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The Artist's Series, 1895-1898

(see also Heidelberg Edition which shares the same text block)

Reported Copies, Lucile only


46 East Fourteenth Street, [c1892]. 130x205mm, 360p. Frontispiece: party on horseback crossing mountains. Verso titlepage: Norwood Press; Berwick & Smith, Boston, U.S.A. Floral page borders printed in light green tint (border designs repeat every 16 pages). Illustrations. Light green cloth stamped dark green and gold; teg. Plain endsheets. BAP Cr29: Spine faded.


46 East Fourteenth Street, [c1892].130x205mm, 360p. Frontispiece, floral borders, and binding as above but note flower above "Lucile" in the front board panel. Verso titlepage has copyright notice but lacks Norwood Press information. BAP Cr30: spine faded; [Wellesley College?].

46 East Fourteenth Street.130x155mm, 360p. Frontispiece in color, floral-bordered pages as above. White cloth stamped green and gold. Teg. BAP Cr39.

----. "dirty mustard yellow" cloth stamped red and gold. Notre Dame; Wellesley College.


Details: stamping of front board title panel.