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The Woodbine Edition, 1899-1905
Reported Copies

Lucile, 1889-1894

Works, 1889-1894

No copies reported.

Lucile, 1895-1896

New York: 14th Street and Boston: 100 Purchase. 125x187mm, 369p. Frontispiece as shown. Padded red leather, lower panel stamped to resemble goat, roses in panel across top which continues to rear board. Aeg. Endsheets as shown. S&EH: spine-strip missing; University of Alberta.

Works, 1895-1896

No copies have been reported.

Lucile, 1897-1898

New York 46 East 14th Street, Boston 100 Purchase Street, nd. 123x187mm, 369p. Frontispiece as 1895. Second lithographic titlepage has black floral border, author title printed red. Padded red leather stamped blind with floral design surrounding a title panel with title in gold. Floral endsheets. BAP Cr47.5.

----. As above but without added titlepage. S&EH copy 1; copy 2 has endsheets as 1895-1896 shown above.

Works, 1897-1898

No copies have been reported.

Lucile, 1899 -1901

No address, nd. 120x185mm, 369. Frontispiece and added titlepage as shown. Padded black goat-grained leather over-stamped to create a ribbon on a diagonal from center left to upper right with surrounding floral decorations which continue over spine and, diminished, rear board [scan shown is approximate at best as contrast is not sufficient for scanner to "see"]. Aeg over red. Endsheets as 1897. S&EH; Illinois.  


 Works, 1899-1901

No copies have been reported.


Lucile, 1902 -1905

No address, nd. Frontispiece and added title as 1899. 1205x185. 369p. Full black-red padded goat-grained leather. Board and spine stamped gold. Aeg, floral printed endsheets as 1897. S&EH.

----. As above except browish-red leather. S&EH.

Works, 1902-1905

No copies have been reported.