PUBLISHER : T. Y Crowell & Co., New York

ABOUT : See introduction page:

LUCILE’s ISSUED BY Crowell: 1894 Handy Volume Classics:

New York: 46 East Fourteenth Street, [c1892]. 97x153mm, 360p. Frontispiece and added titlepage as shown above. Verso titlepage: Norwood Press, Berwick & Smith, Boston, U.S.A. White cloth stamped gray and gold as shown right (gold is used only to outline the sold pattern which here show brown but is more nearly gray in the original stamping). Teg. Floral endsheets as above. BAP Cr34; BAP copy 2 in in plain paper dustjacket as shown right; an advertising pamphlet laid in reproduced below.

The pamphlet is a single leaf folded once to make four pages. The front and rear pages are shown here first, with the inner opening shown second. I.e, the page at top right is the "cover".

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