R. Worthington & Co., New York, 1867-1885
Worthington Company, New York, 1885-1893


"RICHARD WORTHINGTON" from The Biographer (New York), No. 1 (1883), p27-28

Richard Worthington, the well-known publisher and bookseller of New York, was born at Preston, Lancashire, England, in the year 1835. His father was a merchant of comfortable means and gave his son a substantial education. When eighteen years of age Mr. Worthington entered the grain business, in which he acquired his commercial education. He pursued this occupation between eight and nine years, after which he left England for America. Almost immediately upon his arrival, he entered the book trade. His sagacity was remarkable, for in a short time he was doing one of the largest book businesses in Canada and the United States. At the beginning of his career in the book trade Mr. Worthington imported at least four-fifths of his stock. Since that time his enterprise in the production of books has expanded, until now he stands high in the list of American publishers fully three-fifths of his large business being in books bearing the imprint, " R. Worthington." These are chiefly standard and juvenile. Mr. Worthington's juvenile series is considered the handsomest produced in this country, and the sales exceed those of any similar publications.






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