L.A.I.C.A./Artwords & Bookworks Collection

(prepared by Stephen Perkins, 1995)

[listing updated: 12/13/95]

[print date: ]



Some entries are preceeded by one of two symbols:


* = indicates that the publication is already in Special Collections-when the material arrived here certain items were picked out by Special Collections personnel. Otherwise all other material is located in the ATCA archive.


+ = During the creation of this short inventory I was not able locate these publications/postcards in the collection.


@ = Work shown in 'Fluxus: A Conceptual Country' and not yet returned to this collection


c = Work moved to conservation dept., U of I main library


x = Work moved to the Museum of Art


Entry Formats


Artists' Books

Author/Artist, Publisher, Title, Date [edition]



Author/Artist (postcard), Title, Date



Title (periodical), vol/number, date


If the author/artist was unknown then the item was listed under publisher or occasionally under the title of the work, as in exhibition catalogues.


For researchers using this inventory and unable to locate objects in collection with an entry in this list, I suggest running a search of this list on computer--try different permutations ie. publisher/title etc...



Acconci, Vito. Plot, 1976

Adams, Denis. Behind Social Studies, n.d.

Adamski, H. P. Nine Objects, 1976

---. Neun Gesichter. [S.l., s.n., 1975] Edition of 150.

---. [Untitled], 1977 [announcement for exhibit at Vehicule Art Gallery, Montreal, 23.9 -7.10, 1977]

---. T1 T2. (Postcard), 1972

---. [Untitled]. (Postcard-bus stop and city view), 1973

x---. Admcadiam. (playing cards), AD MC AD Productions, 1977

*Akiba, David. 1974

Alessandro. Per La Tua Solitudine, n.d.? 1977

Alleluia. [Untitled], n.d.

Allen, Roberta. Pointless Acts 1-41 or Any Sequence from 2-41 Therein. New York: Collation Center, distributed by Wittenborn Art Books, 1977. (Mobile, AL: Art Craft Press).

Artists Book Series #1, edition of 1000.

---. Pointless Arrows: 12 Situations or any Sequence from 1-10 Therein. [United States?]: R. Allen, 1976.

Artists Book Series #1, edition of 1000.

*Alonge, Carol. White Sands. [New York?: C. Alonge?, ca. 1977?]

Anderson, Harry. Objects as Seen, Collected, Arranged and Relocated, photographed by Laurie Seniuk. New York: Collation Center, distributed by Wittenborn Art Books, 1977. Edition of 1000.

Andrews, Bruce. Standpoint, 1977

Applebroog, Ida. I Over-Do It: Performance. [S.l., s.n.], 1977] Edition of 500.

Armleder, John. Leathern Wing Scribble Press Vol., 30(6), [Untitled]. (postcard/print), 1977 [ed. 500]

x---.Une pluie d'etoiles filantes: carte-postale. Geneve: Ecart Publications, 1977. Edition of 200.

---. filantes 2. (postcard), n.d. [ed. 200]

Armstrong, Robert. Condensed Alphabet, 1970

---. Objects for Laboratory Continent, n.d.

Arterial Books:

---. Awakenings, n.d.

---. The Organic Zuchini, n.d.

---. The Zuchini Kid, n.d.

Artists' Books and Rough Drafts (exhibit announcement), Cal. State University, Los Angeles, Feb. 2-11, 1977

Art-Rite. (periodical), #14, 1976/77

Audio Arts. (periodical), 1 issue, n.d.

+Axe. (periodical), #3, Guy Schraenen, 1976, [ed. 500].

Baden, Mowry. Open Mouth Surgery. Vancouver: [s.n.], 1973.

Bal, E. Le Dernier Livre de Schmoll, n.d.

Baldessari, John. Four Events & Reactions, 1975

Barber, Daniel. Make Your Own Book, 1977

---. Measuring Stick, 1977

---. Send no More Letters Please, n.d.

---. Superman, n.d.

Barr, Paula. Picking Mussels. New York: Collation Center, distributed by Wittenborn Art Books, 1977. (Mobile, AL: Art Craft Press).

Edition of 1000.

xBaron. Eight Views of a Rainbow, 1977

x---. [Untitled], 1977

x---. Rainbow and Stars, 1977

x---. Person of Diminished Responsibility, 1977

x Postcard Art, 1977 (postcards with various images, but all include the text "This piece was created especially for the Artwords and Bookworks Exhibition")

Barron, Mary Lou. Some Beginnings and Endings, n.d.

Barry, Robert. Belmont 1967. Eindhoven: Municipal Van Abbemuseum; [Essen]: Museum Folkwang Essen, 1977. Edition of 750.

Robert Barry, booklet accompanying the show in which Belmont 1967 was exhibited. Contains two essays by J. Debbaut & R.H. Fuchs (note: not authored/published by R. Barry)

*Bates, Betty. Hot Dog. San Jose, CA: B. Bates, distributed by Gilda's Gourmet Hot Dogs, 1977.

Baxter, Iain. A Portfolio of Piles. Vancouver: N.E. Thing Company, 1968.

Bay Area Dadaists. Punks, 1975 (Bill Gaglione et al)

Baylin, John Jack. Fanzini Magazine, n.d.

+---. Sex Lives of the Superstars, n.d.

Beau Geste Press, Fluxshoe Addenda 72-73 (incomplete/James Lewes note), 1973

Japanese Schmuck. (periodical), 1975

Becotte, Michael. Space Capsule, photographs by Michael Becotte; designed by Dian K. Becotte. Carlisle, MA: Pentacle Press,1975.

Beirne, Bill. A Pedestrian Blockade. New York: Collation Center, distributed by Wittenborn Art Books, 1977.

Edition of 1000.

Berg, Barry. Problems. (assembled for the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, February 28-March 30, 1978). [S.l.] Artwords and Bookworks, 1978.

*Berkowitz, Terry. Inflatable Ball, n.d. [no listing on library system-SP 5/95]

Bernstein, Charles. Veil. Madison, WI: Xexoxial Editions, 1987.

Bertini, Gianni. Identikit di Gianni Bertini. [n.p.], Castellie Rosati, [1969?]

Besson, Octobre 1975, 1977. no title, n.d. (is this "Project 1975", date 1977 as listed in LAICA catalogue). Aside from front cover that has "Besson" on it, it has 12 sheets of grids with 32 photos all of same locations taken (presumably) over the course of a year)

Bing, Ilse. Numbers in Images: Illuminations of Numerical Meanings. New York: Ilkon Press, 1976.

---. Words as Visions; Logograms. Worte als Visionen. Mots comme Visions. [1st ed.] New York: Drigh-Graph, Inc.,1974.

*Birge, Priscilla. Photo-Extensions: Selected Work Utilizing Photographic Images. Berkeley, CA: Art Adventures Press, 1977.

Boggeri, Vito. Gita, Viaggio, Passo Agile, Veloce, Passo Falso, Sgambetto, Disinnesto, Scatto, Trip. Italy: V. Boggeri, A. Concato, 1977.

---. Subway, 1977 (see also Concato)

Blum, June. June, n.d.

---. Transformations, n.d.

Bondarowicz, Mary. Printed Matter, Snapshots, 1977

xBradley, Tony. As Seen From a Distance, n.d.

x---. Spot the fake... (postcard), 1977

x---. Ballerina gets a break, (postcard), 1977

x---. A View Out of My Window, (postcard), 1977

x---. Having Tea With a Goblin, (photo), 1976

x---. Tony B, (photo), 1976

x---. [Untitled], (photo-Bradley standing with hand out), n.d.

x---. Man on a bicycle, (photogram), 1976

x---. If I Told You it Would Spoil the Fun, (postcard), n.d.

x---. 10 assorted xeroxes and photocopied drawings 1976-77

Brandfass, Elizabeth. Ximage, 1977

---. Workbook, 1976

Breloh, Heinz. Uns Zu Grau. Hamburg: Edition Hossmann; Hinwil/Zh: Edition Howeg, 1974.

Edition of 190.

Brown, Ken. [Untitled], (woman & bicycle), 1976

---. [Untitled], (car & fly), 1976

---. [Untitled], (washing in sink), 1976

---. [Untitled], (woman with moon mask), 1976

---. [Untitled], (rabbits), 1976

Brown, Francis. The Thaumatrope, 1978

Brunner, Werner. Es wechseln die Zeiten..., 1976

+Bruscky, Paulo. (see also Multipostais)

Assorted Postcards, n.d.

 x Assorted Broadsides (6), 2 dated 1977, otherwise n.d.

x---. O Meu Cerebro Desenha Assim, 1976

---. CAMBIU, #1, 1977 (information sheet)

x---. SOS (artwork/collaboration with Edgardo-Antonio Vigo?), 1977

Buren, Daniel. Einhdoven, Van Abbemuseum, Discordance/Coherence, n.d.

Burgin, Victor, Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum, Victor Burgin, n.d.

--- Family. New York: Lapp Princess Press, 1977.

Burns, Tim. A Pedestrian Series of Postcards: What About Cross-walks in Mildura? New York-Mildura, 1976, Part I. New York: The Burns Family Press, 1976.

Butler, Francis. Stroke Order, 1977 (LAICA date)

Butler, F. C. Scraps, 1977 (possibly same author as above)

Calaway, Loren D. The Designated Blank Book of Ten Designated Blanks bb-1.... [United States?] Calaway, 1974.

+Caldwell, John. Two Facts. [North Hollywood], L.A.I.C.A., 1977.

Camba, Robert. Art on a Grand Scale, n.d.

Card, Greg S. A Sunday Time Paper, 1973 (this color xerox is inside of the periodical Diario #1, see listing for this item)

+---. Light Shadow, Space, Time, Motion, Illusion, Material in Flux, 1977

Carpi, Cioni. Seven Masked Masks in 35 Areas of Memory, 1976

*Carruthers, Tony. Dillinger, n.d.

+---. Traces. Worthing, Sussex, England: T. Carruthers, 1978.

Carter, Paul. Instant, n.d.

---. Comment, n.d.

x---. Eye to eye, (postcard), n.d.

x---. you think you know what this means, (postcard), n.d.

x---. 1, 2, (postcard), n.d.

x---. Approved, approved, approved, (postcard), n.d.

x---. What do you think you're looking at, (postcard), n.d.

Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille. Manifesti centenario Cavellini. Milano: Cenobio-visualita, 1972.

---. 7 Autoritratti di Cavellini: Galleria d'arte in Pesaro: 28 ottobre-16 novembre 1972. Milano: La Galleria, ca 1972.

---. 25 Libri per Cavellini, 1973

x---. We live in a dynamic age..., (invitation to an exhibit), n.d.

x---. Cavellini's 10 Commandements, (postcard), n.d.

x---. Kunst-Kompass, (Broadside), n.d.

---. Academi Francaise, (postcard), 1972

x---. Venezia-Palazzo Ducale, (decal & postcard), n.d.

x---. Firenze-Galleria Uffizi, (decal), n.d.

x---. Milano-Palazzo Reale, (postcard), n.d.

x---. International Postage 33, (Warhol-Artists Stamps), n.d.

x---. London National Gallery, (artists stamps), n.d.

x---. International Postage 3, (artists stamps), n.d.

x---. International Postage 1-9, (artists stamps), n.d. (2 copies)

Assorted Photographs, n.d.

x---. A List of the trends..., n.d.

x---. Table showing the 100 most..., n.d.

xCelender, Don. Artball Playing Cards. New York: O.K. Harris, 1972.

x---. Artball. [S.l., s.n.] 1972.

---. Olympics of Art. [S.l., s.n.] 1974.

Didier Vermeiren, (postcard), nd.d

---. Museum Piece: Pulication Produced for an Exhibition held at O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City, Dec. 6-27, 1975. New York: [s.n.], 1975.

x--. Holy Holy Art Cards: Fancy Assorted Christmas Selection. [S.l., s.n.] 197?.

---. Opinions of Working People Concerning the Arts. New York: O.K. Harris Gallery, 1975.

Charmoy, Cozette. Neuf Peomes Payes, Les Editions Ottezed & Ecart-Publications, 1975 [ed. 81]

Chesler, Michael. Plopped Placement. [S.l.] M. Chesler, 1977.

Chimera, (periodical), 1(1), 1976

Chopin, Henri. publisher Guy Schraenen, Portrait des 9, n.d.

Christie, John. Listen. Guildford, Surrey: Circle Press Publications, 1975. Edition of 300.

Also publisher's announcement regarding this publication.

Ciam, Giorgio. Autoritratti. Milano: G. Politi, 1976. Edition of 100.

Circle Pamphlets, Circle Press Publications:

#1, Consider a Solid - Euclid, design by Ronald King, 1970 [ed. 150]

#3, Before three times three & after three times three, design by Ian Tyson, 1970 [ed. 150]

#4, Thesaurus Grid, design by William Tillyer, 1970 [ed.150]

+Cleveland, Buster. If Dada is God or if Dada is not God, n.d.

x 5 Assorted posters for sound poetry reading, Ukiah, CA.

Coach House Press, assorted postcards:

x---. A Soul Station In My Ear, Dwight Gardner, n.d.

x---. While the cricket sings..., n. d.

x---. From Next Spring, n.d.

x---. Toronto Island natural resources, n.d.

x---. Co-op Mop, n.d.

x---. [Untitled], (printing press), n.d.

x---. A Black Hole..., n.d.

Cohen, Matt & Margaret Hathaway. The Coach House Press, Too Bad Galahad, 1972

Colp, Norman B. The Thrice Told Tale: a Conceptual Artist's Flipbook. (2 copies). New York: N.B. Colp, 1977.

Combs, Marie C. Harepin Lace, 1977

Comiter, Alvin. Jokes. [S.l., s.n.] 1977.

---. Los Angeles County Courthouse, 1973

Concato, Augusto. Autoritratto: libro mostra molto personale. [Italy?] A.Concato, 1976.

---. Trip, n.d.

Concato, Augusto, and Vito Boggeri. Subway: viaggio de 12 marzo 1977. [S.l., s.n.] 1977.

---. Autoritratto, n.d.

---. Trip, n.d.

*Cook, Geoffrey. Fruit. [San Francisco?: G.Cook?, ca. 1977?]

Coracle Press, Coracle Press 1976-78, (cat. of exhibits/publications at Coracle Press), 1978?

x---. Miniatures Exhibition, 1977 [ed. 2000]

Cres(c)ent, (A small trilby for David Willetts & Richard Wilson), 1976

Kay Roberts, (exhibit announcement) 1976

Cortright, Steven M. The Meaning of Art, 1977

Coutellier, Francis. Les Deux: dessins de Francis Coutellier. Moncton: Coutellier, 1976.

Edition of 200. Note: LAICA cat. lists this as a Visual Studies Workshop publication, but no mention of this in the work.

---. and Sylvain Cousineau. Exzeo: prenom acadien: Leblanc: nomacadien. Moncton, N.B.: Editions d'Acadie, 1975.

Coy, Kellene Adachi. Pieces: Concepts word designs poetry. Los Angeles: K. Coy and J. Coy, 1975.

---. Your Thing, 1976

Crane, Michael. Fill in This Space. [Chicago?] Running Dog Press, 1975.

---. Landscapes I'd Love to Perform Do. Chicago: Running Dog Press, 1976.

---. Running Dog One and Done, 1976

+---. The Dime Hustle, (poster), 1974

x---. Correspondancekit, (envelope with works), 1977

Creeley, Robert. His Idea. Photos by Elsa Dorfman. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1973.

*Cronin, Robert. Art and Life, or, Fairies Have Their Place. [Worcester, MA?: R. Cronin?] 1977.

xCrowcroft, Ron. An Original Signed Artwork, 1977

x---. Of Confessions About Art, 1977

x---. Visits to the Toilet (sheet 16), 1977

*Crowell, Anna. Child Abuse: the Telephone Tapes. Riverside, CA: A. Crowell, Pate-Taylor Productions, 1977.

Crozier, Robin. Drawings Collages & Other Works. Geneve: Ecart Geneve, 1974.

---.@ Anthology Six A, 1977

---. Draw More Ducks. Sunderland: Ceolfrith Press, [1970?] Edition of 350.

---. Six Parts for Judith, 1977

---. Who is this Robin Crozier Anyway?, 1977

+---. Green, (postcard), n.d.

x---. Rain Sculpture, Rain Painting, (postcard), n.d.

+---. One Tree Three Bars Forest, (postcard), n.d.

Cubacub, Arturo. Pocket Atlas, 1977

Curran, Darryl. Multiple Secrets, (postcard), 1976

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce. The Eight: Fragments of Letters to the World. [S.l.] J. Cutler-Shaw, 1976.

Edition of 300.

---. Proposal for We the People: Message Monument no. 1, a gift to the Nation: a temporary Bicentennial sculpture installation proposed for the U.S. Capitol Building grounds, west

front, winter 1976: a sculptured ice monument containing waters of the 50 states. [S.l.] J. Cutler Shaw, 1976.

xCzlonka, Judith. Pocket Atlas, 1977

Bill Gaglione & Michael Gibbs, Dadaland, AAP (Associated Art Publishers), Langwe Art, n.d.

D'Alessandro, Robert. Glory. New York: Elephant Publishing Corporation, 1974.

---. Flying Elephant, (postcard), 1976

---. Black Man & Window Picture, (postcard), 1976

---. Man and Beauty Parlor, (poster), 1977

---. Old Woman and Nude, (print), 1977

---. Rock Room, (print), 1977

---. Ski Mask Couple, (print), 1977

Dashiell, David C. The Same Stream, n.d.

x---. The Confessions of Saint Augustine, 1976/77?

xDavidovich, Jaime. Wooster Enterprises, Crumpled Paper Writing (actually by his wife, Estera will provide name) Pads 100 Sheets, n.d.

---. From Cover to Uncover, 1977

---. [Untitled]. (postcard of bridge), n.d.

Davids, Betsy. Fresh Worth, n.d. (almost certain this is by Davids?)

& James Petrillo, One thing after..., n.d. (2 copies)

Davids, Betsy & Johanna Drucker. Rebis Press, As No Storm Or The Any Port Party, 1975

Davids, Betsy. Bathtub

Davids, Betsy & James Petrillo, Rebis Press, Catalog 77, 1977

Davids, Betsy & Carole Peel. Her Her, Her & Her, Her vs. Her, Her-Her. Oakland, CA: Rebis Press, 1974.

*Davids, Betsy & Kenneth Davids and James Petrillo, Rebis Press, 1976, n.d.

Dawley, Walter. My Easel Knows Many Secrets, Antelope Press, 1976

xDefraoui, Cherif. Rooms, (postcard), n.d.

Defraoui, Silvie. Barcelona en General... Geneve: Edition Gaetan, 1977. Edition of 250.

---. Perquisition: El Tango, (postcard), n.d.

Delford-Brown, Robert. Hanging, 1967

---. The Mr. Jesus Christ Contest, 1972

---. First-Class Portraits, 1973

---. Ikomobiles, 1976

---. The Scrolls of Pharblongence, 1977

---. Ulysses, 1976: expanded, 1977

De Monte, Claudia. Claudia 1976-77 (exhibition catalogue), Corcoran Gallery of Art, Sept. 24 - Nov. 21, 1976

Denes, Agnes, Documentation Against..., n.d.

--- .... Sculptures of the Mind. Akron, OH: Emily H. Davis Art Gallery of the University of Akron, 1976.

---. Strength Analysis, n.d.

+---. Psychograph, n.d.

Denson, Jan Harrison. What is a Mammal?, 1977

Dermisache, Mirtha. see Diario, #1, 1975

*Destiny, Diane, comp. Transformation Poetry. [Altadena, CA?] D. Destiny, 197?.

Detroit Artists Monthly, (periodical), 1 issue, n.d.

Diario, #1, 1975 (features the work of Mirtha Dermisache, ed. by Guy Schraenen, Belgium).

Di Corcia, Philip-Lorca. Curiosities, n.d.

---. Still Alive, n.d.

---. A Modern Saga-Fortune Cookies,1975-77, n.d.

xDi Palma, Ray. Father, 1977 (rubber stamped)

---. Blacknotebook (rubber stamp of farmer ploughing), 1977

+---. Small Black Room, n.d. (New York Times mini-notebook with blank pages on which Di Palma has rubber stamped), 1977

Doering, Anne. Copy Collages, 1977

Dolan, Frederic. Artist's Book Per Se, 1977

---. Map, 1976 (large fold-out, date from LAICA cat.)

---. Self-Portrait, 1975

+---. Doo Da Postage Works, Postcards (assorted)

+---. Sheet of Stamps

Doucette, Roger. Blue Moon, (postcard), n.d.

---. Ocean Park Series, n.d.

Dougal, Rych. (author's name?), Ecart Publications, Janvier 1975, n.d.

Douglas, Helen and Telfer Stokes. Chinese Whispers. London: Weproductions, 1976.

Downsbrough, Peter. In Place. New York: P. Downsbrough, 1977.

+---.Off/On, On/Off. Eindhoven: Municipal Van Abbemuseum, 1977.

Drachler, Rose and Jacob Drachler. Eight on Eight, Eight by Eights. Drawings by Jacob Drachler; poem by Rose Drachler. Brooklyn, NY: Gridgraffiti, 1977.

xDrucker, Johanna. Chased Press, Nothing Like A Little, 1977

xDuch, Leonhard Frank. Arte e Vida, (postcard), n.d.

---. Collage, n.d.

Duncan, John. Costume for Sacre, (postcard), 1976

Dunlap, Ronald, & Paul Miyamoto, This Floor Sucks All, (5 photo postcards of production of 'This Floor Sucks All,' 7/16/77)

Durland, Stephen. IM Press, Taco Assoseed, 1977

Dutton, A.A. Little Wonder Press, The Great Stone Tit, 1974

*Dyar, Mike. Eat Art. [S.l., s.n.] 1977.

+---. The Pacific Ocean, n.d.

x---. Eat Art, (postcard-enclosed in plastic seal), nd.

x---. Eat Art (rolled up work - "do not open"), n.d.

x---. Edible Art, (photos on paper enclosed in plastic sheet), mailing date 1977

4 uncatalogued pieces:

1) b/w xerox sealed between clear plastic, includes a bird feather

2) one unopened and rolled up work, titled, this piece was created especially for the artwords and bookworks exhibition DO NOT OPEN, postdate not legible.

Ecart Publications, assorted postcards:

x---. [Untitled], by Nickolaus Urban, n.d.

x---. The early Stalin..., by Tamas Szentjoy, 1977

x---. Scale 1:1, by Tamas Szentjoy, 1977

x---. Substitution, Fernando De Filippi, 1977

Edelson, Mary Beth. Women Rising, 1975 [ed. 120]

---. Women Rising, (postcard), n.d.

Eisenberg, Marc. Recent Works. (exhibit announcement), Ellen Sragow Ltd, Feb. 12- March 5, 1977

Ellin, Richard. Edge, (postcard), n.d.

---. Edge: 'Something to hide behind'. London: Itinerary, 1977.

x---. The 'smallest' creative act... (postcard), 1977

x---. The second 'smallest creative act... (postcard) 1977

Environmental Research & Reconditioning Agency (ERRA). Magic Waves In Your Living Room, 1977 (see also ERRA)

Envision. Calendrium (Calendar), 1978

Epave Assassin. Epave Assassin (documents/texts related to Epave Assassin), n.d.

Erenberg, Sam. Art History, 1977

ERRA (Environmental Research & Reconditioning Agency), Method to My Madness, 1977

Erro. Postcards assorted (7 postcards of pntgs), 1964, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1976

Etkes, Nadine. 1973 Tripper, 1972

Evans, Ina. Tuna Press, A Photograph of a Photograph..., 1975

Fagan, Ron. Peace, n.d.

+---. The Dance, n.d.

---. Song, n.d.

Falk, Margaret. La La Landscapes, 1977

Fandangos, (periodical), #7, 1976?

Fasnacht, Heidi. If You Are Looking At This Book and Feel It is Familiar, You are not Seeing This Book. [S.l., s.n., 198?] Edition of 50.

---. You Expect Something. [S.l., s.n., 197?]

+Febres, George. Alligator Shoes, (postcard), 1976

+---. Baby Alligator Shoes, (postcard), 1977

---. Finger Bowl, (postcard), 1977

+---. Turtle Soup, (postcard), 1977

*---. Punart (poster), 1978

Feldman, Hans-Peter. 1 Bild, 1970

---. 3 Bilder, 1970

---. 6 Bilder, 1971

---. 7 Bilder, 1970

---. 14 Bilder, 1971

---. 45 Bilder, 1971

Felter, James, W. Five/Cinq Aesthetics Ltd., (see also Five/Cinq Aesthetics Ltd. & Adrianne Saunders)

x---. From the Codex Mraur (postcard), n.d.

x--- ...and that takes care of that... (xmas card), n.d.

---. Not Responsible, (postcard), n.d.

x---. 1974 Canadada, (stampsheet), n.d.

x---. Ecart Publ., 1976 Helvedada (stampsheet), 1976 [ed. 1000]

Ferguson, Frank. Bogus Opus 77, n.d.

---. (aka Sir Q) Dollar Bill, n.d.

+---. Lunatits, n.d.

x---. Stock Certificates, n.d.

x 2 misc. sheets, one titled Three Hundred Bucks Worth of Lunatits! and the other titled On The Rag w/Friedman & Ferguson also graphic for the National Academy of Conceptualists

x---. [Untitled], b/w xerox collage of gas mask and early religious art, 1974

x---. Girl who walked passed me..., (collage), n.d.

x---. Paris Air Filter, (collage), n.d.

x---. [Untitled] (god and man touching-collage+woman), n.d.

x---. FEEFERGUSONSHOTBY, (postcard), n.d.

x---. Buffalo Energy Co., (postcard), n.d.

x---. SIRQ Works, (bath & breasts-postcard), n.d.

x---. Postfolk Vogue, (assembled publication with works & ephemera wrapped in a poster), n.d.

x---. Postfold Vogue, (poster), n.d.

x---. Dog names, (poster), n.d.

x---. [Untitled], (silhouettes, people in action - poster), n.d.

x---. I am an artist, (multiple print - poster), n.d.

Fergusson, Claire. Notebook of Pages About Pages, 1975

Fichter, Robert. Know Where To Look. Chicago: Chicago Books, between 1976 and 1979.

*Fier, Bruce. A Fairy Tale. Reseda, CA: B. Fier, 1977. Limited edition of 20 copies.

Announcement by Fier regarding donation of proceeds of sale of book to Greenpeace, 1977.

Figen, Milton. Translucent Rear Illuminated Paintings, (postcard), n.d.

Finlay, Ian Hamilton, and George L. Thompson. Exercise X. [S.l.] Wild Hawthorn Press, 1973.

---. A Mast of Hankies, n.d.

---. Textbooklet 1. Dunsyre, Lanark., Scot.: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1975.

---. Pacific, (game), 1975

Finlay, Ian Hamilton & Ron Costley. The Wild Hawthorn Press, x National Flags Series: Arcadia, n.d. x

---& Karl Torok, National Flag Series: Cythera, n.d.

 x---& Michael Harvey, National Flags Series: Utopia, n.d.

 ---& George Thomson, Tea Kettle Drum Water Lily Cup, n.d.

Fire In The Lake, (periodical), 3(12), 1978

Fischer, Bernard K. This is the Zoo, n.d.

Fischinger, Elfriede, Film Flip, (by Oskar Fischinger- deceased), 1970

Fish, Mary. The Persepolis Context. [S.l.] Fish, 1977.

Five/Cinq Aesthetics Ltd., (see Jas. Felter)

Fleming, John. Giacometti, n.d.

Fletcher, Leland. American Exchange, 1977

Fletcher, Steve. Escargot Ranching in Northeast Suriname, 1977

Ford, Merrily. Lost and Found Childhood and Memories of Girard Kansas, Eugene Debs and Me, n.d.

*Forget, Carol A. Margin Release. New York: 3x5 Books, 1976.

Frank, JoAnn. 3 Dozen. New York: Sun Press, 1977.

*Freeman, Vida. Northridge Project: Construction Sites and Empty Lots, 1977

French Window (exhibition catalogue), "idee Goran Trbuljak - conception & realisation Ida Biard", Galerija Studentskog Centra, Zagreb 11/1972 - 6/1973, 1973 [ed. 600]

xFrenken & Howeg. Sant(D) Ebener Boden Wo Turniert Wird (text on card), 1976

Fulton, Hamish. Nepal, 1975. Eindhoven, Netherlands: Municipal Van Abbemuseum, 1977.

Edition of 1000.

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Miscellanous Items (no obvious auther etc...)


1. Four large rectangular sheets of paper with simple linear designs drawn on them. Volumes 1-4, notated next to each individual volume is "RCT 1963-77". [does RCT=Robert C. Tannen? his work 'Autobiography', which was in the Artwords & Bookworks show, is already in Special Collections]

2. Square card with color xerox pasted onto it with 2 red blurred figures who appear to be dancing. Signed Fa?? 1973.3(a) Four small plexiglass boxes with photographs inside. 3 are photos of the same man, and 2 of plants. Inside the tops of two of the boxes are texts: 1) 1/4, & 2) "somewhere in conn., U.S.A.".

3(b) This work is presumably by the same artist as in 3(a) as he appears also in the photodocumentation of which this work is based around. Enclosed in a clear plastic wallet are 6 small photos of the artist performing various actions. A laminated card displays the following text: "Golfers become visually and mentally distracted by activity taking place outside the line of their shot. Wind gusts, shadows, sun reflections, bordering wire fences, divots, errant shots and noise from other players can occur anywhere from the tee area to the putting green. All of these create mental images that can provide a source for other forms of information."

4. 10 assorted postcards: 4 visually based & 6 text based.

5. Mini book titled 'Book,' all four pages have 'book' stamped onto it, including inside covers.

6. 7 visiting card size cards: 2 are blank, 1 has stamped on it 'Country of origin:', and 4 have the same text as well as two boxes of which 2 have an x in one box, one has an x outside of the box, and the last one has no x but just the

two boxes.

7. A newspaper photo of a man laminated in plastic with two eye holes at top right/left corners, with fishing line attached to left corner. Man's name John Russon?

8. 1 envelope with an engraving of a camel in brown ink.

9. Text on a piece of paper that reads "The management sincerely regrets that the artist is not available for comment at this time" [note: see Mike Taylor entry in inventory, is this the same artist?]

10. 3 photos mounted together on card of a horse from a carousel. Also the same image as a single photo-postcard, titled "Carousel 2/5".

11. Large postcard with abstract design mailed from Brasil (Aug. 1977) with unreadable signature on it.

12. Card reading: "The medium is the message - The medium is the ma$$age." The two s' in the first message are like the Nazi SS.

13. Postcard of woman eating meal with poem entitled "Trout in Champagne Sauce."

14. Postcard size image of Japanese looking figure, with red sun, against a fan like background behind which is patterned paper.

15. B/W photo mounted on card in which the figure has been cut out of the photograph revealing the card upon which the photo is mounted. Looks like documentation of performance/installation.

16. Card with letters and numbers titled "Chance Stamp", signature unreadable.

17. Bookwork with light purple cover and inside long poem/text which begins, "Though my many prizes have been taken...."

18. Visual/concrete poem on loose sheet titled "Shell on Sure".

19. On sheet of regular sized paper various food names in a variety of texts and sizes.


20. Oversize postcard with photo from highway, one side has the text "dansleblanc" and other side "laculture".

21. Oversize postcard, titled "Four Card Square" unreadable signature, date 7/77 and ed. 1/12.

22. Brown file folder with 4 b/w photos of individual publications from the show. File named Allen, Roberta.

23. Artists' book, 12 pages printed, obscured images of people walking in the street. Has the feel of end-sheets or test prints.

24. Two works (persumably by same person) enclosed in plastic sheaths with small 3-D letters from the alphabet. One has what looks like a figure 8 inside of it, the other has printed on the sheath "SandSandSand" and some German text also.

25. 6 postcard size abstract Chinese letter like forms, printed in blue.

26. Mini envelope with text on front: "Slide and Angie throws his club in the air." Slide inside is of a TV with letraset pressed onto screen that reads TV.

27. Identically sized envelope with 5 used matches inside, no text.

28. Booklet of xerox poems and images. The first poem is titled Thanksgiving Prayer dated 11-25-76. Plus one loose image that is like the ones in the booklet.

29. Announcement (rolled up) for: Requiem: La Gloire to be shown at Hallwalls Salon, Buffalo, Aug. 18-31. The name G. Roger Denson appears in large letters at bottom of this announcement.

30. The remains of some kind of wooden structure, presently in two parts.

31. Small wooden stand/podium for unknown use.

32. Audio tape with title KNX on side. Tape is of a current affairs radio show?


Show related materials


1. Six catalogues for the show

2. Cover card, and three cards for the Artwords & Bookworks artists' postcards set. This incomplete set originally was composed of 92 cards. This card set was produced in conjunction with the exhibition.

3. Exhibit announcement for show at New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, Oct. 14 - 29, 1978 (plus membership application for the center)

4. Exhibit announcement for the show at Herron School of Art Gallery, Indianopolis, Sept. 18 - 29, 1978.