The research effort described here represents contributions from a large number of colleagues from a variety of disciplines. I would like to express my appreciation in particular to the College of Medicine and especially to the Department of Radiology, to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC), and to my colleagues in the Mental Health Clinical Research Center and the Department of Psychiatry. The College of Medicine has been my intellectual home for more than two decades, providing first an excellent education and subsequently sustained intellectual support. John Collorton of UIHC has been particularly generous in providing excellent facilities for the Mental Health Clinical Research Center, as well as the technical infrastructure of the hospital as a whole and of its state of the art imaging equipment. I have learned from and enjoyed working with many colleagues in the Department of Radiology, chaired by Edmund A. Franken, including Peter Kirchner, Karim Rezai, James Ehrhard, William Yuh, Richard Hichwa, Leonard Watkins, and Laura Ponto. My colleagues and team-members in the MHCRC and Departments of Psychiatry and Speech Pathology have also provided both invaluable contributions and valued friendships: Stephan Arndt, Randy Alliger, Dan O'Leary, Richard Hurtig, Margaret Rogers, Keith Rogers, Victor Swayze, Michael Flaum, Del Miller, Peg Nopoulos, Sanjay Gupta, Ted Cizadlo, Gred Harris, Gregg Cohen, Gene Zeien, Olivia Stibolt, Larry Toothman, Frank Fleming, Mary JKanak, Sally Verhelst, Colleen Peterson, Steve Ziebell, Gary Tyrrell, Dave Elleseon, Bill Hubbard, Carol McNamara, Jane Therme, Kurt Kuebler, Alane Tranel, Kathy Burrows, Kelly Hahn, Melissa Mandrell, Dixie Bixler, Shirley Harland, Marie Samson, Bob Robinson, George Winokur, Bill Coryell, Bruce Pfohl, Ray Crowe, Donald Black, Russ Noyes, Remi Cadoret, and Rafiq Waziri.


Most important of all, I would like to thank the patients, family members, and healthy volunteer subjects who have participated in the research I am describing. Without their generous donation of their time and experience to helping others who suffer, this research woudl not be possible.


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