Eco-Logic: An Environmental Perspective for the 21st Century, A Presidential Lecture given by University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jerald L. Schnoor References



I am indebted to many students and colleagues for the research effort described here. Among the students who have contributed most directly to this work, I am grateful to O-Yul Kwon, Kurtis Paterson, Richard Ney, Disa Wahlstrand, Astrid Rautengarten, Randy Krutzfield, Levi Brekke, Y.L. Yan, James Jordahl, and James Szydlik. Burns Weston, Geoffrey Palmer, and Dorothy Paul introduced me to the world of ideas surrounding the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development which so influenced this talk. Colleagues at the University of Iowa have been an inexhaustible source of encouragement including Greg Carmichael, Burton Kross, James Merchant, Wayne Paulson, Gene Parkin, Richard Valentine, Pedro Alvarez, and Annmarie Eldering. Collaborators at other institutions include Peter Jaffe, Chip Levy, and Robert Socolow, Princeton University; James Galloway, University of Virginia; Bedrich Moldan, Tomas Paces, and Jiri Cerny, the Czech Geological Survey; Eugene Tackle and Mike Chen, Iowa State University; and William Stigliani, University of Northern Iowa. Our greenhouse gas action plan for Iowa has been developed with the help of Larry Bean and Roya Stanley of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. A special thanks goes to Louis Licht, who initiated the idea of reforestation using hybrid poplar trees for nonpoint source runoff control at Amana, Iowa, an idea, which has grown into many field applications across the U.S. and abroad. I thank Jane Frank and Connie Mutel of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) - most of these activities would not have been possible without CGRER and the support of the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa.


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