert Carter

Carter and Hendee (Boston: 1828-1830; 1831-1832) – See also Carter, Hendree and Babcock; Carter, Hendree and Company

Carter, Hendree and Babcock (Boston: 1830-1831) – See Carter and Hendree

Carter, Hendree and Company (Boston: 1832-1836) – See Carter and Hendree

Cassell Publishing Company (New York: 1860-1899)

CBP Press (St. Louis: 1984 --) – See The Christian Publishing Company

Century Company, The (New York: 1881-1933)

Charles, Mary (Philadelphia: 1820-1823) – See William Charles

Charles, William (New York, Philadelphia: 1808-1820) – See also Mary Charles      

Christian Board of Education, The (St. Louis: 1914-1954) – See The Christian Publishing Company

Christian Publishing Company, The (St. Louis: 1870-1914) – See also The Christian Board of Education; Bethany Press; CBP Press

Church, Goodman and Donnelley (Chicago: 1864-1870) – See R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company

Clarke, Robert, and Company (Cincinnati: 1858-1894) – See also The Robert Clarke Company

Clarke, Robert, Company, The (Cincinnati: 1894-1909) – See Robert Clarke and Company

Claxton, E., and Company (Philadelphia: 1880-1891) – See E. Claxton and Company

Claxton, Remsen and Haffelfinger (Philadelphia: 1868-1880) – See also E. Claxton and Company

Coates, Henry T., and Company (Philadelphia: 1895-1904) – See Porter and Coates

Collier Books (New York: 1961- ) – See P. F. Collier

Collier, P. F. (New York: 1874-1898) – See also P. F. Collier and Son; P. F. Collier and Son Company; P. F. Collier and Son Corporation; P. F. Collier, Incorporated; Collier Books

Collier, P. F., and Son (New York: 1898-1918) – See P. F. Collier

Collier, P. F., and Son Company (New York: 1918-1919) – See P. F. Collier

Collier, P. F., and Son Corporation (New York: 1919-1960) – See P. F. Collier

Collier, P. F., Incorporated (New York: 1960-1961) – See P. F. Collier

Collin and Small (New York: circa 1873-circa 1876)

Collins, B. and S., (New York: 1835-1836)

Collins, Charles (New York: 1884-1890)

Collins, Isaac (Burlington, New Jersey; Trenton, New Jersey; New York: 1770-1802) – See also Isaac Collins and Son; Collins, Perkins and Company; Collins and Perkins; Collins and Company; Collins and Hannay; B. and S. Collins; Collins, Keese and Company; Collins, Brother and Company; Collins and Brother; Charles Collins

Collins, Isaac, and Son (New York: 1802-1805)

Collins and Brother (New York: 1847-1884)

Collins, Brother and Company (New York: 1842-1847)

Collins and Company (New York: 1811-1817)

Collins and Hannay (New York: 1817-1834)

Collins, Keese and Company (New York: 1836-1842)

Collins and Perkins (New York: 1808-1811)

Collins, Perkins and Company (New York: 1805-1808)

Colman, S. (Portland, ME, New York: 1830?-1846)    

Conkey, W.B. Company (Chicago, Hammond, IN: 1877-1949)

Conrad, John (Philadelphia: 1817-1822?) – see John Conrad and Company

Conrad, John, and Company (Philadelphia: 1800-1816) – See also John Conrad

Continental Publishing Company, The (New York: circa 1896-circa 1906)

Cook, David C., Publishing Company (Chicago: 1875-1935)

Cooke, Increase, and Company (New Haven, CT: 1802-1813)

Coolidge, George (Boston: circa 1840-circa 1889)     

Copeland and Day (Boston: circa 1892-1899)

Cornish and Lamport (New York: 1850-1852) – See Nafis and Cornish

Coryell and Company (New York: 1897-1904) – See Lovell, Coryell and Company

Coverly, N. (Boston et al: 1770-1803)

Crowell, Thomas Y., Company (New York: 1876-1979)

Cummings and Hilliard (Boston: 1812-1823) – See also Cummings, Hilliard and Company

Cummings, Hilliard and Company (Boston: 1823-1827) – See Cummings and Hilliard

Cunningham, Peter F. (Philadelphia: circa 1860-1873) – See also Peter F. Cunningham and Son

Cunningham, Peter F., and Son (Philadelphia: 1873-1908) – See Peter F. Cunningham

Cupples, J. G., Company (Boston: 1890-1893) – See Cupples, Upham and Company

Cupples and Company, Publisher (Boston: 1887) – See Cupples, Upham and Company

Cupples and Hurd (Boston: 1887-1890) – See Cupples, Upham and Company

Cupples, Upham and Company (Boston: 1883-1887) – See also Cupples and Company, Publisher; Cupples and Hurd; J. G. Cupples Company

Damrell, William S. (Boston: 1835-1837; 1848-1861) – See also Ford and Damrell; Whipple and Damrell

Davis, Bardeen and Company (Syracuse, NY: 1874-1880) – See C.W. Bardeen

Davis and Porter (Philadelphia: 1848-1866) – See Porter and Coates

Davis, Porter and Coates (Philadelphia: 1866-1867) – See Porter and Coates

Day, Mahlon (New York: 1820?-1846) – See also Day and Turner; Baker, Crane and Day

Day and Turner (New York: 1815-1820?) – See Mahlon Day

Denison, T. S., and Company (Chicago, Minneapolis: 1876--)

Derby, J. C., and Company (New York: 1853-1855) – See also Derby and Jackson; Derby and Miller

Derby and Jackson (New York: 1855-1861) – See J. C. Derby and Company

Derby and Miller (Auburn, NY: 1850-1854) – See also J. C. Derby and Company; Derby, Miller and Company; Miller, Orton and Mulligan

Derby, Miller and Company (Auburn, NY: 1848-1850) – See Derby and Miller

DeWitt, Robert M., Publisher (New York: 1857-1877) – See also DeWitt and Davenport

DeWitt and Davenport (New York: 1848-1856) – See Robert M. Dewitt, Publisher

DeWolfe, Fiske and Company ((Boston: 1880-1905) – See also DeWolfe and Fiske

DeWolfe and Fiske (Boston, Canton, MA: 1905--) – See DeWolfe, Fiske and Company

Dick and Fitzgerald (New York: 1858-1917) – See also Fitzgerald Publishing Corporation

Diehl, Landau and Pettit (New York: 1929-19??) – See R. F. Fenno and Company

Dillingham, Charles T., Company (New York: 1875-1891) – See also Charles T. Dillingham and Company

Dillingham, Charles T., and Company (New York: 1891-1896) – See Charles T. Dillingham Company

Dillingham, G. W., Company, The (New York: 1886-1916)

Dix, Edwards and Company (New York: 1854-1857)

Dodd, M.W. (New York: 1840-1870) – See Dodd, Mead and Company

Dodd and Mead (New York: 1870-1876) – See Dodd, Mead and Company

Dodd, Mead and Company (New York: 1876--) – See also Taylor and Dodd; M. W. Dodd; Dodd and Mead

Dodge Book and Stationery Company (San Francisco: 1895-1898) - See Dodge Publishing Company

Dodge Publishing Company (New York: 1899-1949) – See also Dodge Book and Stationery Company; Dodge Stationery Company

Dodge Stationery Company (New York: 1898-1899) - See Dodge Publishing Company

Donahoe, Patrick (Boston: 1850-1876)

Donnelley, Gassette and Loyd (Chicago: 1877-1882) – See R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company

Donnelley, R. R., and Sons Company (Chicago: 1882- ) – See also Church, Goodman and Donnelley; Lakeside Publishing and Printing Company; Donnelley, Gassette and Loyd

Donohue and Henneberry (Chicago: 1871-1903) – See also M. A. Donohue Company

Donohue, M. A., Company (Chicago: 1903--) – See Donohue and Henneberry

Doolady, M. (New York: 1860?-1873?)

Doubleday and Company (New York: 1946--) - See also Doubleday and McClure; Doubleday, Doran and Company (Garden City, New York: 1927-1946) – See Doubleday and Company; Doubleday, Page and Company; Doubleday, Doran and Company

Doubleday and McClure (New York: 1897-1899) – See Doubleday and Company

Doubleday, Page and Company (New York, Garden City: 1900-1927) – See Doubleday and Company

William Doxey (San Francisco: 1881-1901)

Dramatic Publishing Company, The (Chicago: 1885--)

Draper and Folsom (Boston: 1778-1783)

Dunigan, Edward, and Brother (New York: 1840?-1868)

Dunlap and Grosset (New York: 1898-1899) – See Grosset and Dunlap

Durrell, William (New York: circa 1786-circa 1802)

Dutton, E.P., and Company (Boston, New York: circa 1858--) – See also Ide and Dutton

Dyyckinck, Evert (New York: 1799-1833) – See Duyckinck and Company

Duyckinck and Company (New York: 1793-1799) – See also Evert Duyckinck

Earle, James H., and Company (Boston: 1869-1922)

Editor Publishing Company, The (Franklin, OH, Cincinnati: 1895-1910?)

Elder, Paul, and Company (San Francisco, New York: 1903-1948) – See also Elder and Shephard

Elder and Shephard (San Francisco: 1899-1903) – See Paul Elder and Company

Elliott, Thomes and Talbot (Boston: 1863-1870) – see also Elliot and Thomes; Thomes and Talbot

Elliott and Thomes (Boston: 1861-1863) – See Elliott, Thomes and Talbot

Ellis, George H., Company, The (Boston: 1873-1926?)

Elton, John, and Company (New York: 1840-1848) – See McLoughlin Brothers Elzevir Publishing Company (New York: 1893-1894) – See Alden, John B.

Ess Ess Publishing Company (New York: 1890-1902) – See also Smart Set Publishing Company

Estes and Lauriat (Boston: 1872-1898) – See also Dana Estes and Company

Estes, Dana, and Company (Boston: 1898-1914) – See Estes and Lauriat

Evans and Cogswell (Charleston; Columbia, South Carolina: 1860-1865) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Farmer, Brace and Company (New York: 1860-1861) - See Baker and Taylor Company

Federal Book Company (New York: 1902-1904) – See F. M. Lupton Publishing Company

Fenno, R. F., and Company (New York: 1885-1929) – See also Diehl, Landau and Pettit; Landau Book Company

Ferret, E., and Company (New York, Philadelphia: circa 1840-circa 1850)

Fetridge and Company (Boston: 1850-1855)

Fields, Osgood and Company (Boston: 1868-1870)

Fitzgerald Publishing Corporation (New York: 1917-1940) – See Dick and Fitzgerald

Folsom, John West (Boston: 1783-1801) – See also Draper and Folson

Forbes and Company (Bostson, Chicago: 1864-circa 1939)

Ford, J. B., and Company (New York: 1867-1878)

Ford and Damrell (Boston: 1837-1848) – See William S. Damrell

Fords, Howard, and Hulbert (New York: 1877-1912?)

Fowler, L. N. and O. S. (Philadelphia: 1838-1844) – See Fowler and Wells Company

Fowlers and Wells (Philadelphia, New York: 1844-1855) – See Fowlers and Wells Company

Fowler and Wells Company (New York: 1853-circa 1917) – See also L. N. and O. S. Fowler; Fowlers and Wells

Fox, Richard K. (New York: 1877-1919) – See also R. K. Fox Publishing Company

Fox, R. K., Publishing Company (1919-1932) – See Richard K. Fox

Francis, C. S. (New York: 1826-1860)

French, James (Boston: 1843-1860)

French, Samuel (New York: 1846-1871, 1899-- ) – See also Samuel French and Son; T. H[enry] French

French, Samuel, and Son (New York: 1871-1891) – See Samuel French

French, T. H[enry] (New York: 1891-1899) – See Samuel French

Gaine, Hugh (New York: 1752-1800)

Garrett, Dick and Fitzgerald (New York: 1850-1851) - Burgess, Stringer and Company

Gaylord, Charles (Boston: circa 1830-circa 1840)

Gerrish, Samuel (Boston: 1704-1751)

Gill, William F., Company (Boston: circa 1850-1900)

Gilman, W. and J. (Newburyport, MA: 1805-1851)

Gleason's, F., Publishing Hall (Boston: 1844-1854) – See also M. M. Ballou

Godey and McMichael (Philadelphia: 1841-1843)

Goodrich, S. G. (Hartford, CT, Boston: 1817-1851) – See also Sheldon and Goodrich

Goodspeed, C. E., and Company (Boston: 1898-1923)

Graham, William H. (Philadelphia, New York: 1843-1849)

Green, T. and S. (New Haven, CT: 1767-1825)

Green, Timothy (Boston: 1700-1714)

Greene, Benjamin H. (Boston: circa 1830-circa 1849)

Grigg, Eliot and Company (Philadelphia: 1833-1850) – See Jacob Johnson and Company

Griggs, S. C., and Company (Chicago: 1849-1896) – See also Griggs, Bross and Company; A. C. McClurg and Company

Griggs, Bross and Company (Chicago: 1848-1849) – See S. C. Griggs and Company; A. C. McClurg and Company

Grosset, Alexander, and Company (New York: 1899-1900) – See Grosset and Dunlap

Grosset and Dunlap (New York: 1900-- ) – See also Dunlap and Grosset; Alexander Grosset and Company

Hale, E. J., and Son (Fayetteville, NC, New York: 1850-1884)

Hall, Samuel (Salem, MA, Boston: 1768-1772, 1776-1805) – See S. and E. Hall

Hall, S. and E. (1772-1776) – see Samuel Hall

Hall and Nancrede (Boston: 1795) – See Joseph Nancrede

Harper, J. and J. (New York: 1817-1833) – See Harper and Brothers

Harper and Brothers (New York: 1833-1962); see also J. and J. Harper; Harper and Row, Publishers

Harper and Row, Publishers (New York: 1962-- ) – See Harper and Brothers

Harrison, James P., Company (Atlanta: 1873-1907) – See also Harrison Company

Harrison Company (Atlanta, Norcross, GA: 1907-- ) – See James P. Harrison Company

Hart, A. (Philadelphia: 1849-1854) – See Carey and Hart

Hazard, Willis P. (Philadelphia: circa 1851-1864)

Herder, B., Book Company (St. Louis: 1873-1967, 1969-1972) – See also Herder of St. Louis

Herder of St. Louis (St. Louis: 1967-1969) – See B. Herder Book Company

Herrick, E. R., and Company (New York: 197-1900)

Hill, George M., Company (Chicago: circa 1896-1902)

Hilliard, Gray and Company (Boston: 1827-1843)

Hilton and Company (New York: 1865-1869; 1871-circa 1873) – See also Hilton and Syme

Hilton and Syme (New York: 1870) – See Hilton and Company

History Company, The (San Francisco: 1887-1892) – See A.L. Bancroft and Company

Hogan and Thompson (Philadelphia: 1832-1852)

Holt, Henry, and Company (New York: 1873-1960) – See also Leypoldt and Holt; Leypoldt, Holt and Williams; Holt and Williams

Holt and Williams (New York: 1871-1873) – See Henry Holt and Company

Home Publishing Company (New York: 1887-1908)

Hosford, E. and E. (Albany, NY: 1806-1828)

Hotchkiss and Company (Boston: circa 1845-circa 1853)

Houghton, Mifflin and Company (Boston: 1880-1908) – See Houghton Mifflin Company

Houghton Mifflin Company (Boston: 1908-- ) – See also Houghton, Mifflin and Company

Houghton, Osgood and Company (Boston: 1878-1880) – See Hurd and Houghton; James R. Osgood and Company

Hoyt, Henry (Boston: circa 1858-circa 1878)

Hudson and Goodwin (Hartford, CT: 1779-1815)

Hurd and Houghton (New York: 1864-1878) – See also Houghton, Osgood and Company

Hurst and Company (New York: 1871-1919)

Ide and Dutton (Boston: 1852-1858) – See E. P. Dutton and Company

Ivers, M. J., and Company (New York: circa 1887-circa 1905)

Jacobs, George W., and Company (Philadelphia: 1892-1925)

James, J. A., and Company (Cincinnati: 1835-1837) – See U. P. James

James, J. A., and U. P. (Cincinnati: 1847-1834) – See U. P. James

James, U. P. (Cincinnati: 1831-1835, 1837-1847, 1854-1880) – See also J. A. James and Company; J. A. and U. P. James

Jansen, McClurg and Company (Chicago: 1872-1886) – See A. C. McClurg and Company

Jewett, John P., and Company (Boston: 1847-1857)

Jewish Publication Society of American, The (Philadelphia: 1888-1983) – See Jewish Publication Society

Jewish Publication Society, The (Philadelphia: 1985-- ) – See also The Jewish Publication Society of American

Johnson, Benjamin (Philadelphia: 1792-circa 1810)

Johnson, Benjamin, Jacob, and Robert (Philadelphia: 1796-1805)

Johnson, Jacob, and Company (Philadelphia: 1792-1808) – See also Johnson and Warner; Grigg, Eliot and Company

Johnson and Warner (Philadelphia: 1808-1833) – See Jacob Johnson and Company

Jones's Publishing House (Boston: circa 1844-circa 1894)

Judd, Orange, Publishing Company (New York: 1864-1972) – See also Charles M. Saxton; Miles and Saxton

Keen, W.B., Cooke and Company (Chicago: 1869-1877)

Kelly and Piet; John B. Piet; John B. Piet and Company; Baltimore Publishing Company

Kelly, Hedian and Piet (Baltimore: 1859-1863) – See Kelly, Piet and Company

Kelly and Piet (Baltimore: circa 1863-1869) – See Kelly, Piet and Company

Kelly, Piet and Company (Baltimore: 1869-1879) – See also Kelly, Hedian and Piet;

Kenedy, John, (Baltimore; New York: 1826-1865) – See P. J. Kenedy and Sons

Kenedy, John, and Son (New York: 1865-1866) – See P. J. Kenedy and Sons

Kenedy, P. J. (New York: 1866-1904) – See P. J. Kenedy and Sons

Kenedy, P. J., and Sons (New York: 1904-1982) – See also John Kenedy; John Kenedy and Son; P. J. Kenedy

Keppler and Schwarzmann (New York: 1876-1913)

Kerr, Charles H., and Company (Chicago: 1886-- )

Key and Biddle (Philadelphia: 1833-1836)

Kiggins, Henry, and Company (New York: 1882-1885) – See Kiggins and Kellogg

Kiggins and Kellogg (New York: 1830?-1866) – See also Kiggins and Tooker; Henry Kiggins and Company

Kiggins and Tooker (New York: 1866-1882) – See Kiggins and Kellogg

King, Solomon (New York: 1821-1832)

Laird and Lee (Chicago: 1883-1974)

Lakeside Publishing and Printing Company (Chicago: 1870-1877) – See R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company

Lamson, Wolffe and Company (Boston: 1895-1899)

Lamport, Blakeman and Law (New York: 1852-1853) – See Nafis and Cornish

Landau Book Company (New York, Long Beach: 19??-- ) – See R. F. Fenno Company

Lane, John, Company, The (New York: 1896-1922)

Lea, Henry C. (Philadelphia: 1865-1879) – See M. Carey and Company

Lea and Blanchard (Philadelphia: 1838-1850; 1865) – See M. Carey and Company

Lea Brothers and Company (Philadelphia: 1885-1907) – See M. Carey and Company

Lea and Febiger (Philadelphia: 1908- ) – See M. Carey and Company

Lea’s, Henry C., Son and Company (Philadelphia: 1880-1884) – See M. Carey and Company

Leary, W. A., and Company (Philadelphia: 1836-circa 1866)

Leavitt, Jonathan (New York: 1830-1840) – See Leavitt and Allen

Leavitt and Allen (New York: 1851-1870) – See also Jonathan Leavitt; Leavitt and Trow;

Leavitt and Allen Brothers; World Publishing Company

Leavitt and Allen Brothers (New York: 1870-1876) – See Leavitt and Allen

Leavitt and Trow (New York: 1840-1851) – See Leavitt and Allen

Lee and Shepard (Bostson: 1862-1964) – See also Lothrop, Lee and Shephard

Leslie, Frank, Publishing House, The (New York: 1854-1905

Leypoldt and Holt (New York: 1866-1870) – See Henry Holt and Company

Leypoldt, Holt and Williams (New York: 1870-1871) – See Henry Holt and Company

Lilly, Wait and Company (Boston: circa 1810-1814, circa 1833-1834)

Lincoln and Edmands (Boston: 1905-1833)

Lindsay and Blakison Company (Philadelphia: 1843-1882) – See The Blakiston Company

Lippincott, J. B. (Philadelphia: 1836-1849) – See J.B. Lippincott Company

Lippincott, J. B., and Company (Philadelphia: 1855-1885) – See J.B. Lippincott Company

Lippincott, J. B., Company (Philadelphia: 1885-1978; 1981- ) – See also J. B. Lippincott; Lippincott, Grambo and Company; J. B. Lippincott and Company; Lippincott and Crowell, Publishers

Lippincott and Crowell, Publishers (New York: 1978-1981) – See J.B. Lippincott Company

Lippincott, Grambo and Company (Philadelphia: 1850-1855) – See J.B. Lippincott Company

Little, Charles C., and James Brown (Boston: 1837-1847) – See Little, Brown and Company

Little, Brown and Company (Boston: 1847-- ) – See also Charles C. Little and James Brown

Long, H., and Brother (New York: 1847?-1860)

Longmans, Green and Company (New York: 1887-1961)

Longworth, D.   (New York: 1796-1821)

Loring, A. K. (Boston: 1859-1881)       

Lothrop, D., and Company (Boston: 1868-1895) – See also Lothrop Publishing Company

Lothrop Publishing Company (Boston: 1895-1904) – See D. Lothrop and Company

Lothrop, Lee and Shephard (Boston, New York: 1904-- ) – See Lee and Shepard

Lovell, John W. (New York: 1878-1881) – See John W. Lovell Company

Lovell, John W., Company (New York: 1882-1891) – See also John W. Lovell (New York: 1876-1881)

Lovell, Coryell and Company (New York: 1892-1897) – See also Coryell and Company

Lucas, Fielding, Jr. (Baltimore: 1810-1854)

Lupton, F. M. (New York: circa 1882-1892) – See F. M. Lupton Publishing Company

Lupton, F.M., Publishing Company, The (New York: 1892-1902) – See also F. M. Lupton; Federal Book Company

Macmillan and Company (New York: 1869-1896) – See The Macmillan Company

Macmillan Company, The (New York: 1896-1973) – See also Macmillan and Company; Macmillan Publishing Company

Macmillan Publishing Company (New York: 1973-- ) – See The Macmillan Company

Manning and Loring (Boston: 1793-1815)

Marsh and Company (Boston: 1823-1828) – See Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb

Marsh and Capen (Boston: 1828-1830) – See Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb

Marsh, Capen and Lyon (Boston: 1830-1838) – See Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb

Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb (Boston: 1838-1842) – See also Marsh and Company; Marsh and Capen; Marsh, Capen and Lyon

Martien, Alfred (Philadelphia: 1864-circa 1876) – See William S. Martien

Martien, William S. (Philadelphia: circa 1836-1856) – See also W. S. and A. Martien; Alfred Martien

Martien, W. S. and A. (Philadelphia: 1856-1864) – See William S. Martien

Mason Brothers (New York: 1855-1860)

Mason, Baker and Pratt (New York: 1872-1874) - See Baker and Taylor Company

Maxwell, H. (Philadelphia: 1798-1808) – See also Smith and Maxwell

McClurg, A. C., and Company (Chicago: 1886-1931) – See also W. W. Barlow and Company; Griggs, Bross and Company; S. C. Griggs and Company; Jansen, McClurg and Company

McKay, David, Company, The (Philadelphia:, New York: 1882-- )

McLoughlin, John (New York: 1828-1840) – See McLoughlin Brothers

McLoughlin, John, Jr. (New York: 1848-1850) – See McLoughlin Brothers

McLoughlin Brothers (New York, Springfield, MA: 1850-1969) – See also

John McLoughlin; John Elton and Company; John McLoughlin, Jr.

The Merriam Company, The (St. Paul, MN, New York: 1893-1897)

Merrill and Baker (New York: 1893-1904)

Mershon Company, The (New York: 1897-circa 1904)

Metcalf, J. (Northampton, MA: 1832-1846) – See also Metcalf and Company

Metcalf and Company (Northampton: 1846-1916) – See Metcalf and Company

Methodist Book Company (Philadelphia, New York: 1789-1819) – See The Methodist Book Concern

Methodist Book Concern, The (New York, Cincinnati: 1819-1939) – See also Methodist Book Company; The Methodist Publishing House; The United Methodist Publishing House

Methodist Publishing House, The (Nashville, TN: 1939-1968) – See The Methodist Book Concern

Miles and Saxton (New York: 1843-1845) – See Orange Judd Publishing Company

Miller, James (New York: 1860-1883)

Miller, Orton and Mulligan (Auburn, Buffalo: 1854-1857) – See Derby and Miller

Moore and Anderson (Cincinnati: 1851-1852) – See Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Company

Moore, Anderson, Wilstach and Keys (Cincinnati: 1852-1854) - See Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Company

Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Company (Cincinnati: 1854-1864) – See also Moore and Anderson; Moore, Anderson, Wilstach and Keys; Moore, Wilstach and Baldwin; Moore, Wilstach and Moore

Moore, Wilstach and Baldwin (Cincinnati: 1864-1869) – See Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Company

Moore, Wilstach and Moore (Cincinnati: 1869-1870) – See Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Company

Morning Star Office (New York: 1850) – See Williams Brothers

Morton, John P., and Company (Louisville: 1864-1942) – See also Morton and Smith; Morton and Griswold

Morton and Griswold (Louisville: 1858-1864) – See John P. Morton

Morton and Smith (Louisville: 1825-1858) – See John P. Morton

Mountford, Bioren and Company (Philadelphia: 1794-1797) – See John Bioren

Munro, George (New York: 1868-1893) – See also George Munro and Company; George Munro's Sons; George Munro Publishing House

Munro, George, and Company (New York: 1864-1868) – See George Munro

Munro, George, Publishing House (New York: 1906-1908) – See George Munro

Munro's Sons, George (New York: 1893-1906) – See George Munro

Munro, Norman L. (New York: 1873-1921)

Munroe, James, and Company (Boston, Cambridge: 1835-1862)

Munroe and Francis (Boston: 1802-1853)

Munsell, Joel (Albany, NY: 1836-1880) – See also Joel Munsell’s Sons

Munsell’s, Joel, Sons (Albany: 1880-1895)

Munsey, Frank A., and Company (New York: 1882-1925)

Murphy, John, and Company (Baltimore: 1836-1943)

Mussey, B. B. (Boston: circa 1835-1848)

Mussey, Benjamin B., and Company (Boston: 1848-1855?) – See also B. B. Mussey

Volume 2

Nafis and Cornish (New York: 1842-1850) – See also Cornish and Lamport; Lamport, Blakeman and Law; Sheldon, Lamport and Blakeman; Sheldon, Blakeman and Company

Nancrede, Joseph (Boston: 1796-1804) – See also Hall and Nancrede

Neale Publishing Company, The (Washington, New York: 1901-1933) – See also The Neale Company

Neale Company, The (Washington: 1894-1901) – See Neale Publishing Company

Neely, F. Tennyson (Chicago: 1888-1899)

Nelson, Thomas, and Sons (New York, Camden, Nashville: 1854-- )

Newman, Mark (Andover, MA: circa 1815-circa 1831)

Nickel Library, The (New York: 1885-circa 1893) – See Pictorial Printing Company

Novelist Publishing Company (Chicago; New York: 1882-1885) – See Pictorial Printing Company

Ogilvie, J. S., and Company (New York: 1868-1886) – See also J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company

Ogilvie, J. S., Publishing Company (New York: 1886-1919?) – See J. S. Ogilvie and Company

Old Franklin Publishing House (Philadelphia: 1872?-1893?)

Osgood, James R., and Company (Boston: 1871-1878, 1880-1885) – See also Houghton, Osgood and Company; Ticknor and Company – See James R. Osgood and Company

O'Shea, Patrick (New York: 1854-1906)

Otis, Broaders and Company (Boston: 1836-1850)

Owen, John (Cambridge: 1836-1848)

Page L. C. (New York: 1957-1980) – See L. C. Page and Company

Page, L. C., and Company (Boston: 1896-1957) – See also L. C. Page

Parks, William (Annapolis, MD, Williamsburg, VA: 1726-1750)

Paul, Peter, Book Company     (Buffalo: 1880-1895)

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer (Boston: 1840-1850)

Pearson, H. B. (Cincinnati: circa 1850-circa 1855)

Peck, H. C., and Theo Bliss (Philadelphia: 1850-1862)

Peirce, C. H. (Boston: 1847-1852) – See Waite, Peirce and Company

Penn Publishing Company (Philadelphia: 1889-1941) – See also William Penn Publishing Corporation

Penn, William, Publishing Corporation (Boston: 1941-1943) – See Penn Publishing Company

Peterson, T. B. (Philadelphia: 1845-1858) – See T. B. Peterson and Brothers

Peterson, T. B., and Brothers (Philadelphia: 1858-1890) – See T. B. Peterson; T. B. Peterson and Brothers, Limited

Peterson, T. B., and Brothers, Limited (Philadelphia: 1891-1896)

Phillips, Sampson and Company (Boston: circa 1840-1859)

Phinney, Elihu (Canaan, NY; Cooperstown, NY: 1794-1813) – See also H. and E. Phinney; Phinney and Company

Phinney, H. and E. (Cooperstown: 1813-1849) – See Elihu Phinney

Phinney and Company (Buffalo, New York: 1849-1861) – See Elihu Phinney

Pictorial Printing Company (Chicago: 1874-1881) – See also Novelist Publishing Company; The Nickel Library; Albert Sibley

Piet, John B. (Baltimore: 1879-1882) – See Kelly, Piet and Company

Piet, John B., and Company (Baltimore: 1882-1884) – See Kelly, Piet and Company

Pollard and Moss (New York: 1879-1889)

Porter and Coates (Philadelphia: 1867-1895) – See also Davis and Porter; Davis, Porter and Coates; Henry T. Coates and Company

Potter, John E., and Company (Philadelphia: 1853-1890)

Pratt, Oakley and Company (New York: 1861-1862) - See Baker and Taylor Company

Pratt, Woodford and Company (New York: 1843-1860) - See Baker and Taylor Company

Publishers’ Plate Renting Company (1900-1901) – See United States Book Company

Putnam, George Palmer (New York: 1848-1862) – See G. P. Putnam's Sons

Putnam, G. P., and Son (New York: 1866-1871) – See G. P. Putnam's Sons

Putnam, G. P., and Sons (New York: 1871-1872) – See G. P. Putnam's Sons

Putnam's Sons, G. P. (New York: 1872- ) – See also George Palmer Putnam; G. P. Putnam and Son; G. P. Putnam and Sons

Queen City Publishing House, The (Cincinnati: 1852-1860)

Rand, F. and G. C. (Boston: circa 1856-1860) – See Rand, Avery and Company

Rand, George C. (Boston: circa 1848-circa 1856) – See Rand, Avery and Company

Rand, William H. (Chicago: 1856-1873) – See Rand McNally and Company

Rand and Avery (Boston: circa 1860-1869) – See Rand, Avery and Company

Rand, Avery and Company (Boston: circa 1872-1888) – See also George C. Rand; F. and G. C. Rand; Rand and Avery; Rand, Avery and Frye

Rand, Avery and Frye (Boston: 1870-1871) – See Rand, Avery and Company

Rand McNally and Company (Chicago, Skokie: 1873-- ) – See also William H. Rand

Randolph, Anson D. F. (New York: 1851-1870) – See also Anson D. F. Randolph and Company

Randolph, Anson D. F., and Company (New York: 1870-1899) – See Anson D. F. Randolph

Ranlet, Henry (Exeter, NH: 1792-1805)

Redfield, J. S. (New York: 1841-1872?)

Redpath, James (Boston: 1861-1864)

Revell, Fleming H., Company (Chicago, New York, Westwood, NJ, Old Tippon, NJ: 1870-- )

Riker, John C. (New York: 1832-1849) – See also Riker, Thorne

Riker, Thorne (New York: 1849-1857) – See John C. Riker

Riverside Press (Cambridge, MA: 1852-1971)

Roberts Brothers (Boston: 1861-1898)

Robertson, A. M., and Company (San Francisco: 1889-1931?)

Robinson, D. F., and Company (Hartford, CT: 1828-1834) - See Baker and Talyor Company

Robinson, Pratt and Company (Hartford; New York: 1834-1845) - See Baker and Talyor Company

Roman, A., and Company (San Francisco: 1860-1879) – See also A. Roman Publishing Company

Roman, A., Publishing Company (San Francisco: 1879-1888) – See A. Roman and Company

Roycroft Printing Shop, The (East Aurora, NY: 1895-1938)

Rudd and Carleton (New York: 1857-1861)

Russell, B. B., and Company (Boston: 1865-circa 1897)

Russell, R. H. (New York: 1896-1903) – See R. H. Russell and Son

Russell, R.H., and Son (New York: 1888-1896) – See also R. H. Russell

Sadlier, D. and J., and Company (New York: 1837-1912)

Sargent, Wilson and Hinkle (Cincinnati: 1863-1868) – See W. B. Smith and Company

Saxton, Charles M. (New York: 1836-1843, 1845-1864) – See Orange Judd Publishing Company

Schulte, F. J., and Company (Chicago: 1889-circa 1900)

Scribner, Charles (New York: 1850-1864) – See Charles Scribner's Sons

Scribner, Charles, and Company (New York: 1864-1872) – See Charles Scribner's Sons

Scribner's Sons, Charles (New York: 1878- ) – See also Baker and Scribner; Charles Scribner, Armstrong and Company (New York: 1872-1878) – See Charles Scribner's Sons

Scribner; Charles and Company; Scribner, Armstrong and Company

Sheldon, I. E. (New York: 1897-1898) ­– See Sheldon and Company

Sheldon and Company (New York: 1859-1897) – See also Sheldon, Lamport and Blakeman; Sheldon, Blakeman and Company; I. E. Sheldon

Sheldon, Blakeman and Company (New York: 1856-1859) – See Nafis and Cornish; Sheldon and Company

Sheldon and Goodrich (Hartford, CT: 1816-1817) – See S. G. Goodrich

Sheldon, Lamport and Blakeman (New York: 1853-1856) – See Nafis and Cornish; Sheldon and Company

Shepard, Clark and Brown (Boston: 1857-1859) – See also Shephard, Clark and Company

Shephard, Clark and Company (Boston: 1855-1857) – See Shepard, Clark and Brown

Sibley, Albert (New York: 1885-circa 1893) – See Pictorial Printing Company

Sidney's Press (New Haven, CT: 1802-1866)            

Sierra Club Books (San Francisco: 1892-- )

Small, Maynard and Company (Boston: 1897-1927)

Smart Set Publishing Company (New York: 1902-1924) – See Ess Ess Publishing Company

Smith, J. Stilman, and Company (Boston: 1884-1897)

Smith, W. B. (Cincinnati: 1843-1845) – See W. B. Smith and Company

Smith, W. B., and Company (Cincinnati: 1845-1863) – See also Truman and Smith; W. B. Smith; Sargent, Wilson and Hinkle; Wilson, Hinkle and Company; Van Antwerp, Bragg and Company

Smith and Maxwell (Philadelphia: 1808-circa 1810) – See H. Maxwell

Star Spangled Banner Office (Boston: 1846-1854?)

Stoddard, Ashbel (Hudson, NY: 1786-1820)

Stokes, Frederick A., and Brother (New York: 1887-1890) – See Frederick A. Stokes Company

Stokes, Frederick A., Company (New York: 1890-1941) – See also White and Stokes; White, Stokes and Allen; Frederick A. Stokes and Brother

Stone, Herbert S., and Company (Chicago: 1896-1905)

Stone and Kimball (Cambridge, MA, Chicago, New York: 1893-1897)

Stratton, L. (Cincinnati: 1850-1852) – See Stratton and Barnard

Stratton and Barnard (Cincinnati: 1846-1850) – See also L. Stratton

Street and Smith (New York: 1855-- )

Stringer and Townsend (New York: 1848-1857?)

Sumner, Henry A. (Chicago: 1868-1884)

Sweet, Herbert, and Company (Boston: 1845-1872) – See Walter H. Baker Company

Swords, Stanford and Company (New York: 1832-1843) – See T. and J. Swords and Company

Stanford and Swords (New York: 1843-1855) – See T. and J. Swords and Company

Swords, T. and J., and Company (New York: 1786-1832) – See also Swords, Stanford and Company; Stanford and Swords

Tait, J. Selwin, and Sons (New York: 1893-circa 1896) – See also Tait, Sons and Company

Tait, Sons and Company (New York: 1892-1893)

Taylor, William, and Company (New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia: 1844?-1854?)

Taylor and Dodd (New York: 1839-1840) – See Dodd, Mead and Company

Thomas, Isaiah (Boston, Worcester: 1770-1802)

Thomes and Talbot (Boston: 1870-1885) – See Elliott, Thomes and Talbot

Ticknor, William D. (Boston: 1834-1843) – See Ticknor and Fields

Ticknor, William D., Company (Boston: 1843-1849) – See Ticknor and Fields

Ticknor and Company (1885-1889) – See James R. Osgood and Company

Ticknor and Fields (Boston: 1854-1868) – See also Allen and Ticknor; William D. Ticknor; William D. Ticknor and Company; Ticknor, Reed and Fields

Ticknor, Reed and Fields (Boston: 1849-1854) – See Ticknor and Fields

Tilton, J. E., and Company (Boston: 1859-1874)

Tompkins, Abel (Boston: 1838-1864?)

Tousey, Frank (New York: 1879-1929) – See also Tousey and Small

Tousey and Small (New York: 1876-1879) – See Frank Tousey

Transatlantic Publishing Company, The (Philadelphia, New York, London: 1894-1896)

Trow, John F., and Company   (New York: 1836-1918)

Truman and Smith (Cincinnati: 1833-1843) – See W. B. Smith and Company

United Methodist Publishing House, The (Nashville, TN: 1968- ) – See The Methodist Book Concern

United States Book Company (New York: 1890-1893) – See also American Publishers Corporation; Publishers’ Plate Renting Company

Useful Knowledge Publishing Company (New York: 1882-1883) – See Alden, John B.

Van Antwerp, Bragg and Company (Cincinnati: 1877-1890) – See W. B. Smith and Company

Waite, Peirce and Company (Boston: 1844-1847) – See also C. H. Peirce

Walker, John C. (Charleston: 1821-1839; 1843-1849) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Walker and Burges (Charleston: 1839-1843) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Walker and James (Charleston: 1849-1854) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Walker and Richards (Charleston: 1850-1851) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Walker, Evans and Company   (Charleston: 1852-1860) ­– See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company (Charleston, South Carolina: 1866- ) – See also John C. Walker; Walker and Burges; Walker and James; Walker and Richards; Walker, Richards and Company; Walker, Evans and Company; Evans and Cogswell

Walker, Richards and Company (Charleston: 1851-1852) – See Walker, Evans and Cogswell Company

Warne, Frederick, and Company (New York: 1881-- )

Way and Williams (Chicago: 1895-1898)

Webster, Charles L., and Company (New York: 1884-1894)

Werner Company, The(Chicago, Akron: 1892-1900)

West and Johnston (Richmond, VA: 1860-1866) – See also West, Johnson and Company

West, Johnson and Company (Richmond, VA: 1866-1896)

Whipple and Damrell (Boston: 1837-1848) – See William S. Damrell

White and Bliss (New York: 1821) – See E. Bliss and E. White

White and Stokes (New York: 1881-1883) – See Frederick A. Stokes Company

White, Stokes and Allen (New York: 1883-1887) – See Frederick A. Stokes Company

White, William, and Company (Boston: 1862-1873)

Wilde, W.A., Company (Boston, Natick, Holliston, MA: 1868-1980)

Wiley, John (New York: 1826-1832; 1848-1876) - See John Wiley and Sons

Wiley, John, and Sons (New York: 1876- ) – See also C. Wiley and Company; Wiley and Halsted; John Wiley; Wiley and Long; Wiley and Putnam

Wiley, C., and Company (New York: 1807-1820; 1822-1826) – See John Wiley and Sons

Wiley and Halsted (New York: 1820-1822) - See John Wiley and Sons

Wiley and Long (New York: 1832-1840) - See John Wiley and Sons

Wiley and Putnam (New York: 1840-1848) - See John Wiley and Sons

Willard, L. (Troy, NY: 1837-1886?)

Williams, A., and Company (Boston: 1855-1885)

Williams, Edward P. (Boston: 1843-1844) – See Williams Brothers

Williams, Henry L. (Boston and New York: 1844-1847) – See Williams Brothers

Williams, George H. (Boston: circa 1847-1855?) – See Williams Brothers

Williams Brothers (Boston and New York: 1846-1849?) – See also Edward P. Williams;

Henry L. Williams; Yankee Office; George H. Williams; Morning Star Office

Wilson, Hinkle and Company (Cincinnati: 1868-1877) – See W. B. Smith and Company

Winchester, J.   (New York: 1840-1844)

Winston, John C., Company (Philadelphia: 1900-1959) – See also John C. Winston and Company

Winston, John C., and Company (Philadelphia: 1884-1900) – See John C. Winston Company

Wood, Samuel (New York: 1804-1815) – See also Samuel Wood and Sons; Samuel S. and William Wood; William Wood; William Wood and Company

Wood, Samuel, and Sons (New York: 1815-1836) – See Samuel Wood

Wood, Samuel S. and William (New York: 1836-1861) – See Samuel Wood

Wood, William (New York: 1861-1863) – See Samuel Wood

Wood, William, and Company (New York: 1863-1932) – See Samuel Wood

World Publishing Company (New York: 1876-1878) – See Leavitt and Allen

Worthington, R., and Company (Boston, New York: 1867-1885) – See also Worthington Company

Worthington Company (New York: 1885-1893) – See R. Worthington and Company

Yankee Office (Boston: 1844) – See Williams Brothers

Young, William (Philadelphia: 1787-1797) – See also Young, Stewart and M'Culloch; Young and M'Culloch; Young, Mills and Son; William Young, Printer, Bookseller and Stationer: Whitehall Press

Young, William, Printer, Bookseller and Stationer: Whitehall Press (Philadelphia: 1798-1805) – See William Young

Young and M'Culloch (Philadelphia: 1786-1787) – See William Young

Young, Mills and Son (Philadelphia: 1797-1798) – See William Young

Young, Stewart and M'Culloch (Philadelphia: 1785-1786) – See William Young

Zieber, G. B., and Company (Philadelphia: 1844-1848)


Appendix I: Early American Book Illustration, by Sinclair Hamilton                   

Appendix II: The Question of American Copyright in the Nineteenth Century             

Appendix III: 1873 Publishers' Catalogues

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